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UPDATE: 7 deputies on leave, 2 injured after shooting at checkpoint


LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- A shooting around midnight Friday at a DWI checkpoint along Highway 17 in Leland involved seven deputies and two suspects who were taken to the hospital.

Late this afternoon, a spokeswoman for the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office reported that Antoine Levar Graham, 25, of Mimosa Trail, in Leland, is charged with 10 counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, 10 counts of AWDW on a government official, one count of fleeing to elude arrest with a motor vehicle, one count of felony conspiracy, one count of possessing marijuana up to 1/2 oz and one count of possessing drug paraphernalia.

Jerry Onasis Melvin,42, of Isabelle Trail in Leland, is charged with eight counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, eight counts of AWDW on a government official and one count of felony conspiracy (for speeding to elude).

Both are in fair condition according to a hospital spokeswoman.

The deputies involved are Cpl. Brian Medlin, Dep. Joe Cherry, Dep. John Rogers and Dep. Larry Branch from Brunswick County, as well as Sgt. M. Fike, Dep. J. Maroldt and Dep. J. Spivey from New Hanover County. The Brunswick County Deputies have been placed on administrative duty while New Hanover County Deputies have been placed on administrative leave with pay.

Both the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office and the Brunswick County Sheriff's office are conducting internal investigations. The State Bureau of Investigation has also been called in to investigate, and the State Highway Patrol has filed charges against the suspects.

Brunswick County has asked the SBI to take the lead on the investigation because it was a shooting that involved multiple agencies. As of Saturday evening, the SBI has not released any information about what caused it.

Brunswick County District Attorney Jon David said he joined Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram in requesting the SBI handle the case. David said one of his assistants was at the checkpoint and was a witness to what happened. As a result, David said he's not sure how his office may be involved in the case. He said he plans to contact the Attorney General's Office to help figure out if the DA's office has a conflict of interest in the case.

Melvin is being held at the Brunswick County Detention Facility under a $250,000 secured bond.

Stay with WWAY NewsChannel 3 for more details as they become available.

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I just saw the interview

I just saw the interview with the family who witnessed this incident and once again we are back to dealing with cops that do not have a clue. The father in the interview seemed to have a good grasp of the situation and spoke very clearly and appears to have no ax to grind. Everyone of those deputies needs to be FIRED if they discharged their weapons in the direction of the other people in line at the checkpoint. There is protocol for live fire situations that involve other officers and innocent bystanders. If you do not care of the safety of the citizens I can understand that because of who you are, but to put your "brothers" in danger is sort of surprising. looks like some extra training is needed.


So what you're saying is that these officers should have somehow managed to run around and get an angle at which they can safely discharge their weapons without putting anyone else at danger? It was a DUI checkpoint, shooting arent supposed to happen there. It's a high traffic area with a lot of possibility for injuries, but why should these officers sit back and possibly have themselves killed at the chance a stray bullet may hit someone else. It's a win lose. You can't critique these men if you haven't been in the same situation.

As a former LEO myself, your

As a former LEO myself, your comment is about the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Every time an officer puts on his uniform, he knows he might not live to take it off. Part of the job is to put your life on the line to protect others, and it also includes not firing a weapon if innocent people are in the line of fire, regardless of your own sefety. Somewhat like soldiers who have fallen on live grenades to save their buddies.

Thank you usmc!! I have

Thank you usmc!! I have always said you should have to take a written exam to post on matters of this nature. Those who have no training in these matters are clueless. I wonder if they also firedon the car when it was fleeing which once again you are not supposed ti do

It sure was ugly. Those

It sure was ugly. Those deputies firing into the car. Perhaps it would have looked much nicer looking, if they would have just allowed themselves to be run over, and crushed to death, by these two criminal thugs. For some stupid reason, I guess, they wanted to go home, to their wives and children.

I know its horrible for me to even mention this. How unfair, and insensitive. After all, they were just doing what comes natural. But, wouldn't it have been nice if those two thugs, wouldn't have had drugs, and didn't try to run over the deputies. If they would've just obeyed the law, for the first time in their lives.

I have no sympathy for the

I have no sympathy for the two drug dealers but there is protocol to be used for a vehicle that is fleeing the scene of a crime.I was always trained to never to shoot at a vehicle that is leaving the scene. What if there was a child in the back or third row seat. That is why you can not shoot in that situation. If the officers can show thru an investigation that their life was in danger they will probably be cleared.

Guest 123123

Please advise how these guys became drug dealers. From what I saw on the offender search there are no priors on either one. They also had less than half ounce of weed on them.
They were NOT charged with possession with intent to sell. Do NOT make these guys out to "drug dealers" when they may not be that at all.
Another point to consider - they tossed the gun prior to getting to the checkpoint, according to another media outlet so they may have been un-armed except for the car itself (which to me (and the law) is a weapon when the intention is to kill or harm).
In a world full of surveillance camera's, dashcams, and SABLE helicopters, AND with Sheriffs from both NH County and Brunswick County AND with reps from the DA's office present I doubt that any officers acted improperly given the number of witnesses (not counting those people in line at the checkpoint).
The thing that upsets me most is the fact that these guys are still alive given the number of officers who may have been shooting at them.


