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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Police in Wilmington are investigating a deadly shooting that happened Friday night in the Hillcrest community.

Police say a call came in around 11:30 p.m. in the 1000 block of Lincoln Court. Officers found Eugene Logan, 31. He was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center, where he died.

No other information has been released. If you have you information please call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3600. Information also may be submitted anonymously through Text-A-Tip. Enter Tip708 and the information, and send to 274637 (CRIMES).

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  • Guest of Guest John

    Well GuestJohn, some of your comments seem to come from a logical place but did you ever stop to ask yourself a few questions like how many of those minorities were overlooked for those two jobs that you have? People of all walks of life want better for themselves and their families and not everyone in those situations is looking for a handout. No one volunteers to live in low income housing. If you were given assistance for housing would you want to live in the income based apt. with the folks that you despise? Would you be able to survive? Would your family have peace? “Assistance” comes at a heavy price… Who do you think created the policies that allowed this to happen. To be dependent on government “Assistance” is to be trapped in your circumstances. Is that what you want? It seems like you feel that you are infact owed something? Be thankful for your job and your part time job. Keep working and get back on your feet for your family. If not you and your family came come join us for some shrimp, steak and cable TV because we won’t judge you.

  • LPG

    I know one thing all u computer thugs keep right
    On talkin crazy about my brother on here, it will not be tolerated
    Remember this! No matter what you here about another
    Individual thru news and social media doesn’t necessarily
    Tell everything about that individual. Everybody is somebody’s
    Baby believe that!!!!stop trying to destroy my brother character
    On here u DO NOT KNOW HIM!!!!

  • Guest2020

    Anyone with any kind of common sense would be scared to ride in those areas when the sun starts setting. This story is a prime example of why that is. I would no sooner ride through one of those neighborhoods than I would jump into a snake pit. I actually value my life.

  • tweety11

    O-Matic,you make it sound like every family in the housing project are lazy,don’t work and make babies.First there are many productive people that come from these very same projects.Are there some that will use the system of course but this is not just in the Black community this is a problem across America.Just thing about all the loopholes we try to find when we do taxes or whatever the case maybe or the Madoffs of the world.But we all know that violence only happen in the ???????????

  • Guest-o-matic

    …,but it’ll never happen. 1. Get off your rumps and go get a job. 2. Stop farming babies for govenment funding and go get a job. 3. Stop teaching your children the easy way through life is to live off the government dole, assist them with getting an education, stop letting them sell drugs for a living and tell them to go get a job. 4. Teach your children that “breaking the cycle” and growing rather than perpetuating it and feeling helpless will assist in the reduction of violence.

    Those positive differences alone will allow your future generations to box their way out of the projects and become successful citizens that can contribute to society rather than simply take away from it. Public housing was intended as temporary quarters for those that need help getting back on their feet. It was never intended (along with the other entitlements) to be lifetime, generational pass-downs or as any sort of an answer to personal lack of motivation.

  • Guestsunnny

    Ignorance and hatred. We’re in the south, folks, ya gotta expect the hateful comments from these “CHRISTIAN”, God fearing, “love thy neighbor” preaching folks! They know nothing different. Sad, really.

  • SWM42

    This is very sad. Some people are trying to do better and people can change. It is very obvious who the white people are that are posting on this story and I say that because I AM A WHITE FEMALE IN MY 40’S!! Regardless, a life was lost to violence. You people with all the answers should go to these communities and try to make a difference. Oh, I forgot, you are scared to ride by there when the sun starts setting. You are the ones with all the answers but let’s talk about your family problems…oh, guess you wanna skip that. People need to try to unite and make a positive difference or keep their mouth shut!! It is easy to dwell on the negative and much harder to try to focus on the positive.

  • Guestjohn

    Really, these folks disgust me and the system is in serious need of an overhaul. Iv’e been working in the same job for years, I stand next to you in line at Harris Teeter, pay for my groceries with cash, and due to company cuts, my family and I ended up homeless because our savings had run out.When we inquired about assistance, we were told, based on my wages, that we do not qualify for public aid,was given a list of food banks, and when we inquired about housing assistance, were rudely treated and told there was a 5 to 7 year wait list. Now, if I was a young minority, pregnant, or recieving SSI, I’m quite sure I could have moved into an income based apt today. Yet since I am a middle aged white male that works, and am now forced to live out of my vehicle, I do not stand a chance.Law enforcement criminalizes the homeless, but we are not all drug/alcohol, habitual felons. I have no record nor habits, yet I am harassed,tags run etc, just for attempting to park somewhere and sleep for work, while some 250 lb minority is living the life of Reilly on taxes that I pay so they can continue to get free housing, eat shrimp and steak, purchase vile clothing from Citi Trends, fake hair, nails, and jabber all day long on an I Phone, then go home and watch cable tv on “assistance”. If this post bothers you, then it probably applies to you. And lest we not forget the convicted felons recieving disability in the jails, still living off the fat of the working mans back so they can eat canteen??? Yep, sad indeed.I’m grateful for a part time second job obtained, and I am grateful to those few folks that helped me and my family. I have no sympathy for drama, arrogance, and laziness thinking the world owes you something, and that goes for any color,creed or race.

