ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Deputy won’t be cited for parking issue

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Submitted: Tue, 05/28/2013 - 8:33pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy will not be cited for the way parked at a Wilmington business last week.

An internal investigation found the space outside Planet Fitness on N. Kerr Ave. that Dep. Clay Meadows parked next to is no longer a handicap spot and did not have the correct signage, so he can’t be cited.

The Sheriff’s Office says Meadows admits he made a mistake and promised it will never happen again.

The man who sent WWAY pictures of the deputy’s unmarked patrol car refused to cooperate with investigators.


  • Guest999 says:

    I can’t wait to read what parking violation has occurred tomorrow amongst everything going on in New Hanover County. What’s next? Double parked ice cream trucks? Ford F350s parked 2 inches over a parking line?

  • John edge says:

    The problem is that a lot of the handicap spaces signage in New Hanover Co. are not in compliance. If NHCSD made their discussion not to cite the officer on that cause, then they need to cancel most tickets written up on the grounds that a lot of the H/C parking spaces are not in full compliance. If the space wasn’t completely covered up, then it would be just as much in compliance as a lot of them in New Hanover County I think the City and County needs to improve the signage and bring them up to ADA compliance. !!!

  • PeterPan says:

    That’s all well and good if the deputy did not receive a citation because the “handicap space” was not technically properly marked. However, I still believe that the improper markings never crossed the deputy’s mind when he parked there. What about the rude comment he made to the handicap citizen who confronted him? Remember what the deputy said… that he’s a cop and can park there? Again… I remind you that Deputy Clay Meadows is a personal friend of good ole Sheriff Ed. Did you really expect any punishment? Oh yeah, by the way, I know this deputy has been telling people that he plans to run for Brian Berger’s County Commissioner seat in the upcoming 2014 election. Is this what we really want? I’m sure Sheriff Ed “needs” him… but do we “want” him? NOT!!!

  • Guest 10101 says:

    Two stories on the same day of cops knowingly parking in handicapped spots. Both have an “excuse”.

    This story has a “happy” ending. The signage wasn’t in place.

    There. All better!

  • justin says:

    …is the business going to be cited for not having properly marked handicapped parking? Once again, the media’s rush to judgement -highlighting the “wrong-doings” of law enforcement- clouds the actual offense of the business having improperly marked parking spaces. Do any of the news organizations in Wilmington ever bother to report both sides of a story?

  • Educator says:

    If this fella is a deputy, shouldn’t he know the law? Shouldn’t he already know that he could park in that spot? Shouldn’t law enforcement be held to a higher standard of accountability? If officers expect US to obey the law, then it is up to THEM to model proper behavior.

  • Tracie C says:

    I just had to read the comments to see who in Wilmington finds THIS to be important enough to regard it as “news” or to even have an opinion of something so ridiculous.
    Hey Alice, put your big boy pants on and go take some pictures of something important, like….oh I don’t know…..drunk drivers leaving downtown? Gang members hanging out where they don’t belong? SOMETHING beside your apparent attitude against a police car parking on some lines.
    So sad.

  • alex says:

    let’s face it law enforcement has a problem. there is the perception of 2 sets of laws: 1 for those in front of the badge and 1 for those behind the badge. when is the last time you saw a police officer ticket one of their own? all that is needed is to flash the badge and “professional courtesy” is extended. where I come from that is called hypocrisy. Let’s see a news story uncovering this practice.

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    crazy it is marked. The striped area is part of the handicap area it is there so people with wheel chairs can access it from a ramp out of a van. Even if it was blue with a wheelchair painted in it that is good enough and this idiot deputy if anyone should know what it is.
    When are people going to learn cops are corrupt and think they are above us, no wonder people hate them.

  • Government Mule says:

    Ah yes, good sense out the window… there must be a law so idiots can make a clear determination what is right and wrong. Since the space must be signed properly, you know, meeting all State (worship the State and the Statist} requirements, when I see handicapped parking spaces that do not meet all the current State requirements (like stating a $250 fine) Ima just park there anyway… idiots. Stop signs on private property like the mall or grocery store? Like a yard sale sign to me… Anyway, I think I may join the force yet. I already have an almost complete disregard for other people and their silly laws so I should easily be able to pass the no personality test. I’m better than most people. F handicapped people and there parking spaces with big pictures of wheelchairs….

