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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Sen. Kay Hagan says there is progress in efforts to reduce a backlog in Veterans Affairs claims.

Hagan says the Secretary of Veterans Affairs finally responded to her request for action. Hagan says the Under Secretary for Benefits is coming to North Carolina in a few months to review the situation and offer recommendations on how to clear the backlog.

“More than 7,000 veterans have been waiting at least a year at our Winston-Salem office to have their disability claims ruled on, and more than 700 veterans have actually been waiting over two years to have their claims handled,” Hagan said during a teleconference this morning.

Sen. Hagan says she wants a detailed plan on how the problem will be addressed and how it will be eliminated.

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  • ChefnSurf

    “the Under Secretary for Benefits is coming to North Carolina in a few months to review the situation and offer recommendations on how to clear the backlog”

    So … a bureaucrat’s coming down “a few months from now” to “review” and “offer recommendations” on how to clear things up? That’s it? That’s the big plan? Washington’s just a few hours up the road, but it’ll take a few months for someone to come down? Some veterans have been waiting years for this to clear up. Someone has to physically come down to “review” what’s going on? Does that mean that upper management actually has no idea? Don’t they communicate with their local managers? Have they never heard of phones or emails or teleconferencing? Why are people like this in a position to “manage” programs in the first place while we pay for them to do nothing?

    Senator Hagan must be either really stupid or, more likely, totally arrogant if she thinks she can get away with calling something like this “progress”. Apparently, she thinks that by just putting out a ridiculous press release she can garner some brownie points with voters. She’s wrong. Damn wrong. This is going to come right back around and bite her right on her lazy, arrogant behind.

    Our veterans deserve better than this for their service. This isn’t just a slip up. This is blatant disrespect. Senator Hagan and the entire veteran’s affairs bureaucracy should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, none of them probably feel any shame at all.

  • Guest9743

    Maybe it will take a few months for Senator Hagan to get down here….maybe it will help speed things up, maybe it won’t but it won’t hurt anything either. There are many veterans right here in Wilmington that are in dire need of help and will appreciate the help of our representatives but there are a lot of people out there like you that would consider helping a veteran as an entitlement. I do hope Senator Hagan will come to our area as a voice for the many veterans that need help because two to three years is much to long to wait to see if a claim is approved, if not approved and an appeal is necessary there’s the possibility of another two to three years wait, some veterans can’t wait that long. By the way where is Senator Burr on this, haven’t heard a peep from him, what is he doing to help?

  • tke1

    An Obama appointee is on the way to investigate. Well, well, well. Let me gaze into the future. The back log is the fault of George Bush and the republican sequester, not anything to do with Obama. If it does have anything to do with Obama, he was not aware of it.
    Seriously, the VA has forever been slow as a snail race. They have never been staffed sufficiently to take care of the volume of clients they have. Since the Obama administration has made it easier to obtain disability benefits, the VA has been hit with a surge of new and renewed cases without increasing staff. Many vets have given up on using VA services because of the delays and use civilian medical facilities for their care.

  • ChefnSurf

    First of all … it’s not Hagan who’s coming down, it’s the Under Secretary for Benefits and it shouldn’t take three months. Duh!

    Secondly … I made it abundantly clear that the veterans are entitled to the help, not that it’s an entitlement to them. Duh!

    Thirdly … the central point of my post was that our representative, Sen. Hagan, is not actually helping, she’s just giving the veterans lip service instead of helping. Of course they’d appreciate the help. Duh!

    I find it almost incomprehensible that you could not understand that.

  • Guest9743

    You failed to mention Sen. Burr, what is he doing to help. Duh!
    Not even any lip service from him. I’m not coming at this from a Democrat/Republican angle but since he is the senior Senator from North Carolina one would think that he would show some kind of support for the many disabled veteran in this great state. Would you agree with that?


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