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Woman arrested for fatal hit & run


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police have arrested a 23-year-old college student and charged her in connection with the death of a bicyclist in a hit-and-run crash Thursday night.

WPD's Traffic Unit arrested Judith Margaret Nemeth Saturday morning and charged her with felony hit and run and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.

Investigators say she was driving the car that hit and and killed Zachary Paul Tyler, 27, Thursday night on Wrightsville Ave. near Lumina Station.

Last night officers found the car they believe was involved in the crash abandoned near the corner of Marsh Hawk Court and Duck Hawk Court in Wilmington after neighbors noticed a car matching the description and called police.

Police say Nemeth was processed into the New Hanover County detention facility under a $25,000 bond. Booking photo is attached.

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25,000 bond

Are you kidding I seen people get more bond for stealing.That is a slap in the face to this family of the young man ran over and left in the road to die.I hope she see his face every time she closes her eyes.And for the people out there making excuses for her leaving I guess you would do just what she done!I would not leave a dog or any animal in the road if I hit one.25,000 bond really blows my mind!That is a crying shame!

No excuses! This girl is an

No excuses! This girl is an idiot. She probably thinks because she's a pretty, young college student that somehow things will smooth over. If you hit someone, you know it. Be a decent human being and do what you can to help. I hope she suffers many sleepless nights and gets punished to the full extent of the law. You can say bye bye to UNCW sweetie! Did you have fun doing AWESOME shooters with your AWESOME friends?! I'd bet money you were drunk or high. My sympathy goes out to the family. Our community has your back. As for the girl, MOVE!! We don't need killers on our streets, real talk.

Wow. You are not making the

Wow. You are not making the situation better. She made a mistake and she will pay for it. But hold your pitchforks, you are not helping anyone. Humans make mistakes, especially scared youths. My prayers go out to his family, but stop spreading false rumors and making the situation worst. It's a tragedy, let his family mourn and just offer prayers- not hate.

aw someone's bitter about

aw someone's bitter about their college days :'( :'( .... take it out on someone else. you clearly know nothing about the situation.

This Person Suck

This person with this reply really sucks. Your an idiot. You really waste your time posting this on different media outlets. AWESOME POST. . . You really make a difference when you leave something like this


You certainly have no idea who you're talking about because i know this girl personally and she is a good person who made an irrational and horrific decision in a state of panic. The girl i know genuinely loves people and i would never wish what you said upon anyone. Wanna know why? Because I, like her, am a good person and what you're saying is whats wrong with this world. People make mistakes, some worse than others, but your hatred is just the prime example of a person who comes to conclusions without knowing all the facts. If you knew her you'd understand, but you dont, so you should watch what you say. Now my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the guy who was killed, but in the lords eyes, everyone is given the right to be forgiven. You should think twice about the way you speak of someone you dont know, cause you never know who might read it. Have a great day and keep being a perfect person because apparently you've never made a mistake.

Everyone is talking like

Everyone is talking like this was a young kid that didnt know right from wrong......she is 23 years old for goodness sake. Way old enough to know right from wrong. I feel pretty sure she knew what she was doing when she ran and that it was wrong. what a coward she is. And if she really did turn herself in, I feel sure its because she knew she was caught when the car was found and had no way out.

pretty sure someone of any

pretty sure someone of any age is capable of not being very clear headed in a state of panic. 23... 63... Who cares. I know her and she is genuinely one of the most caring people I know.

I just wanted to comment on

I just wanted to comment on how immature I found that whole statement to be. Sure it was awful that she didn't stop to call or help the person she hit, but you were not there when the whole accident happened. She's a very young girl and that happening would have startled me too as well. Everyone on this earth makes mistakes. Some are more awful than others but you should always be willing to forgive someone. You don't know what was running through her head, you don't know what's going on in her life, you don't know anything about her. She didn't intentionally murder anyone. It was a terrible thing, and it is awful to lose a family member as well. Her life will be tough no matter what and she doesn't need people like you to drag her down more. She needs to be encouraged and loved as well as the family that this tragedy happened to because there is long, hard, and tormenting times ahead for both parties. Don't assume so much. Be more understanding of everyone's perspective and be more open to people. There should only be love, support, and help towards both sides of this equation.

No Excuses

I hit someone on a bike when I was younger, the person rode out in front of me. Scared the **** out of me. Still, I left my car in the middle of the road to hold up traffic, called 911, and did everything I was supposed to do. Didn't have anything to hide.

