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NAVASSA, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Leland Police Department, made seven arrests Friday evening after conducting Operation Restore Order in the Town of Navassa. The operation was conducted in response to the increase in violent crimes and drug activity in the Navassa area.

“It has become necessary to take extreme enforcement measures in order to bring order to the community of Navassa,” said Sheriff John W. Ingram. “The citizens of Navassa deserve to live in peace without fear of stray bullets and thugs terrorizing their neighborhood. We will utilize every resource at our disposal to rid this community of the lawlessness which has recently reached critical levels. Make no mistake if you are part of the problem in this community or any other within the borders of Brunswick County we will not rest until you are held accountable for your actions!”

The following arrests were made as a result of Operation Restore Order:

Thomas Vincent Merrick: Possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver heroin.

Samuelle Breshaun Corbett: Possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver cocaine.

Emanuel Willis: Assault inflict serious injury

Kourtnei Danea Martin: Simple assault

Clearence Cornelius Jacobs: Simple Assault

Tykeem McNeil: Possession of Marijuana and resist, hinder delay.

Brandyn McClear Barnhill: Injury to personal property.

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  • Wilmington Observer

    I don’t consider this “extreme enforcement measures” at all. Some of the Nevassa problems were arrested for crimes that they committed. I call that, basic, policing. Extreme enforcement would be a law enforcement officer standing on every corner in an attempt to thwart criminal activity. Extreme measures would also take the word “probation” off of the table for any of those with ANY, prior, criminal convictions.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Huber Hanes

    This is just another example of common lawlessness which developes in all communities. 7 Arrests will only ‘dent’ the problem and not resolve it. A Long term encarceration for each OFFENDER & to serve out the full prison sentence w/100% Restitution to The State of North Carolina is a solution ! Take the profits out of their system & we will have Justice.

  • guesty

    I wonder if there is any family relationship between Emanuel Willis and Navassa mayor Eulis Willis….

  • Guestwho

    Well that would have to be the most ironically named “operation” that I’ve heard of. Is Navassa the hood of BC or something?

  • Melony Johnson

    The News people need to check out their facts before associating people with things they are no part of. My son Brandyn Barnhill was placed as a part of this action; he does not live in Navassa nor is he involved in any of the problems going on in Navassa. I raised my son to understand the value of good character; out 28 years I can gladly say his bouts with the law have been minor instances and only maybe 2 misdemeanors in his life. I don’t think it is fair because of bad, irresponsible reporting that his reputation in now in judgement and defamed. He has been, as well as I embarrassed by this story simply because his arrest was no part of what is going in Navassa. He was stopped at the checkpoint and because a warrant was issued on June 9th by his girlfriend for injury to personal property (picture frames) and the officer not reporting the information correctly. It was suppose to be a summons for him to come to court, she explicitly said she did not want him arrested and was assured he would receive a summons to come to court not be arrested. As a parent I am not saying my son wears a halo, we all fall short but it is not fair for his name and character to be questioned by many because the news people writes an article while failing to check out the facts. Right is right Wrong is wrong, you need to correct your wrong. You have defamed my sons name and character. Its not fair.

  • Challengetheworld

    Your son’s name and his arrest are public information. He is also innocent until proven guilty. Instead of attacking the news, why don’t you attack the problem.

  • Scott Pickey

    Melony – I would suggest calling the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office to discuss your concern. We only reported what they told us via a news release.

    If they update the facts, we’ll be glad to report it.


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director


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