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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Sen. Thom Goolsby has gone on the offensive against a weekly series of NAACP-led protests at the General Assembly. Goolsby referred to the events dubbed “Moral Monday” by organizers as “Moron Monday.”

Goolsby’s constituents in his all New Hanover County 9th District probably have not seen or heard much of what he had to say, because the comments were part of an op-ed piece in Friday’s edition of the Chatham Journal titled “Moron Monday shows radical Left just doesn’t get it.”

“The circus came to the State Capitol this week, complete with clowns, a carnival barker and a sideshow,” Goolsby started off. “The ‘Reverend’ (William) Barber was decked out like a prelate of the Church of Rome (no insult is meant to Catholics), complete with stole and cassock. All he was missing was a miter and the ensemble would have been complete.”

Goolsby goes on to describe the crowd as “mostly white, angry, aged former hippies.” Later he questions why such protests were not made a few years ago when Democrats, who controlled state government, “were bankrupting North Carolina?”

The second-term senator writes that Republicans, who have won overwhelming majorities in both houses of the General Assembly in the last two elections along with the governor’s office last year, have since been hard at work righting the ship.

“Apparently, even in the light of the overwhelming GOP election victories, (the left) believe(s) that Republicans had no mandate to fix what the Democrats broke,” Goolsby wrote. “Somehow, the new leadership is supposed to print money on a magical press and spend our way into prosperity.”

Click here to read Goolsby’s entire op-ed at ChathamJournal.com

When WWAY spoke with the Senator Monday he said “I am very happy to see them all protest, but my question to them has been and will continue to be, where were you three years ago when North Carolina was on the edge of total bankruptcy? I can’t seem to get an answer.”

In response to Goolby’s article the New Hanover County Democrats issued a release Monday condemning his comments. The group writes “the majority legislators in Raleigh appear to have a single-minded focus on dragging us backward. County Democrats urge New Hanover’s voters to contact their legislators to tell them about their concerns about the attacks on middle class and working families.”

Representative Susi Hamilton said “Senator Goolsby’s tone and statements were demeaning to his constituents, and quite beneath the office he holds.”

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103 Comments on "Goolsby rips NAACP protests as ‘Moron Monday’"

2015 years 10 months ago

Every now and again we pause to ask the question “What was he thinking?”. Only the Senator could answer that. This op-ed is the rhetoric of a candidate, not the thoughtful tempered words of a second term major office holder.

2015 years 10 months ago

“create jobs” other than those who they hire to work in their office(s)…which we taxpayers pay for.

What they can do, to create jobs, is to remove burdensome regulations that inhibit the companies that do create jobs. So to that end, if Thom and the other legislators do that, then they are, in fact, “creating” jobs.

Bruce Holsten
2015 years 10 months ago

Goolsby’s petulant article is an outrage. He shows his true Mississippi-styled bigotry in this diatribe, filled with racist undertones and the type of false vitriol used to stir up mobs. His purported facts about who deserves credit for the last three years of improving economic conditions in NC, let alone the circumstances surrounding these issues, are a blatant misrepresentation of reality. It’s like this year’s team claiming responsibility for winning last year’s big ball game.

He is an embarrassment to New Hanover County and clearly only serves the ALEC and AFP national agenda, who funded his election. He apparently cares little for either his state or its citizens well-being, and represents all that is misguided and wrong-minded with the current Republican-lead General Assembly.

Stella Dean
2015 years 10 months ago

To insult Rev. Dr. William Barber for his religious clothing, to dismiss the presence of teachers, college professors, students and the elderly by referring to them as morons is proof that NC Sen. Goolsby does not represent us in the legislature. The people at Moral Mondays are North Carolina citizens, at least 50 of them live in his district, and have every right and a responsibility to express their response to the state legislature.

Because of the Legislature’s actions children will go without health care, and NC tax payers will have to pay for the emergency room visits that would have been covered by the Affordable Care Act. Hospitals will have fewer resources because the support for them has been denied. Our children will have fewer resources in public schools. The result will be fewer graduates prepared for well-paying jobs. The list of bad decisions for average NC citizens goes on and on.

Goolsby should be holding town halls to hear what his constituents have to say rather than judging them as morons.

Jeanne Milliken Bonds
2015 years 10 months ago

Goolsby’s comments are not only incorrect with respect to who attended as his colleagues in the NC Senate were in attendance but his general demeanor is unbecoming his position in public policy in this state. He offends without offering ideas. He berates without listening. Wilmington deserves intelligent listening from its representatives.


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