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Troopers look for car that hit and killed toddler in Duplin County


DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- State troopers are looking for a vehicle that hit and killed a 21-month-old child who wandered into the road this afternoon.

The Highway Patrol says between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m, a dark colored vehicle was traveling north near 1983 Garner Chapel Road in Duplin County when the accident happened. After hitting the child, the driver fled the scene.

The vehicle is thought to be either a dark colored Chrysler Sebring or a Dodge Stratus and was last seen traveling north toward Mount Olive. Investigators say there will be damage to the front right of the vehicle, particularly near the headlight.

Anyone with information about the location of the vehicle is asked to call the North Carolina State Highway Patrol at (800) 334-7411.

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They should bring charges

They should bring charges against the adult who was responsible for the welfare of this child. Had they been watching him like they were supposed to, this would not have happened.

Gotta watch out what you ask for.

Little kids can disappear in a split second, a turn of the cheek, a minor distraction. No parent would want anything like this to happen. If this is the case of drunken or drugged out guardians, it's an entirely different story, but for now, I'm just going to give those parents my prayers for the loss of their little baby. This has to be a parents worst nightmare and I cannot imagine their pain.

What about a drunken or

What about a drunken or drugged out driver, which happened to be the case here.

The baby never should have

The baby never should have been close enough to the road for that "split second" or that "turn of the cheek" or that "minor distraction" to have made a difference. A baby slipping on something and falling, or climbing on things where he shouldn't be are understandable occurrences, but if they were going to be outside with that baby, they should have had 100% focus on him and blinders to everything else. Unfortunately for that poor baby, the adults didn't do their jobs in protecting him.

Nobody EVER does anything 100%!

A normal person can't walk and chew gum at the same time with out stumbling. Proven fact. Children require 100%, but there's nobody possible to do that and is why "accidents" happen.

Lighten up on the parents a little bit! They never wanted this to happen and will second guess themselve for the remainder of their lives. There really is no need to be a persecuting A-hole about this.

So tell us "Perfect One". When was the last time you had to clean out your shorts from an "accident"? Or did that simply happen because "nobody was watching you 100%"?

Im deeply saddened by this

Im deeply saddened by this news. However, where were the parents?
I think this could have been prevented if the parents were watching the child.


terrible tragedy! IDIOT driver, what was a horrible accident, that appears to NOT be the drivers fault, has now turned into FELONY hit and run...

So sad

And so preventable.
Where were the parents/guardians?