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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Senator Thom Goolsby showed his true colors last week when commenting on the Moral Monday protests in Raleigh against cuts to education, healthcare, early voting, and unemployment compensation.

Goolsby has been calling them Moron Mondays. He wrote “The circus came to the State Capital on Monday, complete with clowns, a carnival barker, and a sideshow.” Senator Goolsby’s remarks were a slap at all of the protestors, including a number of his own constituents from New Hanover County.

According to Senator Goolsby, Reverend Barber, a leader of Moral Mondays “was decked out like a prelate of the Church of Rome, no insult to Catholics, complete with stole and cassock.” Senator Goolsby’s remarks insulted Reverend Barber, insulted every one of the protestors including Catholics, and insulted Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh, who has signed a statement in support of the Moral Monday protests.

Representative Susi Hamilton condemned the remarks today, saying “Senator Goolsby’s tone and statements were demeaning to his constituents, and quite beneath the office he holds.”

The Moral Monday protestors assembled peacefully to seek redress of their grievances against the policies being pursued by the legislature in Raleigh. New Hanover County Democratic Party Chair Richard Poole said: “Senator Goolsby’s comments made it clear that he has no interest in hearing the protestors’ views. The fact that he rejects the views of his own constituents, using insulting language, demonstrates why Moral Monday protestors feel that civil disobedience is necessary to make their voices heard.”

The New Hanover County Democratic Party is focused on economic policies that will create jobs and build the economy, including education and universities that are the bedrock of North Carolina’s middle class. The majority legislators in Raleigh appear to have a single-minded focus on dragging us backward. County Democrats urge New Hanover’s voters to contact their legislators to tell them about their concerns about the attacks on middle class and working families.

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14 Comments on "New Hanover County Democrats respond to Goolsby editorial"

2015 years 10 months ago

Democrat or Republican? What’s the difference? Neither have the best interest of the people at heart. Regardless of which party wins on what issue, the people of North Carolina, and the country as a whole, are the ones on the losing end.

2015 years 10 months ago

For hmailton who rented out her home to a film company- for hamilton who got lost so she could sell out her vote on fracking and for hamilton to talk about respect for constitunts- is a joke. We see through Suzi Q for the self serving incompetent she really is.
At least Goolsby says what he means and does what he says-
beats the garbage we have in Hamilton and our own special two facwed thug-woody white. Goolsby hasnt attacked peoples gender or their mental health status. One reason Wilmington is looked down on by most outsiders- we have crap like Hamilton, Saffo and White- thats our problem not goolsby calling it the way it is

2015 years 10 months ago

We the people of NC now have a Michelle Bachmann clone here in the person of Thom(who spells their name this way) Ghoulsby. He and McCroury are determined to set NC back 40 years. Once again, we are the laughingstock of the US. Once we were the most progressive state in the South and now a bunch of John Bircher’s took over. For those of you that don’t know, the John Birch Society is the proper name of the Tea Party and if we don’t get our head out of the sand then we will regress to the way we were during the depression.
This legislature and governor are no friend to the citizens of NC unless you are rich and very few of us can say that. Giving their buddies a raise before they did any work, cutting unemployment benefits, added taxes on services like haircuts, all of this adds up and will cost us. How is cutting unemployment benefits good for the economy? That is the easiest stimulus you can do. Less money out there means less for everyone.
Watch what these crooks do in Raleigh and don’t listen to what they say. It is a big difference.

2015 years 10 months ago

Doesn’t matter if you think Goolsby was right or wrong.
He should have kept his mouth shut and let the arrests tell the story.
By him opening his mouth he insulted many of his own constituents.
He’s a poor politician.
Now he has caused a national opinion to be swayed against him, the GOP and conservatives everywhere as this is all over Huffington Post and other liberal media outlets.
“WE” are being painted as race baiting, ignorant southerners who do not honor the free speech guarantee of this country.
Does it feel good to you?
Sorry but an ignorant political comment – even if it represents a core belief can do more harm than its worth and in this case that is EXACTLY what happened.
The DEMs will get a LOT of political mileage out of this because he was too stupid with his mouth. I hope someone of substance runs against him in the GOP primary. Thom is finished in my book.


2015 years 10 months ago

Senator Goolsby’s statements were spot on! It was moron Monday and any day these ex hippie liberal morons illegally demonstrate. Why cannot they legally demonstrate then who cares. Certainly not the workers of this State who support this group with their work and efforts. These people want something for nothing and the NAACP is the champion of that cause. I went out and earned my education and retired from two different agencies. NAACP is a race baiting, corrupt organization of “wannabees” who are jealous of those who have success. Since they are not willing to earn it they try to force government to act as their “collectors”. That’s bull and you know it! Senator Goolsby just called it like he saw it and the truth hurts. It hurts only those who are too lazy, too stupid, too unmotivated, too get out and do what is right. Earn an education, jump into the work force and get off the streets. Do not become pregnant with no support, on drugs, involved in crime and just plain useless.

