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Boy Scouts accept openly gay boys


GRAPEVINE, Texas (WWAY) -- The Boy Scouts of America National Council voted 61 percent in favor of allowing openly gay young men into the club, on Thursday.

“I don't have a problem with you being gay, but I don't want women in the Boy Scouts, I don't want gays in the Boy Scouts," Thurman Burgess, a former Wilmington Boy Scout said.

With the lift of the ban, Burgess says the organization should not be called the Boy Scouts of America any longer.

"Just say we have scouts. Let anyone in who wants to be in it, but if its boy scouts, leave it Boy Scouts,” Burgess said.

Burgess goes on to say that he also feels this decision may place Scouts at risk.

“Predators find those opportunities to ease into situations and make gays and lesbians look like they are all predators,” Burgess feels.

There are also concerns that the decision will in turn obligate the Boy Scout leaders to teach sexuality to our youth.

“We will be required to teach homosexuality to young boys, as young as six, and have to explain to them what that is. I think that sexual discussion needs to be at home with the parents,” Brad Kiser, a Cub Scout parent said.

Others support the decision and say a male’s sexuality should not be a factor in joining the 100 year old organization.

"I don't think it should be a concern of anyone else's,” Walker Payne, of Wilmington said.

Jennifer Tyrell, a former pack leader believes "it is a small step in the right direction, but huge in other ways.”

The change will be effective at the start of next year.

The decision does not reverse the ban on gay scout leaders.

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But there will be enough

But there will be enough non-bigots to support them.


Why is, someone who disagrees with homosexuality a bigot?

I disagree with cheating on your spouse (in NC that would be a man and woman). Does that make me a bigot?

I disagree with stealing from anyone. Does that make me a bigot?

I disagree with people who park in handicap parking spaces, unless they have the, medical, need. Does that make me a bigot?

I disagree with being called a bigot. Does that make me a bigot?

Wilmington Observer

I guess this will spice up

I guess this will spice up those boring camping trips!!

Woohoooo. Gay bashing! Tie

Woohoooo. Gay bashing! Tie them up and spank em.. Oops. They would like that. LOL

BYE BYE boy scouts.......

BYE BYE boy scouts.......

We are evolving morally

Why should a gay child be excluded from the Boy Scouts? The very idea is brutal and uncivilized.

I celebrate the decision for inclusion of gay boys in the Boy Scouts.

There are now and always have been boy scouts who were gay. I know because I was in the Scouts, and I knew at the time my sexual orientation.

Gays have been stigmatized and rejected as social outcasts. No minority has suffered the shame that has been inflicted on gays. We have been scorned. But no longer. We stand proud and demand our full rights as citizens.

It's time our society evolves morally. We refuse to accept the second-class citizen label. We're gay and we're here to stay, and we will continue to assert ourselves. So get over it.

proud day for all boys!

proud day for all boys!

I agree......

You are, absolutely correct. It IS time that our society evolve, morally. But allowing an, immoral, lifestyle to be incorporated into the scouting program in counterproductive to that end.

Wilmington Observer

Spoken like a true drama

Spoken like a true drama queen.