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Woman arrested for fatal hit & run


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police have arrested a 23-year-old college student and charged her in connection with the death of a bicyclist in a hit-and-run crash Thursday night.

WPD's Traffic Unit arrested Judith Margaret Nemeth Saturday morning and charged her with felony hit and run and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.

Investigators say she was driving the car that hit and and killed Zachary Paul Tyler, 27, Thursday night on Wrightsville Ave. near Lumina Station.

Last night officers found the car they believe was involved in the crash abandoned near the corner of Marsh Hawk Court and Duck Hawk Court in Wilmington after neighbors noticed a car matching the description and called police.

Police say Nemeth was processed into the New Hanover County detention facility under a $25,000 bond. Booking photo is attached.

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She turned herself

She turned herself in....lots of high-tech police work here.

Give 'em a break!

Look at the bright side...WPD didn't storm in a home with their guns blazing. She was booked without a black eye. Kudos WPD!

hit and run

Well, 1.) Can't be so judgemental on what happened. In the situation it was dark. So say what if the driver was drunk? Or what if the bicyclist was drunk? We don't quite know. Since it was dark, maybe if the bicyclists was by the road and he was hardly noticeable. Maybe the driver wasn't looking. Don't quite know. I feel very sorry for the loss of Zachary. I give all my love to the mother. Also, I know the drivers family. They are great people. The driver did not mean for any of the stuff to happen at all. And also the father of the driver had been in a bike accident. He ended up with a very bad head injury, but managed to gain his memory back. And of course it was a rough time. They have a big and strong family. And I know its going to be rough for the family of the driver and rough for the mom of Zachary. But I know that the family and the driver feel so bad about this situation and wish it never happened. The family has young kids that I know wish this never happened. And I know they will be there for there sister. I wish that the mother and the driver and her family make through this peacefully.

Her father being injured in

Her father being injured in a similar accident just makes her actions worse. After what she and her family went through, she should have had even more compassion for her victim. Instead, she abandoned him with a wanton disregard for human life. For all we know, Zachary might still be alive had she lifted one little finger to help him or to at least call for help Her family is lucky in that her father survived. Thanks to her, Zachary's family doesn't have that luxury.

According to the victim's family there were no skid marks. She hit him just two blocks from the gas station where she had stopped. How fast was she going if a cyclist caused that much damage to her car? Whether or not she meant for the accident to happen is now a moot point. It is what she did after the accident which as people understandably angry. What is it she did after the accident that has people so up in arms? Nothing. That is what she did--absolutely nothing.

My brother was not drunk, he

My brother was not drunk, he was happy and on his way home from work to his family. Yes, it was dark, as it was night time, but so what? He had reflectors on his bike. This girl apparently works on the beach, knows the area is swarming with bicyclists. Zack and the driver stood in the gas station line together, him in front of her. So him being on a bike, paid for his things and made it no more than 2 blocks down the road, ALWAYS IN DESIGNATED BIKE LANES, before she's done and going so fast in that short distance to knock parts of her car off impacting my brothers body. Up to this point my heart would go out to her, accidents happen, my family knows that all too well, but her next decisions have hardened any sympathy or compassion I can feel for what suffering she may be dealing with. There was not one tire mark in the road in the 30+ feet of orange accident markings on the road. Not one sign that she hit the brakes even ONCE. So what would someone do after hitting a 230 pound man? STOP AND HELP THE ONE YOU'VE HURT! But no. She left my baby brother on the side of the road to die. I understand her being scared, but that is no excuse for running, ditching the car, and making sure she had her mommy and lawyer coming before she turned in. Was SHE drunk? Did she need the 2 days to get her system clean? I just don't understand how anyone in their right mind could do what she did to another human being. This is an all around horrible tragedy but like I said, I'm not sympathetic to her. I feel for her family and the trauma from this and her fathers accident, but we also LOST OUR FATHER to the same accident that has now taken Zack. He was my children's world, and they are devastated. His dogs are even howling on his things. So trust me, we ALL wish this had never happened. My mother has to bury her baby boy. Reunited with our daddy for Father's Day, the nine years since his accident all relived in 3 days. My mother is a gracious forgiving woman. Me, not so much. So tell the family to hug her tight, at least they still have her to hug. I only hope to get my chance to speak in court.

Very well said Ashley!!

Very well said Ashley!!

So many accusations based on

So many accusations based on so few facts. The media makes this look so biased, as usual, because who would read it if it wasn't? She called her car in, she turned herself in. She wasn't drunk, she was coming home from work. Granted, she should have stopped but my God people flock to tragedy like hyenas. This wasn't a planned killing, this was a terrified college student who had a major lapse in judement during a situation that would scare the living daylihts out of anyone. Don't treat it like it was a premeditated murderer, treat it like it was an incredibly unfortunate accident that could have happened to anyone driving on this dangerous road at nighttime

i wonder how she would feel

i wonder how she would feel if someone hit her family member and left them beside the road like an animal or a piece of trash??? or if she hit them herself, would she have stopped then??lapse of judgement?? wow , i see everything pointing to her defense whether or not it was her fault. BUT ONE THING FOR SURE, IT WILL ONLY BE HER SIDE OF THE STORY, ZACH IS NOT HERE TO DEFEND HIMSELF, WHO WILL SPEAK FOR HIM AS TO WHAT HAPPENED????? OR DID HE HAVE A LAPSE IN JUDGMENT. geez you bleeding hearts. wake up!!!!! she even lied on her facebook about being a student at UNCW. university of north carolina for the Wild!!

