Jacksonville woman needs help paying for K9’s surgery

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Submitted: Thu, 05/30/2013 - 2:30pm
Updated: Thu, 05/30/2013 - 11:38pm

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WWAY) — It's not only law enforcement officers who help keep you safe, it's also their K9s.

And, after those dogs retire, sometimes they need your help.

Fando retired from the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office last November and then New Hanover County dispatcher Amanda Scott adopted him.

In May, veterinarians discovered a cyst and fatty mass sitting on Fando's spinal cord paralyzing the 7-year-old dog.

They had to perform emergency surgery which Scott, who lives in Jacksonville, couldn't afford. So, she set up a fund on a website and the donations have been pouring in.

It's generosity, Scott said she didn't' expect.

"Very appreciative because I know times are tough and obviously times are tough trying to pay for him right now and you just don't expect it from people to give their hard-earned money when you know times are tough for them too," Scott said.

Scott said she's already collected about $1,700 of her $7,500 goal.

If you'd like to donate to help Fando, go to www.gofundme.com/2u9tcs.



  • Guest5596KEPHRINRN says:

    First of all someone can plan for the future and make perfect decisions and STLL end up in need of help. Happens all of the time. Just because you do the right thing you aren’t promised an easy road. Secondly a HUGE part of people getting assistance aren’t fortunate enough to have extended family to help. Its very hard to believe that MOST PEOPLE getting assistance would choose that route. MANY HAVE NO CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try to think outside of your fortunate little bubble, you might be surprised!!!

  • guesty says:

    AMEN! It is my job to take care of my family, not all the other families.

  • Guest5596 says:

    Thank god there is a post from a DOCTOR on here finally an INTELLIGENT POST! its nice to know that you are in a situation you can take care of your family GUESTY! Youre lucky because there are a TON of people who wish they could! You sound like a responsible provider and wouldn’t let your family suffer so Im sure if there ever came a time you COULDNT take care of your family for some reason YOU would be glad to take a HANDOUT! Maybe you should start thinking about what could happen in the FUTURE before you open your mouth and something IGNORANT comes out!

  • guesty says:

    If it got where I couldn’t take care of my family, I would look to my extended family to help. If you are not smart enough to plan for the future or make poor decisions, how is that my fault or problem?

  • Guest098959 says:

    YOU are sad…sad…sad. I’d rather give money to a dog than to MOST people out there that are NOT trying to help themselves.

  • Guest098959 says:

    YOU are sad…sad…sad!! I’d rather give my money to a poor dog than to most people out there that won’t even TRY to help themselves.

  • Guest785 says:

    Wow–Id be willing to bet that a lot of these soft hearted people who donated money for emergency surgery for a dog are in the same shallow group that is fighting tooth and nail to keep their tax dollars from being spent on health care for human beings……it shouldn’t matter if someone is disabled or healthy, educated or not, employed or jobless PEOPLE should come first when it comes to health care. SAD sad sad!!!!!!

  • Guest8624 says:

    No, what’s sad is your decision to stereotype people based on a voluntary decision as to what they do with their own money. Unless you and I are reading two completely different articles, I didn’t see anything in this article about the Health Care Reform Act. You solely based your statement on your own ignorance, assumptions and judgements as to the donors character. You should be ashamed of yourself for such criticism of those people that you know absolutely nothing about.

  • Tarheel Hokie says:

    Sorry that you do not believe the health of a dog, albeit a retired law enforcement officer, is not as important as insuring the unemployed in this wonderful country of ours. I am sure Fando put in his hours rescuing those in danger, capturing those who chose to rob us, and finding drugs on those who love to destroy everything around us. I believe he is worth every penny collected and any $$ collected in the days to come. No one asked you to donate, and no one asked you to help. I just hope that you don’t need the help of a law enforcement k9 anytime in the future.

  • Sickandtired says:

    The real question is are YOU kidding? This story has nothing to do with anything other than someone who adopted a retired police canine and is trying to take care of him. Kudos to her! I’ll bet you are one of those liberals who want a handout for everything including health care! You know what? We are sick and tired of people like you who want to tell us hardworking folks what we can and can’t do with our own money! Mind your own freaking business and go get a job. It’s my business what I do with my money, not yours! I’m going to donate to help this lady out for making a sacrifice to care for a dog that deserves help more than you do. He’s probably worked more than you have! So shut the #### up!

