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Woman arrested for fatal hit & run


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police have arrested a 23-year-old college student and charged her in connection with the death of a bicyclist in a hit-and-run crash Thursday night.

WPD's Traffic Unit arrested Judith Margaret Nemeth Saturday morning and charged her with felony hit and run and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.

Investigators say she was driving the car that hit and and killed Zachary Paul Tyler, 27, Thursday night on Wrightsville Ave. near Lumina Station.

Last night officers found the car they believe was involved in the crash abandoned near the corner of Marsh Hawk Court and Duck Hawk Court in Wilmington after neighbors noticed a car matching the description and called police.

Police say Nemeth was processed into the New Hanover County detention facility under a $25,000 bond. Booking photo is attached.

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If this girl wasnt drinking,

If this girl wasnt drinking, texting or on drugs, for what other reason would she not stop and at least call for help. There is a lot more to this than 'she was just scared'.

Her life is just as over as

Her life is just as over as the victim's? How is that possible? I'm pretty sure she is still breathing, gets to see her family and friends,etc. I find the comparison between these two "ruined lives" insulting. Sure, she may live with guilt; but it's the same guilt that didn't seem to kick in until her car was plastered all over the news. Give me a break. And don't bother claiming she was scared or I can't possibly know what she was feeling..that argument is weak. She left this man to die in the road, but managed to get a lawyer. Those are not actions of scared and innocent, but more of some one getting their "I don't want to go to jail" ducks in a row. She gave herself time to plan for her future, but so neglectfully gave herself the power to decide this man's fate.

Looks like she has a few

Looks like she has a few driving infractions the last couple of years. Probably from driving back and forth from Brevard to Wilmington. NO DUI's

Great work by who?? She

Great work by who?? She called in the car and turned herself in. She also did the smart thing for her benefit. Get your parents involved and get your attorney. Who else is going to look out for her ?? The posters here, doubt it.

i used to see zach riding up

i used to see zach riding up and down wrightsville avenue to get to work and he always was respectful of passing cars and traffic laws. it sounds to me like the driver was trying to hide something...maybe she was on drugs or drunk...but i highly doubt it was his fault. ive been hit at wrightsville beach before on a bike and more often than not the auto driver is to blame (not to say some cyclists take unnecessary risks on roads that bikes shouldn't be on). Zach was a super nice guy and its horrible this happened to him. I HOPE THAT LADY GOES TO JAIL FOR LIFE. RIP ZACH YOU WONT BE FORGOTTEN!!!!!!

Drivers in Wilmington

There is a lot more blame to smear around. Speaking in broad generalizations, as is common on this site, I believe the whole community has a part in the blame for the Wilm. drivers that often: Ignore road rules in favor of their own needs, drive too close, pass on the right, or drive slow in the left lane,encouraging others to pass on the right,don't let people that indicate a need to turn,in a lane in front of them (probably why a lot of people drive in the left lane in first place).The list is SO much longer but you know what you do out there!!I have never seen such discourteous driving anywhere else I've been. The point of blame is, if you drive you are role model for the younger drivers!!
This person who killed a bicyclist may not fit any of the examples I listed, but this tragedy should, at the very least, serve as a wakeup call to all Wilm., drivers to do better with the driving privilege.

My daughter gives me a pat

My daughter gives me a pat on the back if I can get through a trip to Wilmington without saying, "I hate driving in Wilmington".

If you only knew

If you only knew this girl, which I do very well, then you'd know that she is truly a great person with a big heart who genuinely cares about people. There is not a single person on here that knows all the facts of what happened and any hatred spewed is that of pure ignorance. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the guy killed, but also remember that she has to live with this for the rest of her life. People make mistakes, some worse than others, but we all do. I think, if you're a good hearted person, both families and she should be in your prayers. Dont be hateful, there's enough of that in this world

This "person with a big

This "person with a big heart who genuinely cares about people" showed a wanton disregard for human life. Regardless of any other fact, she didn't even bother to see what she had hit. With the damage to her vehicle that has been described, most people would have at least stopped to make sure it wasn't a person, but she couldn't be bothered with that. Holding a person accountable for their choices is not hatred, it's good, common sense.

