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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It was likely a childhood prank, but a major inconvenience for more than a dozen families in Brunswick County.

Investigators are trying to find three teens they say damaged mail boxes in Supply. Meanwhile the victims wait for justice to be delivered.

Although the damage looks minimal now, someone knocked more than a dozen mailboxes over and pulled them from their stands late Thursday night. It happened along Stanbury Road and Iona Lane in Supply.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says each damaged mailbox is worth about $50. It’s a price tag some victims cannot afford.

“I just barely make it day to day with my social security check, so to replace my mailbox, if my landlord didn’t do it, would be a hardship for me,” victim George Oldham said.

A neighbor who didn’t want to appear on camera says this isn’t an isolated incident, and that this has actually happened four or five times since she’s lived here. Although her mailbox was not a target this time, she says after the second time it was hit, she moved if from across the street to the same side of the street that her house is on for safety.

“If they’ve got more time on their hands, maybe they might pick up trash on the street or something,” Oldham said. “Do something worthwhile on the road rather than create problems for people.”

Detectives have not named any suspects, but they say they think the vandals were three teens in a golf cart. If you have any information, call the Sheriff’s Office.

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