  • SurfCityTom

    the Public Housing Authority and the City Police beef up patrols in these communities? Sorry, but Dunkin Donughts really does not require all of that patroling effort.

    Seriously, if 80% of serious crime takes place in 20% of the city, it would seem police efforts should be focused on those areas.

    And if identified, why do they allow the perpetrator to remain in public housing?

  • guesty

    What a shock, so unexpected in that nice area. The neighbors were overheard stating “I done didn’t see nufing.”

  • Tweety11

    Guesty still the jackass

  • big sue

    grow up…its a shame that another person has died at the hands of another…when we going to stop the violence?

  • Nunya

    Disrespectful… The both of you.. Just keep sitting behind that computer screen and being a coward.. You’re good at it.

  • Guest910

    lol let the garbage take itself out. come to find out this fine upstanding citizen had been shot before on a porch on 6th st and ¡GASP! Spent time in prison on drug charges. these animals feed off the suffering of our community and I feel no sadness when one is taken out.

  • Guest.reluctant

    while your sarcasm may have made you feel superior, the members of that community are not ignorant rednecks, as you imply. if you are going to insult someone, do it correctly or you reveal to all the bigoted moron you are.

  • outragedguest

    WWAY…. why do you allow the posting of such comments? Can you not clearly see what the writer is really saying? COME ON!!! Violence can occur any where… not just on low income sites, where, just so happens the majority of the residents are black…

  • droppy

    A deadly shooting in the Hillcrest community?! You’re kidding!! Next thing you know there may be violence in another fine community like Creekwood!!!

  • bucky

    You should go live in the 60’s. You would fit right in with your racist attitude.

  • sickofit

    why don’t we just bulldoze these places. so sick of hearing about someone getting shot in these neighborhoods. heres an idea, get off your butts and GET A JOB instead of standing on the corners of dawson street waiting for your welfare check. heck shoot them all, the world would be a better place.

  • Guest0101
  • SurfCityTom

    he had 2 prior convictions for discharging a firearm within an occupied property. Add to that a whole cornucopia of drug related charges.

    That forceses the question, was he occupying a public housing unit? And if so, with that record, how could he qualify?

    Sorry for the bluntness; but convicts have no business in public subsidized housing.

  • lmmfao


  • guesty

    Wow, I wasn’t aware the “hood” wasn’t full of rednecks. Thanks captain obvious.

  • Brian

    appreciate yall not giving a dang and yea I said yall guess this supposed to happen to us less fortunate black folks. Well when they start robbing and killing you uppity whatever race you are hey it comes with the city. Welcome to Wilmington it’s funny now but you could be next good luck these young guys don’t care you have money or police.

  • arabiansnow

    It’s real easy to see how ignorant both of our comments are and how they reflect on your intelligence. Crime has never just been confined to the low income areas and yet you are on here passing judgment. Someone lost a son show a little more respect. If it was you, I’m sure you would want the same!

  • guesty

    You mean keep doing the exact same thing you are doing? Ok.

  • guesty

    Tweety11 is still an idiot.

  • Vog46

    I hate the way they set up that link for criminal records checks. The 2 instances of discharging a firearm are both the same date and docket number.
    Anyway, the way this works is:
    Got a conviction? Find a girlfriend who’s on assistance and move in with her. She uses her “credit” (that he uses) to buy things. She would also be the holder of all things important to him should he go to prison.
    I agree he shouldn’t be in public housing with that record though.
    But who checks?


  • SurfCityTom

    considering the big bonus the head of WHA seems to receive annually, there is no excuse for not checking.

    Girl friend allows a felon to move in, and frankly if they are not married he should not be moving in, then she gets booted as well along with all of her procreations.

    Past due for strict and firm enforcement of comon sense rules to ensure public safety and preservation of the tax payer funded property.

  • Guest2020

    He didn’t say anything about race. He was talking about a geographical area.


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