BUILDING HISTORY: Dudley Chadbourn House

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Submitted: Thu, 05/30/2013 - 2:34am
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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Building History features a pre-civil war home downtown in the historic district.

Bill and Gail Massey are part of a house that has shared a lot of history in our city.

“The house was originally built in 1843 by Christopher Dudley, the son of our first elected governor Edward Dudley, who lived across the street,” Bill Massey, owner of the Dudley-Chadbourn House, said.

The story of old homes is the story of change, and this house has seen its share

“The original home was apparently built as a two-story in the Greek Revival style, and later as the Chadbourn family moved in they decided they needed more room. They literally jacked the roof up and added a third story,” Massey explained.

The house was also changed to the Italianate style which was popular at that time.
The grand home was not always a home to just one family.

“When we bought the home it was six apartments and we wanted it as a single family, so we converted it back to single family,” Massey revealed.

The house you see today was actually two houses. One from a very different time.

“At the end of Second street was a two story, six room slave quarter building, not wanting to lose that building they, put it on rollers and dragged it down here and attached it to the back of the main house,” Massey told us.

Bill and Gail Massey keep the Dudley-Chadbourn house in fine shape and inside and out and enjoy sharing its story.

“I think it’s fabulous. It’s great for the imagination to say, I wonder what happened here. We have been part of the history. It’s wonderful living downtown here, it’s so close to everything and people are so friendly,” Massey said with a smile.

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