"she is truly a great person with a big heart who genuinely care

"she is truly a great person with a big heart who genuinely cares about people."

OKAY ... So she hit someone with a car and left them to die on the side of the road because....?

Because mate she didn't know

Because mate she didn't know it was a person she hit idiot. Don't assume things about people or events that you are not a part of and have no outside knowledge of, besides what the media says.

Assume the worst

Maybe because she had no idea she hit a person. Never even occurred to her as a possibility until she saw the news and then arranged to turn herself in. Her front window shattered. She thought it was a deer. People always assume the worst of others. You must feel good about yourself up on your high horse judging. There wasn't even a bike lane where it happened. The bike lane had ended. Maybe the city needs to look at the lack of safe bike lanes for bikers.

The city didn't choose to

The city didn't choose to leave the scene of the accident. Bike lanes or not, when a person gets behind the wheel of a car he/she has the responsibility of keeping alert and watching out for others on the road.

"She thought it was a

"She thought it was a deer" have a least a dozen people I know. Those people: got out to see what happened to their vehicle, didn't hide their vehicle on a corner and certainly didn't feel the need to call a lawyer.
She may not have hit the guy maliciously, but anyone would have stopped and looked at their car.....ANYONE.

Most DECENT human beings will even...

...pull over after they've had impact with a dumb animal! Any driver with a 2nd grade education knows you need a police report so that the insurance will pay for the damage. Geeeez....

Sorry, but this gal had some serious reason for not stopping and YOU know that as well as she does. The damage to her car was extensive. If she has any remorse at all, she'll just come clean and tell the investigators why she didn't stop. Otherwise, this will haunt every waking and sleeping hour she has for the remainder of her life!!! I sure as hell wouldn't want to be her, living a lie like this!

A Deer?

A front of Harris Teeter in Wrightsville Beach..really? That's what you're going with? Where exactly do you live that deer can be seen routinely running into a busy shopping center? Living in the country I've hit my fair share of deer. Not once did I keep driving. When you hit something that big, you stop to check for damage. I might not agree with the "she was scared and didn't know what to do" theory, but I can see it happening. The deer theory.....come on now.

deer at wb

I actually see a lot of deer in that area' especially at night. Lots of woods around Landfall. I saw a deer on military cut off and one on a road a block away from Harris Teeter in front of Wendy's.

Oh cry me a river !!!

How could anyone "have no idea" that they hit someone when their window is shattered and a piece of the car is missing? And as for "turning herself in," I do believe that occurred AFTER the police found her ABANDONED vehicle and were able to trace it to her. If this never made the news and there was no physical evidence linking the killer to this crime, you can bet your bottom dollar she would have never surrendered to authorities!!! Oh but wait, it's all the city's fault for not having enough bike lanes!!! Yep, she's totally innocent in this matter!!


If she thought she hit a deer why not turn in the Harris Teeter parking lot and look to see the damage etc. She had just pulled into a gas station to buy something why not pull over again and see what she hit.

Quit defending these actions. Zack may have lived if she had called 911 immediately or got out and performed CPR.

The only way she could have not known what she hit is if she was looking down at her phone or either to blazed to notice.

She knows she hit that young man... but was scared of what was to follow....

Oh cry me a river !!!

How could anyone "have no idea" that they hit someone when their window is shattered and a piece of the car is missing? And as for "turning herself in," I do believe that occurred AFTER the police found her ABANDONED vehicle and were able to trace it to her. If this never made the news and there was no physical evidence linking the killer to this crime, you can bet your bottom dollar she would have never surrendered to authorities!!! Oh but wait, it's all the city's fault for not having enough bike lanes!!! Yep, she's totally innocent in this matter!!