beach guy
2015 years 10 months ago

Sen. Thom,
Do not worry about what the democratic trolls say on these insipid comments sections. 40 percent of my income goes to insurance and taxes and before anyone jumps on me for being rich I make less than the median income for this state.
We the people that work and pay bills are tired of carrying everyone else .In most of the world when you do not work you starve, here we break the backs of those who do work because it would look bad to let these generational bums go without. We give them free education which they wont use free housing which they turn into crime filled dens of lawlessness free food which they get fat on free electricity to stay up late since they do not need to work and all we get in return is overcrowded jails and lame excuses and if you complain or in this case speak the the truth your somehow subhuman.
I would rather that these miscreants take my money and say thank you instead of robbing and killing us for a damn sandwich or some freaking Chinese take out. And by the way it been 148 not 12

2015 years 10 months ago

Demos controlled this state for the last 12 years and ran it into the ground, both financially and morally. Now that common sense has the power in Raleigh and actually doing the people’s wishes, the majority that is, demos are whining. NAACP is a rascist organization controlled by an obese, blow hard racial activist. You should not be able to vote without a proper ID which blacks do regular and illegally. You get the death penalty then you have appeal after appeal, but just because you are black is no reason for another. Supporting those people who are too sorry, too stupid to work is on them. The Republicans and the majority of NC voters are tired of liberal policies running this state into the ground and change is coming. Senators like Tom Goolsby and a Governor like Pat McCory is what this State wants and needs and they will have my support as long as they continue to do the people’s wishes. You others want liberal politics, move to Washington DC and idolize Obama. Maybe he will throw you a crumb or two!

Guest Working Tax Payer
2015 years 10 months ago

Goolsby was correct in what he said. Liberal democrat policies
have created a mess in this state and nationwide. When those that
work hard, pay an ever increasing tax burden, an ever increasing
health insurance premium, ( “Your rates won’t go up” ) according
to Obama, and keep coming up on the short end of stick, they are
beyond mad. They are fed up. These Moral Monday leaches are the
ones with their hands out constantly wanting more. Well, the
country is going broke and these do nothings want more. I have
no problem with people voicing their opinion and the right to
freely assemble, but where were they the last 40 years when our
schools have always been ranked below 45th in the nation and teachers
didn’t get raises year after year. The republicans have been in
control for less than seven months. Lets see what they can do.

2015 years 10 months ago

I worked in a grocery store for years and people with food stamps would come in buying things that I would never be able to afford. That was fifteen years ago and if things haven’t changed since then, they need to change now. That assistance should be for essential things, not luxuries.

2015 years 10 months ago

I figured out when I was 19 and working for a living and supporting myself and eating beans and rice that the folks in line before me were living better than I was and they were not paying with cash. That has been a long time ago. My grandfather, back during the depression, refused to work for the WPA. My mother and grandmother and grandfather lived in the back of a service station bay with a curtain between them and the customers. Our parents and grandparents knew what freedom was worth and understanding that taking a handout made you dependent on the hand that fed you. Revile me if you must. I speak the truth. We are being drowned by those who just want to live off of the land. I am over 65 and I cannot afford to retire because of these people who do not want to contribute to society. They just want to take and take and take and bankrupt the rest of us.

2015 years 10 months ago

want some crackers to go with that soup? go ahead cry me a river.
signed born and bread southern republican.

2015 years 10 months ago

Well Susi…lets clear the air. As for Mr Goulsby’s comments, they were quite truthfull and just for his office. For too long the sane people of this state have either been quite as to not lower them selves to the “idiots” level, or when they have said something, only to be shouted down, talked louder over, or to told ” the only reason you do(Fill in the blank) is because your a racist. These “People” are not interested in a dialogue to discuss their issues. They are only interested in a monologue. As for the morbidly obese Mr Barber, perhaps mister Goulsby was confused with his attire. Perhaps Mr Barber finally cashed in that Jenny Craig coupon for a new workout suit. Any man who has to have his own chair carried around for him because he is a “little” heavy should be protesting his chef, not the legislature. And finally….where do these people find the time and money to take every monday off. Oh..thats right…they dont work. They get a check. Your welcome losers. My hard earned money, ripped from my labor.. to fund your show….So..Moron Monday it is….

2015 years 10 months ago

I have heard this drivel from the mouths of old people since I was a child over 40 years ago. How ironic it is for a conservative to point to other countries as a model for how we should do things. The truth is that countries that allow their people to starve are all lawless third world toilets that none of us would consider living in. Truly, which country with no social safety net would you like to live in? Mexico? Rwanda? Every first world country, all of them, have social welfare programs at least as generous as ours. Our crime rates in this country are at all-time lows, in large part due to our social programs that keep our kids’ bellies and minds nourished. I am in the the top tax bracket, and I have paid more in taxes over the last ten years than most people earn in a lifetime. Even so, I support public schools and food stamp programs because I realize where my true self interest lies.

2015 years 10 months ago

Goolsby’s rant was stupid (IMHO it was)
DEMs respond with “Oh the horror”, “Oh it was reprehensible”.

Somewhere along the line Goolsby says his words were “taken out of context”, or “it was a poor choice of words”. OR he keeps his mouth shut.

90 days later?
All is forgotten



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