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WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the Transportation Security Administration says he’s dropping a proposal that would have let airline passengers carry small knives, souvenir bats, golf clubs and other sports equipment onto planes.

The proposal had drawn fierce opposition from lawmakers, airlines and others who said it would place passengers and crews at risk.

John Pistole tells The Associated Press that dropping the proposal allows his agency to focus on other programs.

Last month 145 House members signed a letter asking Pistole to keep the current policy that bars passengers from carrying aboard knives and other items.

When Pistole released the proposal in March, he said the knives couldn’t enable terrorists to cause a plane to crash.

TSA screeners confiscate over 2,000 of the small folding knives a day from passengers.

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  • Guest1234543

    If after all these years since 9/11 the air traffic system is still vulnerable to small pocket knives on planes then TSA has failed their job miserably!

  • Guest Reply

    “TSA drops plan to allow small knives on planes” (Unquote)
    Imagine that…the Bean Counters lost this one…HA!!! Now…if they would only allow us to open a window now and again…that would make more sense!

  • Guest45

    no surprise here, one day the tsa folks were pickpocketing and the next day they are federalized and still pick pocketing, guess all those little swiss knifes are just and added bonus to the days work for them, if HS and TSA have not progressed enough to realize what is and is not a threat then they have failed the public miserably, should have turned the security of this country over to the Israeli’s when it first started, cheaper and more efficient and we’d still have our finger nail cleaners and apple slicers.


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