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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police are searching for two or three men they believe are responsible for a shooting today in Wilmington.

The shooting happened this morning in the 1000 of Emory Street in the Creekwood Community. Witnesses say it all started when a Toyota Solara pulled over to talk to a man on the street.

“They rolled the window down, and they started talking to the man,” witness Moniquia Burton said.

Witnesses say things quickly escalated Thursday morning on Emory Street between a man and men driving a light blue Toyota Solara.

“They were like something about where is something at,” Burton said. “Then they started pulling out the gun and the man in the shorts was running and he was dodging the bullets and they shot at the car.”

Dispatch says no one was hurt, but a car outside of 1015 Emory Street had several bullet holes. Wilmington Police searched the home, but have not released many details from their investigation.

Burton watched as the scene unfolded.

“I was like, oh my God, I am about to get shot,” Burton said. “I thought it was going to going to bust at the window. I was in there crying. I didn’t even want to come outside.”

Burton says the shooter drove away shortly after firing.

A police officer spotted the car and later found it on Crawdad Court off New Centre Drive.

While police searched for answers in Creekwood, a second police team combed the 4600 block of Crawdad. After searching for about an hour and a half, officers called it quits, but not before impounding the Toyota.

Investigators say the suspects are possibly armed and dangerous.

If have you any information, call Wilmington Police.

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  • Annoyed1

    I really appreciate your post because many people could benefit from reading it.

  • OriginalWilmingtonian

    My heart goes out to the families that are caught up in the poverty struggle. “Life” happens and one should never make a blanket judgment as to how a person ended up there. You would think from reading these responses that living in Creekwood is a “free ride” and a big party. NOTHING in life is free. There is a COST associated with having to live in those conditions. Yes, we ALL make unwise decisions in life… especially as young rebellious adults. I was one of those young adults that made one of MANY mistakes in life. My father raised me single-handedly to the best of his ability and always stressed the importance of an education. And like most teens I rebelled and ended up pregnant at 19 and living in Creekwood. I continued to pursue my education at CFCC & UNCW, working 2 part-time jobs. I was able to save up enough money to relocate out of Creekwood and into a ranch style home on Section 8. Yes, another Gov’t housing program that I am so grateful was in place to help me go to the next level. By the time I had graduated from UNCW, I was married with 3 children and no longer on the system. We are currently homeowners in one of the most expensive cities in NC…. CARY. Who would have thought right? From Creekwood to Cary, NC. It was not an easy journey as a single parent. Yes, I made those mistakes and I made sure that my kids did not pay for my mistakes. There were lots of sacrifices made and family support provided to get me to where I am today. Some are not fortunate to have that same support as I did. Affordable housing is definitely as much needed resource for a lot of people. Don’t say get rid of the housing because of a few bad apples who are wreaking havoc, who may not even reside there.
    Another thing that I’ve learned over the years is that Crime can happen ANYWHERE. Plus I know for a FACT that people living in 3500 sq ft homes are getting government assistance as well. Case in point, a MARRIED white woman with 3 kids lied to the system and said she was separated from her husband in order to get Medicaid to pay for her child birth. She also got wic vouchers and food stamps. I’m not sure what address she told DSS.. but had she given her Clayton address they surely would have denied her. So please don’t think that only the poor take advantage of the system.

  • Guest100

    Why don’t the news outlets just reprint the police report? That way they can’t be biased or accused of being racists. Too easy an simple…

  • Guest45

    so are we looking for 3 white males and what age bracket? are they long haired or bald? If we are going to help look out for them we need just a little bit more info to go on here.

  • Guest2020

    You used the system the way it was intended. You used it to help you for a set period of time as you tried to become responsible for your own future. I know people who needed assistance temporarily because they need short-term assistance. Most people use it as a way of life.

  • Guestwho

    Please no!! You realize it’s not the apartments shooting each other right? I say better inside of CW than outside of it.

  • Guest0101

    I’m so sick of hearing about crime in Creekwood. BULLDOZE the entire hood

  • Annoyed1

    You know I don’t live in what many people have termed as “the hood” but I do possess some form of sympathy for the children who are subjected to scenes such as this all to often. Instead of pointing out the blatant ignorance of these so called adults involved in these crimes and violent behavior why not voice some encouraging words for those individuals who aren’t the typical “hood” residents and who want better for not only their children but themselves. Sometimes you should just keep the albeit obvious but negative comments to yourself; because really who does it help??

  • Tracie C

    It’s extremely rare for me to be impressed by comments made to news stories. This happens to be one of those occasions. Thank you for your comment of wisdom, Annoyed1, with any luck it will make some of the ignorant think.