Actually it did happen.

Actually it did happen. Someone hit her father on his bicycle one night on his way home from his business, and they left him to die in the road. It was a sad situation, but he survived. That makes it extra hard to understand why she handled the situation the way she did. Such a horrible tragedy.

Your inability to show empathy sickens me

You should tell Zach's mom that...her son got hit by some lady and left to that sounds like murder to me and how did the cops "find her car at blah and blah street" if she called it in without making some connection to her. You make me sick i personally knew Zach and he wouldnt leave his worst enemy to die on the side of the road. THIS WOMAN MADE A EXTREMELY LARGE MISTAKE BY LEAVING AND I CANT DISCOUNT THE "MISTAKE" BUT WHEN YOU SCREW UP YOU PAY THE CONSEQUENCES AND SHE SCREWED UP BIG TIME

You must be a liberal. From

You must be a liberal. From cradle to the womb you make excuses and concessions for people. This is murder.

Cradle to womb???? Might

Cradle to womb???? Might want to do a little research, here. Another Conservative with superior intelligence.


Really? ... Do you even know what a liberal is? ... And do you not see that the comments above don't have a political affiliation? ... Dumb comments like this are why liberals have a strong hold ... and why they act so intellectually superior … unfortunately … sometimes they are


SHE KILLED SOMEBODY!!!! It's a huge deal and she didnt even have the decency to stop!! She was scared?!? If you hit a human being and knew it, I don't think running would be the first thing you do, unless you're trying not to get in trouble!

I agree with you Dean, she

I agree with you Dean, she knew what she was doing. She wanted to get out of trouble.People like her need to be locked up.

How is this young woman any

How is this young woman any better than the truck driver who hit and run that little girl getting off the school bus in Sampson County a few weeks ago? A life is a life, both were taken by people who valued their freedom more than the life they took...

where did you get your info?

The truck driver was drunk. Was this young girl drunk? Was she on drugs? Did the young man pull out in front of her? I haven't read any answers to any questions. Where did you read your answers to the point you can make such a firm judgement?

We will never know if she

We will never know if she was drunk or on drugs, because she hit him then left. HINT: Hit and run! And these people get their answers from hmmmmmm let's see common sense. She left the scene, and she abandoned her car. There is no excuse!!!! If she had nothing to hide she should have stayed and helped this guy and she wouldn't be in this mess now. She obvisiously didn't learn anything from her Fathers's accident. And if anyones mentions that she wasn't drunk because she had just left work. What does that mean?? People drink at work sneeking it or however they can, I've worked at plenty of resturants where the employees get drunk during work. Who knows what her deal was but anyway you look at the situation she is in the wrong bc she left the scene unless you are too stupid to figure that out.

Hitting the man was an

Hitting the man was an accident, leaving the scene was a crime. This young lady is not the victim.

not being crude to your

not being crude to your remarks, not being smart or anything, i believe your point you made. but ACCIDENTS DONT HAPPEN, THEY ARE CAUSED.


You say she called her car in and turned herself in? When was that? Sorry, even if she did, she hit a cyclist and left him there to die in the road. NOTHING makes up for that.

Guest38: If you would,

Guest38: If you would, please show me where we made ANY accusations not based on facts - because if we did, that hurts our credibility and I won't stand for that.


Scott Pickey
News Director
WWAY NewsChannel 3

Interview Her!

Hey about interviewing this lady like you did Brian Berger months ago...the "In Your Face" kinda interview. That would make for a good video...Ya think?


This is a tragedy for both of the families. Fact is she contacted authorities yesterday coming forward, told them where her car was and informed them she would be turning herself in when her mother who lives 8 hours away arrived. There is no excuse for fleeing the scene. She took the steps yesterday morning by contacting authorities to allow the family to begin to heal. The speculation of truth and distorted facts do not aid in this process.

I didn't see any accusations

I didn't see any accusations not based on fact. You just stated the facts. What happened, who was charged and for what. I didn't hear ANY accusations....Somebody just running their mouth....I am sure you see that way too often...They want to know the news but then want to criticize when it's published....

I repeat

AGAIN I was speaking about the comments people had left, not the original news story published

I meant the commentators,

I meant the commentators, not the original story, sorry that I didn't specify that.


If she was drunk at the time and was caught at the scene would it have been a murder charge?

The charge would be felony

The charge would be felony death by motor vehicle, the alcohol would just change it from a misdemeanor to a felony. In order for it to be murder she would have to have the intent to hit him. If there was malicious intent to hit him then it would be murder and then it would be first degree if she planned it and second degree if it was considered a "heat of passion (also known as in the moment)kill."

I might be wrong on this. If so feel free to correct me.


Notice how more and more of these killers are let loose on bail? They ditch the murderer weapon(car)...sleep it off...and can't be charged wirh murderer because it's not "real time" arrests.