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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Hollwood East will see some action in the sky tonight and tomorrow night.

Crews with the film “Tammy” have requested a permit to launch fireworks. Residents on Cabbage Inlet Lane near Masonboro Island can expect the extra noise between 8 and 11 p.m.

Stars in the comedic film include Oscar-nominee Melissa McCarthy and Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon.

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  • Vog46

    by the Wilmington Film Commission that this two day fireworks shoot will inject $100M into the local economy according to the economic impact statement. This is big said the commission – 2 whole days !!!! Multipliers used to measure indirect spending were 10 to 15 instead of the usual 8.99 according to WFC because “its fireworks and everyone likes fireworks”
    Its also being reported that tourism will improve because some people will want to see where the fire works were shot from according to the Cape Fear Visitors Bureau……….

    It’s all in those darned multipliers……


  • Guest2020

    Will those tourists wanting to be seeing where Ironman 3 was shot over the river? If so, they won’t see what they want to see since the scene was made to look like Miami, or whatever Florida city that was supposed to be set in.

  • GuestO’Day

    Vog, do you have some links to these reports? I searched and couldn’t find anything on the specific economic impact of this project.

  • Vog46

    My post about the fireworks for the scene in Tammy was facetious.
    However my stance against incentives for movie filming is not.
    Here’s an article on the impact of IronMan 3:


    The article goes into fairly good detail about how IMPLAN numbers are used and how outrageously generous they are with “multipliers”.
    It also points out that many other states are coming to the conclusion that film incentives are not worth it.

    As an FYI – several Republican Governors have come out against incentive packages.
    Gov Christie in NJ basically said his state couldn’t afford them anymore.
    Gov Jindal in LS has capped them
    As has the Gov of Illinois a Democrat
    I’m all for filming in our area but I don’t believe we should pay them to do it.


  • GuestO’Day

    Vog, I first read your post at a ridiculously early hour this morning and failed to recognize the facetiousness. Sorry ’bout that. A couple things though, NJ has reinstated its program. Gov. Christie cut off literally everything while trying to stabilize his state’s budget. The Louisiana program was good for us in the industry to the extent that we could get advance payments on anticipated credits and cash them out. This is in sharp contrast to the NC system which requires DOR scrutiny and an audit before the first dollar of incentive payments are issued. I haven’t followed Illinois’ program and don’t know what it offered. Michigan had a very aggressive program but it could be said to be rigged in favor of their local production and services communities… I think it has been severely curtailed.

    In principle I agree with you that incentives, ALL incentives need to be stopped. Unfortunately we don’t see eye to eye on where I believe that NC’s program is economically viable and is continuing to maintain an industry and derivatively the jobs associated with it. Why should film production be the first on the chopping block??

    Best regards,


  • Vog46

    Why first on the chopping block?
    Because they are promoting part time work, unlike the incentives given to MetLife and Verizon and PPD.
    They also really stretched their imaginations by using IMPLAN multipliers to the extent they did. Even the ballpark supporters didn’t use multipliers of $8.99. And if you read the IMPLAN program you will notice that IMPLAN multipliers do not work for part time (Not a full year) projects.
    Many states are coming to the same conclusion.
    But what is really lost is this.
    Filming took place here without incentives so why pay to play? Just because someone else does it?
    Given what the states are finding out about the payout I say its not worth it. There’s a huge difference between the proposed payouts as indicated by the MPAA numbers and the studies done after wards which show pennies on the dollar. This is the EXACT same result that minor league ball park “cities” found out – the “proposed” numbers were nowhere near what the actual result was.
    IMPLAN is being mis-used in a big way here.
    I say film away just don’t ask the state to subsidize it.


  • robo

    Who can honestly believe that the shooting of fireworks will generate that much extra income to the area? The tourists are already here anyway at the time. But at least they are warning us in advance. Those things scare my dogs to death.


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