Sorry you have to use NC

Sorry you have to use NC offender search for your info. I have other resources available. But you are right they have no CONVICTIONS for drug offenses.

I know some people mess up

I know some people mess up and have a couple of drinks and drive, I went through one of those back road check points, got charged. The officer lied in court made me out to have been wasted, even said I gave him a college ID I don't own a college ID...he was involved in this shooting in Leland, not sure what happened, but he is quite a little smarta*s. Bad part is when you have your day in court there isnt much you can do, your screwed as soon as you walk in the door.


I have one question and I bet what you post will be a lie. What did you blow?

so i guess brian when you

so i guess brian when you stuck a taser to my neck an pulled me out of a car was legal training being you are apart of aggresive task force did they show you that so in hence i am gonna ask in court for resignation

I wish either county would

I wish either county would spend more money on firearm training. In reading the article what happened to two controlled rounds center mass? Go back to school kids and learn to shoot

DWI checkpoints are

DWI checkpoints are illegal..just search YouTube and watch how people don't have to answer any questions unless you are being detained...stop wasteing our tax dollars in these illegal checkpoints!

yes because everything you

yes because everything you see on the internet is real and factual. Great research, you should be a lawyer ( I can send you some links if you like for a jd aka juris doctrine in case google is down)... idiot

Now the Supreme Court stated

Now the Supreme Court stated in their ruling that DUI check points do infringe on the 4th amendment but decided it was an acceptable infringement in the interest of removing drunk drivers from the roads. Now if it infringes on the constitution it is in fact unconstitutional even if they choose to allow it. So now who is the idiot? Get some education and manners.

Check points

When the Supreme Court ruled that check points were constitutional they also set-up rules about them. Now I believe that this in its self was in fact, un-constitutional, much like Rowe vs. Wade in that the court at this point created legislation which it doesn’t have the power to do. If you remember the check point decision went thru at the same time the second flag burning decision (for the second time within a year ???) and that got all the media attention… But the thing is this, usually with a good lawyer, it is found that these check-points are not run by the standards set by the court, and the offender that has the resources to hire good legal representation will get the case dismissed. But here is what gets me. When this happens, why are not all the cases involved with this check point dismissed? Is it because of the revenue these cases bring the state is this another example of how our judicial system treats the poor?


The Supreme Court actually found that DUI check points infringe on 4th amendment rights. Now the big but is they also declare the MINOR INFRINGEMENT on the 4th amendment to be acceptable in the interest of catching drunk drivers. Now if something infringes on a constitutional right that would make it Un-Constitutional.

I for one think these

I for one think these roadblock, search and seizure places are wrong, but since this country is headed or arrived at a police state so be it, got nothing to hide, I wonder how 7 deputies firing at 2 people at close range kept from killing them both??????????????? did any innocent civilians get hit?

Just know that this is not

Just know that this is not the first time these sorry ass police have shot up a person like this. A couple of years ago they shot up a mans house in maco and shot him several times. Guess what they did not get away with it and WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS ONE!!!! They just a bunch of trigger happy police. Well Brunswick county get ready to find a new batch of trigger happy target shooters!!!!!

NHSO Thanks you!

This was a needed break for NHSO Vice unit. Finally somebody else in the spotlight!


180 Grain, ever how many times, is better than them sitting in the jail or prison wasting tax payers dollars. GREAT JOB TO THE POLICE FOR TAKING THESE ANIMALS OFF THE STREET.

Act like a B*tch get Treated like a B*tch!!!!!!!!!

Seen this before

It is great to see these checkpoints make a come back. They were wildly successful in Nazi germany (and occipied countries)in the 1930's and early 1940's, so I good see them back.


you are a complete idiot..

Traffic roadblock

I guess there is one nut in every crowd!

No one can take comments

No one can take comments seriously that compare Deputies looking for drunk drivers to Nazi Germany. This is a land of laws accepted by it's citizens. The law, and the Supreme Court, has held for generations that DWI and driver's license check points are 100% legal. Go speak with someone who survived Nazi's and ask them for their opinion on the matter.

You must be one of drunks or

You must be one of drunks or drug runners in the area. Otherwise you would know the stations are legal and necessary to protect the law abiding public.

By the way. . why are the

By the way. . why are the circumstances of the event deemed our "right to know" at this point? I pretty much have it figured out, don't you??

Good Job law enforcement!

I thank God none of these officers were hurt. I am terribly sorry the two men had to be taken to the hospital. The funeral home is much more appropriate.

Quite the comment,

Quite the comment, considering we don't even know the circumstances surrounding this event.

Great job BCSD deputies. You

Great job BCSD deputies. You know our great sheriff will stand behind you.

Good News: Thank God, violent, drug dealing, criminal thugs, didn't hurt any of our deputies.

Bad News: These two dregs will probably cost the taxpayers $25,000 in medical bills. They will get slaps on the wrist, by the courts. Then be right back out, terrorizing, and sponging off the taxpayers.

I understand it's normal police procedure to put a officer on Administrative Leave (Suspension), immediately after a traumatic event. It's also standard to let the SBI investigate. It takes several days. Usually the order is "not to talk" until the investigation is over.