C'mon now...

So, she decided to abandon her vehicle because she thought she had hit a deer?

Are you kidding me??

Your comment on this person having a Big Heart and genuinely cares for people. Then she would have stopped and tried to help this person. I am not sure how you say a Killer cares for people, who runs over someone and then drives away and leaves them to Die. Please...


I know this girl personally and she should have known better and stopped regardless because a couple of years ago her own father was involved in a hit and run while he was riding his bicycle home from work one night and he almost died. Thankfully in his situation somebody found him laying in the middle of the road and called 911. He was in the hospital for a very long time and to this day he still has trouble remember who people are. She should have known better than to flee the scene, especially after seeing what happened to her father when he was the bicyclist that got hit. I feel for Zachary's family and I'm sure she does as well, having been through this kind of situation before.

What's the real story?

According to the article neighbors in the area where her car was abandoned called police but in the comments, she called police and told them where the car was and turned herself in. So, which is correct? Police say she is a UNCW student, the college states that she isn't. She is from Brevard but working here too? Where was she living? Was she allowed by police to wait eight hours for her mother to arrive before coming in? How about the reporter give a corrected update on this case?

slow down

My gosh these remarks are so cruel to this girl and NO ONE knows the facts of what happened. She should not have left the scene but the young man may have been at fault, too. Riding a bike at night is dangerous to the inth degree and we don't know if he went out in front of her, if he lost his balance or if she drove off the road to hit him in a bike lane. Regardless of who is at fault it's a tragedy. Why not wait till the police reconstruct the accident before you place total blame on her and accuse her of drinking, doing drugs, talking on the phone or texting at the time of the accident. Calm down and wait for the facts when the police are ready to give them out. Don't you honestly think this girl is suffering right now? If I had hit someone, whether I was drunk or sober, I think I would be devastated. I have a friend who hit a guy on a bike years ago. She was found not at fault but to this day she still talks about it and cries when she remembers that night.

wake up and smell the crime

wake up and smell the crime guest 11!!! if she would have stopped?????????. guilty parties run, because they are drugged out, drunk, no license, scared, it is no excuse. you dont come in 2 days later with an attorney and mama holding your hand whether you are at fault or not. you stay at the scene. i wonder how the other family feels when some punk girl in this case left THEIR CHILD BESIDE THE ROAD LIKE AN ANIMAL???? answer that. mr Tyler did not have his mother holding his hand, an attorney to represent him when he got KILLED and left beside the road to DIE!!!! you liberal bleeding hearts always take up for the defendant!! i am not saying it was her fault, i am saying it was INHUMANE TO LEAVE THIS MAN BESIDE THE ROAD LIKE A PIECE OF TRASH!!!! get it????????

no sympathy

These comments, cruel? No. Cruel is hitting someone and leaving them behind to die. She knew what she did was wrong- why else would she run. I hope she gets what she deserves.

slow down

Are you kidding!!! She left him to die in the road.I'am so sick of people blaming people who ride a bike after dark.So I get on my bike and ride after dark it my fault if I get killed!Well what about if I ride my bike in the early morning like the Father and son on river road!Oh my fault that when people in cars might still be drunk from that night and still tryin to get to home!!!My fault!!! GET REAL SHE KILLED A PERSON THAT WAS COMING HOME FROM HIS JOB!!! IF IT WAS HIS FAULT SHE SHOULD HAD NO REASON TO RUN!!!!!!!

While this girl "suffers"

While this girl "suffers" she has people around to support her and help her through this. The REAL victim, had to die alone on the side of the road because she didn't have decency to own up at the most crucial moment. She wouldn't be facing half of the criticism she's receiving now if she just stopped. Her parents must have bought her way into UNCW because any educated person can put that logic together. Here's to everyone getting away with horrible crimes!!! YOLO!!

Another professional job, by

Another professional job, by the WPD.