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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Wilmington Downtown, Inc (WDI) is leading a special event Saturday, June 22 at 2 p.m. The tour will begin adjacent to WDI’s office (221 N Front Street), in Bijou Park. Officially dubbed a Jane Jacobs Walk, the event is inspired by one of the world’s most recognized thought leaders on city planning and city building.

The mission of Jane Jacobs Walks is to assist people as they walk, observe, and connect with their community, their environment and one another, and to celebrate the life and legacy of Jane Jacobs.

About Jane Jacobs:

Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) was an urbanist and activist whose writings championed a fresh, community-based approach to city building. She had no formal training as a planner, and yet her 1961 treatise, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, introduced ground-breaking ideas about how cities function, evolve and fail, that now seem like common sense to generations of architects, planners, politicians and activists.

A firm believer in the importance of local residents having input on how their neighborhoods develop, Jacobs encouraged people to familiarize themselves with the places where they live, work, and play. (Source: www.JaneJacobsWalk.org)

WDI’s event will feature a unique collaboration between WDI CEO John Hinnant and retired New Hanover County Librarian Beverly Tetterton, a local historian. While walking and talking about the urban renewal that has taken place, photos will be on display to showcase the impacts of urban renewal on Wilmington’s historic downtown.

The event is FREE, but those wanting to participate should reserve their spot at www.JaneJacobsWalk.eventbrite.com or call (910) 763-7349. Space is limited, so please sign up soon. Additional information is available at www.wilmingtondowntown.com.

The WDI Jane Jacobs Walk is presented by WDI’s LIVE Committee.

The Jane Jacobs Walk is sponsored by:
WWAY NewsChannel 3
Reel Cafe
John Sawyer Architects
Fat Tony’s Italian Pub

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  • Guest2020

    Ain’t it the truth?

    Are these tours at the expense of Wilmington taxpayers?

  • Vog46

    I gotta sign up for this.
    Imagine walking down town by a restaurant or bar on “Non-profit gambling night”.
    Thats right – there is a bill before the legislature that would allow for non-profit organizations to hold “Las Vegas” styled gambling nights with Poker and other games.

    Yep those Boy/Girl scouts will be holding their Poker nights at Firebelly’s while Hinnant and crew walks by talking about the city of Wilmington’s fine Christian values and family styled entertainment down town.

    Those very same Christians that got upset when the Boy Scouts voted to allow gay scouts (NOT gay leaders) – the same Christians that stand by when the movie Tammy advertises for lesbian extras to film a scene for 4th of July – and uses STATE FUNDS TO DO IT TOO (INCENTIVES) – those very same Christians that stand by while our legislature promotes gambling for non-profits – are NOT saying a word or protesting at the legislative building when it comes to this though. I’m sure Hinnant will be so proud as he conducts these walking tours (“Please excuse the poker night tonight signs”) down town.

    What a bunch of two faced believers we have become eh? Picking and choosing which sins are worse…..”judging” sinners……
    Now in all honesty? As a Christian I won’t gamble in the “Las Vegas Style” (whatever that is). I do occasionally buy lottery tickets.
    But if non Christians want to be stupid with their money – you go right ahead and let the state profit from your stupidity. I’m all for casinos……
    What a twisted world we live in.

  • ChefnSurf

    It’ll give John Hinnant something to do.

  • ChefnSurf

    Hey Scott Pickey… Yesterday someone posted a reply to my post; something about making sure Hinnant didn’t take his credit card with him.

    Today it’s gone. As in removed. Disappeared. What’s the story Scott?

  • SurfCityTom

    and City Council be part of the walking tour. Might give them an idea of what the city really is; and open their eyes to an overlooked area.

    And since you have to reserve a spot, apparently they are anticipating a big turn out, WWAY could have a camera crew along for the walk.

  • Scott Pickey

    Pretty much because I’m tired of the Hinnant / cigar purchase / credit card jokes. It’s old.

  • Vog46

    I had a wonderful Father’s Day hope you did as well.
    I, like many others here love to “prod” those among us who may have become “newsworthy” for reasons that aren’t all that good.
    Like, my prodding of YOU for the Parade incident, which you have taken without comment (Good for you)
    But because YOU can make things newsworthy (or not) there are times when I think YOU should set aside your particular “It’s getting tired” attitude because in essence you made the story (or person) newsworthy NOW you’re trying to down play it.
    It is your board and your rules and I will (and do) abide by them – but this is a public forum so I think you should expect some of us to “run some things into the ground”.
    It’s sometimes childish I admit it – but for the un-initiated? Or someone new to the area? Our “jabbing” could lead someone to do some research or search your website for info on the “prodding”.
    And THAT would be a good thing….


  • Vog46

    There’s a lot of “old” postings here, it’s unfortunately a part of the “blogosphere”. Moderating boards like this is a pain in the butt I’m sure.

    or is it because WWAY sponsors the tours along with WDI?


  • Scott Pickey

    Hey Vog – hope you had a good weekend!!!

    We’re teaming up with WDI to help them promote some of their projects since we’re also a “downtown business.”

    But if WDI did something newsworthy, we definitely wouldn’t hesitate to cover it – however, like I wrote befor, the Hinnant jabs aren’t funny anymore.


  • guesty

    I’m surprised and disappointed that WWAY deleted my comment about taking away Hinnant’s credit card.

  • Josh Fulton

    Do these people have any idea who Jane Jacobs was or what she was about other than she’s one of the biggest names in urbanism?

    She is AGAINST the central planners:

    “More importantly, perhaps, Jacobs paved the way for what became known as “advocacy planning.” Starting in the 1960s, a handful of urban planners [e.g. Jacobs] chose to side with residents of low-income urban neighborhoods against the power of city redevelopment agencies that pushed for highways, luxury housing, expansion of institutions such as hospitals and universities, corporate-sponsored mega projects, and government subsidies for sports complexes and convention centers.”



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