  • windy

    Very few, if any, of the people of whom you speak live in Creekwood. Those who want a better life for themselves and their families don’t continue leaching off the system for their entire lifetimes but rather attempt to further their educations and seek employment. That just doesn’t happen in Creekwood. As for your take on people posting comments such as this one … REALITY is not something that is always pleasant to hear, but it still must be told.

  • SurfCityTom

    why not remove the negative elements from the public housing projects?

    If you live in housing and bring a firearm on the property — out you go, including your family. Do Not Return.

    Convicted of any crime, other than minor traffic violations — out you go, including your family. Do Not Retunr.

    Get caught with illegal pharmacutical products, including weed — out you go, including your family. Do Not Return

    Allow someone not authorized by WHA to live in your unit — out he or she go; and you as well as your family. Do Not Return.

    Why not require all physically able public housing residents to perform some work on the premises? Maintain the grounds; clean the common areas and so forth.

    Why not have Mr. Hinnant, and his group, lead periodic foot patrols through the housing projects? Have the Mayor and City Council Members accompany them. Let folks see faces other than police.

    I could go on. Hopefully, someone will get the message

  • Guest-o-matic

    The people in the “hood” have been being encouraged by the local and federal governments for far too long. They insist on farming babies for welfare payouts, refuse to go get a job and perpetuate that vicious cycle by teaching the ones they breed to do they very same things they’ve done, live off the government dole.

    It simply takes a lot of work to get ahead in this world. If one isn’t willing to hustle up and get the job done, there’s fifty behind him willing to do so and he’ll get shoved to the side.

    So with that said, here are some encouraging words for you to absorb: Get up off your lazy butts and go get a job. Get an education, the resources are there for you. Then, go get a job. Work hard at being a productive member of society and stop milking the government for your basic necessities. STOP depending on others to provide for your families, go get a job! Get two or three if need be, but do something for yourselves. Teach your children to break the cycle of poverty and lack of education rather than teaching them to perpetuate it. Break the cycle and…go get a job. Stop teaching your children that the “easy buck” made through drug dealing and robbery really won’t propel them out of where they are and tell them to…yep…go get a job. And most of all, crawl down off your pit pots, STOP whining and blaming your position in life on everybody else and or what happened 100 years ago and accept personal responsibility TODAY! Then…go get a job.

    If you aren’t willing to work hard and overcome the obstacles you face like everyone else, nobody will be able to do it for you. If you don’t have a heartfelt desire to excel and teach your children to be a little better and do a little more, nobody is there to do that for you.

    Until personal responsibility, personal accountability and a desire to “earn a living” is adopted by the people in the “hood”, we will continue to voice our opinions however we like! When you have the resources, the means and the ability right in front of you, but refuse to acknowledge and use them, what sort of comments do you really expect to see?

  • PublicAvenger

    This is the result of 50 years of welfare giveaways. Paying 16 year old girls to get pregnant.

  • Guest Reply

    M80’s/Black Cats/Several Tire Blowouts/Engine Backfire (from cheap gas)?…
    Go get ’em!!!

  • guesty

    Wow, another shooting in the hood. How unusual.

  • windsnake

    Yes, that is quite a strong possibility, dontcha think?

  • GuestWrong

    I had hopes that with the renovation of CW, the people there would somehow have a better, safer life. I guess I am just naive. It seems that nothing has changed. What a shame for the future of CW.

  • dh

    What’s missing from the article? Any sort of physical description of the suspects, including age, gender, or RACE.

  • anne

    SurfcityTom – you have made some good points and they should be seriously looked at.

    Unfortunately, the mentality of many of these residents is “I don’t know nothing, I don’t see nothing” and until that changes and the good people there decide to take their community back, there will be more incidents of this type.

    The thug mentality is hard to break but it can be done if people are willing to change and want the change. Perhaps the residents should do patrols – some good heavy baseball bats and some “attitude adjustments” might make the difference

  • Annoyed1

    I would say that your ignorance is a surprise but I would be lying. It figures that the first thing you would assume about me is that I am a product of this lifestyle you speak of. The fact is I hold three degrees 2 of which are Masters Degrees. Your assumptions and preconceived notions of the African American race shouldn’t be so superficial. Even with all of the Caucasian serial killers in years past I don’t lump you all in the same basket as being psychopaths. I judge each and every person on their own merit. This is crazy but you should give it a try.

  • Guest Pragmatic

    Every time I read the “bulldoze the housing projects” line I just smile a bit because the next wave of comments will be “someone one my street is renting to people with section 8 vouchers!!!!”

    I don’t like the idea of supporting/housing several generations of people with very little desire to see life outside of their 20-block radius, but in reality it is more economical for them to be policed in concentrated areas and receive the abundance of “services” from the welfare state.


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