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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Could you be a victim of a peeping tom?

A New Hanover County man is out of jail after being arrested for allegedly taking inappropriate pictures of women around town.

Deputies charged Duncan Wilkie, 35, yesterday for secret peeping. It’s the second time he’s been arrested for the crime in two years.

No one wants to hear a neighbor has been accused of a crime like secret peeping.

“It makes me very uncomfortable, since I have three children,” Wilkie’s neighbor Gene Lucas said. “Two daughters and one son. It makes me very uncomfortable.”

Deputies arrested Wilkie at his home in the Waterford neighborhood near Monkey Junction Monday. Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says Wilkie is accused of taking pictures of women and up their skirts.

One neighbor says it changes his view of the neighborhood.

“It changes it quite a bit, because I know a lot of people in this neighborhood, and I felt safe in it until this incident,” Lucas said. “I’m really considering staying in Southport now.”

We talked to several other neighbors who did not want to go on camera. One said she has lived there 30 years and never felt uncomfortable until now. Other women in the neighborhood also said say they do not feel safe now.

Lucas and other neighbors say it is scary.

“Knowing my kids are out here playing… I’m with them 24/7 other than them being at school, but it’s still scary,” Lucas said.

Deputies could not tell us where the alleged crime happened, but court records show in 2011 Wilkie was arrested for secret peeping in the women’s changing room at Old Navy in Wilmington. That charge was later dismissed.

We went by Wilkie’s home today to try and talk with him about his side of the story, but no one came to the door.

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  • Tracie C

    Jayne….are you a rookie reporter or what? What the public (who are now “very uncomfortable” – give me a break by the way, if THIS makes you feel “scared” you should just move underground without human contact NOW) wants to know is HOW??? HOW, exactly, does one “take pictures of women and up their skirts” WITHOUT said woman knowing???? Why wouldn’t ANY female tell some schmuck to get away from her if he was pointing a camera in her direction?
    Wow, everything about this story is pitiful, everything.

  • Wilmington Observer

    Tracie, there is a sect, of the porn industry, dedicated to the, covert photography / videotaping up the skirts of unsuspecting females. I don’t think this ILLEGAL activity is done with a, bulky, 35 mm camera or an, old VHS video recorder…..

    Wilmington Observer

  • Guest Reply

    He must had them stand over a mirror!

  • Guest2020

    I think I will stick to wearing my britches.


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