  • Guest Timekeeper says:

    Did anybody expect him to be cited? However, with respect to the deputy, in order to cite someone for parking in a handicap space, it indeed must be properly marked. Just a wheelchair painted on the ground is not enough. There must be a proper sign meeting all state requirements, properly marking the space.

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    Sir, In the photo that was posted, I can clearly see a handicapped symbol in one space and the cross striping in the other which allows for loading and unloading of wheelchairs and the sort.

    The only problem I have with Law Enforcement Officers are the ones who pull bone headed stunts like this and lets see, doing burnouts and the such. The mental makeup of some of these guys are what concern me. The sense of entitlement by some are what concern me. Stop the BS about a few bad apples crap. This is reported almost every day it seems.

    Again, If Joe Q Public had parked there, Joe Q would have been cited, gone to court and paid the 187 or whatever the cost is. This guy got scolded by Papa Sheriff and is on his way.

    You on the other hand have a problem with the general public voicing a concern over the actions of one of Our employees. You get a grip.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    State law was revised AND publicly advertised to require a standing sign marking hadicapped parking spaces. Those spaces without a sign are inelligible for enforcement. This was clearly put out to the public. All of the facilites with handicapped parking had to comply by buying and installing the signs at their expense.


    I can’t believe WWAYTV3 allowed a “BIG IDIOT” to call handicap’s the “F” word, he acts like a gov’t mule (jackass), someday he may have to eat his own words and becomes handicap and finds out what it’s like to not be able to walk. Make fun of us if you want too, your day may come when you might need to use a H/C parking space and see what you say then………IDIOT……..

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    I guarantee if Joe Q Public had done this, he or she would have have been cited and then they could fend with the courts. If it is marked, he should still know better, but hey, we are just Joe Q. Public.

  • tke1 says:

    OK, Genius. You want enforcement in areas which are not properly marked with signage as required by law. Lets take down the speed limit signs and let the cops have a field day while we figure out what the proper speed is.
    It is obvious that you have a gripe with the Sheriff’s Office or maybe cops in general(or maybe any authority figures). Be a man and say what is really on your mind. Don’t make up problems that are not there.

  • GuestO'Day says:

    Yes Sir, Peyton. You hit that nail on the head. The next time I see “law enforcement” behaving badly I will be dialing “*HP” on my cell to turn the offender in.

  • 357sig says:

    We, the great unwashed, would have been cited with a “tell it to the judge” mentality.

    One set of rules for the ruling class, another for the little people.

  • Guesthere says:

    So you favor due process, unless it’s a deputy? The law is clear that a handicap space must be marked a certain way before anyone can be cited. He should not have parked there, but according to the law he should not be cited.

  • renoGuest says:

    State law mandates the handicap spots when a building is built the blueprints mark the mandated spots.The owner can not say when this is and is not handicap if so the owner should be charged and will be if the state investigates and they just may.This is another scam were the sheriff department investigated themselves.The officer and the owner of the property should be charged and just may when the state gets this news report and a complaint is filed.

  • Guest4572 says:

    He is clearly parked in an illegal space. If you or I got ticketed for this, no Judge in the land would take our pathetic excuse that it was improperly marked. More to the point, this deputy knew better and flaunted his authority to park wherever he pleased. We don’t need cops like this interpreting the law to their benefit, and WORSE carrying a gun ! You can bet this guy will make the news again, for a bad reason. If I were a handicapped person in this situation, I would have left a mark on the side of that pretty blue cruiser and let a judge sort that out !

  • Guest1234543 says:

    always a DOUBLE standard, getting a little old! NC needs to establish some sort of board and a means to report and record any and all complaints about any law enforcement, when there is 5 complaints logged in there needs to be an investigation, 7 and termination, I would think the majority of LEO would support this, weed out the bad apples and restore respect for the rest of officers.

  • ilmmom says:

    Correct signage or not, is this deputy so out of shape that he can’t walk from a true parking space to the front door of the gym? At least all the other patrons now know they can park here

  • Sickandtired says:

    This is typical of the good old boy system in McMahon’s department. There is a small group of his chosen few that get a way with much worse. If most of his personnel had done this they would have been fired, demoted or at least taken out of a driving status. What an embarrassment to his “good” personnel.

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