  • Guest999 says:

    People can choose to donate to the dog, being forced to pay for someone else’s bad decisions is what people have a problem with.

  • C-W says:

    The money is donated, unless the meaning of the word escapes you, it means that people are giving from their hearts, it seems pretty clear. No one is forcing anyone to give anything they cannot or do not want to give .We can give money to whatever we want. These animals protect us, and deserve to get treated in a humane way. I guess being empathetic toward animals makes everyone against helping the homeless… You are an idiot and probably suck at life.

  • Guest239 says:

    Thank you for lumping me and many other “hard working people” into a category of ‘losers’. What you don’t know–because your ignorance is really showing–is that as of 3 years ago I too was a hard working person. I spent 65 hrs a week using my hard earned education working in a trauma center in Florida. You might be surprised to know that for 24 years I used that hard earned education to do my job (and very well I might add) as a trauma surgeon. In case you didn’t know that means performing surgery on badly injured patients who wouldn’t have survived without “hard working people” like myself and my colleagues. We all chose to use all of the years, sacrifices and tuition to help ANYONE who came in injured so they could have an opportunity to have a life.
    Three years ago-while at work I might add-a patient with a major head injury sat up in her gurney and pushed me hard enough to knock me to the floor and break my back in three places. My career and a lot of my life was taken away in that one second. Luckily I was in a position to have good healthcare.
    When you lump people together like you did it really shows your ignorance. There are way more people in this country in the same or similar boat. During my practice many of the patients I saw were uninsured–healthcare should be a RIGHT simply because we are all human beings. I really really hope you never get injured or laid off. You are no different than anyone else–one second away from catastrophe–you never know when you might need a handout.
    Think before you assume–if you cant comprehend basic human rights for your sake at least hide your ignorance better. You definitely don’t fit the mold of a “hard working person”. Just a selfish idiot.

  • Guest3233 says:

    Seriously??? Can’t you read??? This is not ‘some cops’ dog! This beautiful, friendly, sweet, lovin, spoiled furbaby is RETIRED! This woman chose to give him a lovin, spoiled life after serving NHC to protect its citizens! This is a volunatary donation site….no need to show your ignornance to this lady, her retired K-9, or the rest of the public. God help you if you are ever put in a situation where YOU need assistance….Karma is a real biotch!!

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    according to law enforcement is a police officer so let him use his retirement !!! (sarcasm) Why the heck should anyone donate to this let the cops pay for it, they are so wrapped up in the one of their own BS. I would help anyone else whose dog needed it but NOT some cops dog…no way. Take up donations at the sheriff dept.

  • Guest239 says:

    I hope you or your family never needs the services of a trauma surgeon. Most people’s need for “handouts” does not originate from bad decisions. In case you didn’t know, bad things happen to good people all of the time. There is not a human being on this earth–employed or not–that is immune to bad things happening. At anytime disaster can strike anyone hard working or not. Granted there are some who take advantage of the system but for the most part they need help because of situations out of their control.
    If you or anyone else who opposes health care being a right ends up on the other side of the fence I’m sure their would have no problem taking a handout. Opinions change dramatically when the tables turn and you end up in need.
    Sometimes it takes people who are in a good position in life to help the less fortunate. The few who take advantage of the system have to be overlooked in order to help the people who honestly can’t help themselves. It’s not as easy as “getting a job” when you end up in a wheelchair with children to feed. If people are too selfish to give to others they should look at the extra money paid in taxes for health care as insurance that when and if they end up in need it will be there. Three words: SAD, SELFISH AND SHAMEFUL!!!

  • Guest129 says:

    Most people don’t try to help themselves? You are wrong. Most people do try to help themselves its a small minority who is happy to live on public assistance. MOST people receiving help have tried to help themselves and their circumstances wont allow them to live the life they would rather have. I hope you never are in a situation where your last resort is public assistance but if you ever are your ideas would change drastically.

  • mikooo says:

    thank you for this article

  • cm says:

    I love animals so I was thinking why doesn’t New Hanover Sheriff’s department take some of the drug money they confiscated and pay for the K9s surgery. I think the K9 dedicated a lot of his time sniffing out drugs and getting that money thats the least they could do. No because New Hanover uses that money to build Gyms so police officers can stay in shape.

  • Guest3233 says:

    Thank you for your service Fando! I pray donations abound for your vet/rehab bills so you can run free again! Sounds like you have a wonderful mama who is determined to love and spoil you rotten in your retirement days! Well deserved!

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