What I find immature is

What I find immature is driving away when you just KILLED SOMEONE!!! Oh, the poor sweet little girl. Life will be so difficult for her! You're right, I wasn't there. If I was, I would have CALLED FOR HELP and not let the man die without someone there to at least comfort him. It's not like she just backed into a parked car..oops. She may not have hit him intentionally, but she intentionally drove away. Your argument is invalid.

She's already out of jail

According to the NHCSO website, she is no longer in jail. Gotta love our legal system ...

What a piece of trash!!!

I hope someday someone runs her down and takes off, leaving her on the side of the road to die. Let's see how she would feel if the situation were reversed.


probably wouldn't feel much assuming she died, but I applaud your brash uninformed opinion maybe she was being completely reckless and is all to blame, maybe not. Should she have stayed and tried to get help, with out a doubt. However in this situation there are so many potential variables that could influence the situation with two parties being involved and one now deceased we will never know his side of the story. I am so sorry to him and his family and I do not approve of the way the situation was handled but what are who are we to spew out judgement without knowing the all the details.

Facebooking while driving??

On her facebook she posted a normal old comment (via mobile) Thursday night at 9:14pm. Reckless and sad.

facebook post- you idiot guest user

That facebook post was another girl in England posting about hitting a bike rider, not the local accident that killed the bike rider.
I,m certain this local college student was scared to death after
her accident. The facebook post bike rider only had minor injuries

The accident happened at

The accident happened at 10:45 at night. The status was posted while she was at work, not driving, so I don't see your point besides trying to make this story more dramatic

Hit and run

Where are all these new "facts" comming from? Where was it reported that she was driving from work? How do you know she called the police and turned herself in? Her low bond would lead me to guess that her call was to a lawyer. Also enough with the " she is just a young girl" bs. There are girls younger than her in the military. She is d enough to know to stop. I don't know that she is a bad person but she caused some ones death then refused to aid them. She put her own well being above aiding the person she hit. She left him dying in the road. She will have to live with that. . I feel sorry for her just as I do every one involved.

Let me correct myself

Let me correct myself there..he was hit before 10, was found and pronounced dead by 10:15. Who knows how long he laid there before the man who attempted CPR stopped. So 9:14 updating fb and within the hour committing a hit and run. I was told she was buying blunt wraps, must've left in a hurry to get to her buzz. I wonder if she left my brother to die and went and got stoned? I'm heartbroken and disgusted.

We were told my brother was

We were told my brother was hit around 10..the fact that you seem to know what time she was at work leads me to believe you must be a friend of hers? I don't care where she was up until she stood behind Zack in the store, stood there buying her blunt wraps while he pedaled away towards home from his job, he made it no more than 2 blocks away by the time she managed to pick enough speed in that same distance to hit my brother so hard that she left thick plastic light covers from her car behind! I sat out there where he was hit, there was not a single tire mark in the road, not one sign that she even reacted as my 230 pound brother took her bumper and side panel with him on his way down. So sorry, but there's really no way someone making a comment about what they observed in THEIR search for why this happened is going to make this story any more dramatic. This girls decisions have made this one of the most dramatic and tramatic experiences for my family. She SHOULD HAVE STOPPED. HE WAS BREATHING WHEN SHE CONTINUED ON DOWN THE DAMN ROAD. The fact that she's out on bond makes my stomach churn. My family knows of forgiveness, we understand accidents happen, but leaving him there and hiding for 2 days is disturbing and was not what she should have done.


Got the link to her page?

She deleted her facebook page ...

Trying to hide something she doesn't want the authorities to find, perhaps???

her bond to low to have

her bond to low to have killed sumbody.smh

There are several factors in

There are several factors in determining bond. First is she likely to be a danger to the public if out, likely hood of her showing up for her court date and of course the crime committed.


She isn't from around here, she hid from police, she abandoned the murder vehicle, she didn't turn herself in... Yeah, she sounds like a model citizen and should be let go without bond.

also she did turn herself

also she did turn herself in. Wish people would know what the f*** they're talking about before they spread gossip like little children

Wrong she is from Brevard .

Wrong she is from Brevard . Last time I looked that is in nc. Actually has address here and has job. There is no reason to believe that she would not show up at court. Already attained private attorney. Unless she is a habitual drunk driver not a threat to public at large. Get up to speed ln how things work

Bravo Zulu to the WPD

Bravo Zulu to the WPD Traffic Unit! Nice work!