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Police officers credited with saving women, baby from near drowning


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Two Wrightsville Beach Police officers saved two women and an infant from a near drowning this evening.

According to a news release, around 5:30 p.m., officers Jason Windham and Andrew Ridge were patrolling the beach strand near Access 31 in Wrightsville Beach. They saw two women struggling up to their necks in water and holding an infant over their head. They were being pulled by rip currents into deeper water.

Both officers rushed into the water and were able to rescue the women and baby.

According to Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue Supervisor Jeremy Owens, the officers' quick response more than likely saved the lives of all three beach visitors.

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What were these women

What were these women thinking taking a infant in the water In the first place come on now hopefully lesson learned. Thank good for the officers

Beach Safety Tips

Please check out the great safety info on and

Swim near lifeguards.

Respect the power of ocean waves and currents.

Now this is the reason

Now this is the reason people should sign up for this kind of work.


These guys put their lives on the line and made a difference in someones life, WELL DONE!! However, Trot Nixon (and numerous others) get a star on the Wilmington Walk of Fame. Not to take any thing away from Trot Nixon, he's a really nice guy and has accomplished a lot, a lot to be proud of but how many times has he put his life in danger to help someone? The Paramedics, Firemen and Firewomen, and Law Enforcement Professional do this daily and there is hardly ever any recognition, much less a Star??????????

two different groups

One has nothing to do with the other.Wilmington Walk of Fame I would imagine is for sport stars from this area. When you sign up for the jobs you mentioned you should not be looking to be honored when you do your job. They do hold ceremonies for these type of heroics all across the state during various times.

I have met Trot before and he came to the bedside of my dying friend Brian Carderio who was an avid Red Sox fan and mens fast pitch baseball player in the area.He did not have to do that but my dying friend sure did appreciate it.

Good Job

Good job guys.

Wilmington Observer


Good work officers!


Well done!

Attaboy! You make the badge shine!

Glad to hear about our Police saving lives and doing a great job. Thanks for doing the right thing at the right time. God Bless.

These two men are "real

These two men are "real heros" not only did they save 3 lives, they saved the life of a baby who has yet to begin life!!! God Bless the both of you!!!!

Outstanding job by these

Outstanding job by these officers. These fellows are true heroes. So glad it turned out well. Hopefully, a lesson learned by these visitors, as well as everyone who reads this story. Don't underestimate a rip current, even close in.

I think the better lesson

I think the better lesson learned is to not be an idiot and take your baby out into the ocean.