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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – The North Carolina Senate is expanding on a House bill that opens new areas for concealed-permit holders to carry or store weapons in the state.

A Senate judiciary committee endorsed a bill Tuesday that allows any permit holder to store a weapon in a locked car at any public school or university. The House version applies only to public universities.

The Senate’s changes also allow permit holders to carry weapons at parades and funeral processions. Both bills would allow permit holders to carry weapons at restaurants.

University of North Carolina police chiefs and some senators questioned the wisdom of expanding guns to new areas. Supporters of the bill say concealed-carry holders are the most responsible gun owners.

The bill now heads to the full Senate.

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  • Aaron

    I live in Indiana. We have almost no vicitim disarment zones and it is the wild west. Gun owners and people who go to the cost and trouble to get a permit aren’t the ones causing problems.

  • GuestMan.

    that they had a parade in Greensboro about 25-30 years ago and a bunch of Rednecks drove up and shot and killed several of the people in a peaceful march against the KKK, a notorious hate group. I can see that happening again since the republican Tea Baggers have started the class warfare that we have in this state now.
    So, let’s give the Rednecks more guns and let them take them wherever they want.
    How did Ghoulsby vote? Or was he too busy trying to disenfranchise people from getting to vote?

  • taxpayer

    as you say, “republican Tea Baggers”, who are inciting class warfare. Your beloved Obama is doing that…and quite well, I might add. Those who get government checks for doing nothing but breeding are some of his staunchest supporters. Otherwise, they’d be working and contributing to society in ways other than more mouths that I have to feed…with my tax dollars.

  • beach guy

    that happened in the 70’s I know you liberals have a different method of calculating but that was over 40 years ago. in Greensboro by the way the KKK was started by democrats as were all the jim crow laws and the republicans of Mr. Lincolns party started and voted in the civil rights act. Just because someone owns a gun does not make them a redneck. It might make them a better shot but not always. Also this tea bagging thing has nothing to do with the Tea party which are groups of American tax payers trying to get the government to stop spending the entire county into a third world oblivion. so obviously your rant was the result of some hidden fear of legal US citizens owning fire arms. I would suggest that you confront your fear and show up at a gun range and call everyone you see entering and leaving a tea bagging redneck in this manner you could get the confrontation you desire in your attempt to change the world to the utopia of every aspect of your life being controlled by the government Or you could physically defend your point of view. Either way you should get the closure your occupy mentality so obviously needs to grow up and move forward.
    Also if you do have kids please let someone with a job adopt them and end the circle of stupidity if you do not have any maybe the NC democratic party will sterilize you they were quite good at for almost a hundred years. there again are two options that you can have for making the world a better place. Do you need a suggestion on relieving the planet of overcrowding?
    Peace OUT!

  • If you were truly interested in it you would know how he voted.

  • Erlkoenig

    Yes, I do remember the KKK members gunning down the unarmed Communist organizers. Typical dumb-butt liberals. Bring failed spread-the-wealth ideology to a gun fight.

  • Guest123123

    This bill would allow those people at the parade to protect themselves!! Those dumb rednecks at the parade you refer to can carry their loaded shotguns in their vehicle right now as the law stands. Geeeez!!!

  • Guest45

    Most of us remember that, and those guns were not concealed and has absolutely nothing to do with this bill or the people that hold these permits, nice try though!

  • 357sig

    I want to thank Sen. Goolsby et al for expanding our gun rights with this common sense, reasonable approach. This bill will bring NC more inline with the myriad of other pro Second Amendment, low crime states. Its a proud day.

  • jj

    I think this is a great idea. I see not reason for have restriction on someone that is trained to carry a weapon. Even Cops have to get a conceal carry permit.

  • truthseeker

    As a concealed permit carrier I appreciate this bill. I carry my Glock 40 all over this county and no one knows any different. As an ex firearms instructor and retired Law Enforcement I see many people who do not appreciate my status and I feel safe and secure knowing I have back-up. Everyone who gets the proper training, the proper background checks and meets all guidelines should be able to carry their weapon concealed on their person!

  • GuestMan.

    say all rednecks had guns or anyone that had a gun was a redneck. I just said let’s give them more and let them take them wherever they want to.
    Would they rather be called John Birchers instead of Tea-Baggers? It is the same thing with a name change. You can call an onion a rose but it is still an onion, so, interchange John Birch with Tea Party and the philosophy is the same.
    All of you rednecks(including you) always come up with the violence in the end. So if someone doesn’t agree with you, you want to fight. Talk about mature.

  • Wilmington Observer

    Before I make my point, I want it to be VERY clear that I am FAR from “liberal”.

    With that said, I do like to argue. Therefore, I will point out that the “Greensboro Massacre” took place on November 3rd, 1979. I’m not an expert in any particular “method of calculating”, however, I think that instead of “over 40 years ago” it would was closer to 33 years, 7 months and 8 days ago. But, that is only an approximation.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Guest123123

    Ok there is always a lot of name calling going on but let me explain the practical side of one of the elements of the bill. I have had a concealed carry permit for almost 8 years, 17 years LEO and I have a business that takes me into over 50 bars, nightclubs and restaurants every week. With the passage of this bill I will now be able to carry concealed when I am working and not have to leave my weapon in the car. I do not drink alcohol so I am always sober. I will be able to protect myself and any other person in the rare event of someone who decides to use a weapon in one of these locations illegally. So for those of you fighting this you might be happy to see me if all hell breaks loose

  • kate

    I asked Mr. Goolsby on his FB page if he supported this bill and if he did, why? He is my senator and I thought this was a fair question to see his thoughts and reasoning on the issue. His reply to me was no answer, deleted my question from his page and delete me as his friend on FB. Wow. Guess he put me in my place! Does he have a website that discusses his concerns, pending legislation, etc. Just want to be informed….

  • Guest2020

    I hope that this means that there are teachers out there who will be carrying at work and providing another line of defense for our children.

  • Vog46

    No it doesn’t
    The gun stays LOCKED in their car

    Let them carry – but this legislation is flawed and meant to make us feel that our students are more secure – when in fact it changes NOTHING in the classroom.



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