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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — What started as a training exercise at CFCC’s Fire and Rescue Management Training Center quickly turned into a real-life emergency this morning.

The Wilmington Fire Department says a 14-year veteran of the department got overheated during the drill. The firefighter, whose name has not been released, was treated at Cape Fear Hospital.

He is expected back at work on Wednesday.

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  • craig sparks

    These firefighter folks go through all this training and physically demanding work and only get $9.62 per hour to start. Wilmington has some screwy priorities. Give them all a raise and take care of those that take care of us!!

  • Bart Simpson

    Oh Please… the long term salary, benefits, job security and retirement packages keeps well qualified people knocking at the door despite the low starting rate. Your argument is as strong as walmart employees protesting last year for to be paid wages for doing what they think is college graduate work. The fact is that the openings are filled in the department with the best qualified candidates at the lowest price the city (any city) can pay and still attract those candidates. If any firefighter was doing their job to get rich, chances are they wouldnt make it a year if they were even selected in the first place. God Bless’em and most importantly let them go home safe to their families.


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