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NEW YORK (AP) — The federal government is ending its years-long fight to stop girls of any age from buying emergency contraception without a prescription.

The Justice Department has notified a federal judge that it will submit a plan for compliance, and if the judge approves it, the department will drop its appeal.

The Obama administration had argued that age limits for the morning-after pill are common sense. Women’s rights groups said it should be as available as aspirin.

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  • Erlkoenig

    The liberal plan to totally fade out Parents is almost complete.

  • Guest2020

    Ain’t it the truth. A teacher cannot legally apply sunscreen on a student. Any surgery that is not an abortion has to have parental permission for anyone under the age of eighteen. Shoot, the dr. cannot even examine my child without my signature or give her an aspirin.

  • Guest2020

    Are these women’s right groups going to educate all the girls on the dangerous side effects of this pill, or are they going to let them blindly go to the slaughter?

  • Thanks for sharing this information. I am not against with this morning after pill. My only concern is that, I just hope that only girls at the right age can get this medication and those under age should have consulted their physicians before having these drugs.


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