DAK Americas closing Navassa plant

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Submitted: Thu, 06/20/2013 - 3:27am
Updated: Thu, 06/20/2013 - 12:04pm

NAVASSA, NC (WWAY) — Six-hundred people will soon be out of work after a Brunswick County factory closes its doors.

Charlotte-based DAK Americas says it will close its plant in Navassa this fall. The company’s President and CEO Jorge Young made the announcement earlier this afternoon at a news conference in Wilmington.

He says the Cape Fear Manufacturing Site in Navassa will close at the end of September. That means hundreds of full-time and contract workers will be out of work.

The plant makes PET resin, polyester staple fiber and raw materials for the other two.

Young says today has been a very difficult day, but he says the employees handled the news very professionally.

“Closing the Cape Fear Site will strengthen our ability to supply those markets in a more cost competitive way,” Young said.

Young says the company has put between one-hundred and $100 and $150 million dollars into the plant over the past 12 years.

The company says employees will get a severance package.


  • James Lewis says:

    I wish that people would stop blaming President Obama for everything that happens. This was not President Obama’s decision to close this DAK Americas Plant near Navassa. It was clearly a business decision by the owners and management of DAK America.DAK Americas is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and is wholly owned by Alfa S.A.B. de C.V. of Monterrey, Mexico and if you see their website you would have known that this was coming. They have invested $350 million dollars in a new facility in Corpus Christi, Texas. Unfortunately they thought that being in Texas was more attractive to the bottom line, saving the company money and increasing profits.

  • Mr.T says:

    Any part of my statement incorrect? Or, are you just another Ignorant Republiturd with your head stuck firmly in the sand and completely oblivious to what is really happening? Also what you deserve can’t be printed. Please work on your grammar. Seems you can’t form a complete sentence. Go back to school! Maybe under the new Republican plan you could become the 40th student in a third grade classroom.

  • GuestV says:

    It’s obvious who the idiot is in this conversation. Mr. T responds to your claim with concrete evidence and all you can do is name-call.
    Must be great to walk around willingly oblivious to the obvious.

  • Mr.T says:

    Turnip truck did you just fall off of and hit your head? During the Obama administration the stock market has returned to record levels, your 401K has come back,dummy. Jobs have increased for 39 months in a row. The housing market is much better and the auto companies and banks have recovered. Can,t you remember that State Republicans defeated both Continental Tire and John Deer from locating here which would have made employment in Southeast NC much stronger by some 2000 jobs? Our area is becoming a retirement community. Keep voting Republican so we that work can look forward to waiting tables, taking out the garbage, and getting up range balls!

  • Guest Reply says:

    This “Best Retirement Community/Real Estate Op’s/Tourist Trap/Build it and They will come” plans for Wilmington were destined for falling through the cracks…weren’t they? Here’s why….
    A city with a poor infrastructure = Tumbleweeds
    The soon to be “Baby Boomer Dollars” will be a thing of the past, sooner than you think.
    It’s no wonder Brunswick County wants to hold on to Myrtle Beach ;-)



  • Deborah White says:

    Thanks again Obama Admininstration and Obama supporters. Like lambs being led to the slaughter…

  • guesty says:


    Oh, never mind, I just pushed it again.

  • omega says:

    The Mundy employees are the ones getting the real shaft here. They will not be “taken care of” or “helped” as much as the DAK workers will be. Trust me.

  • taxpayer says:


    Did you read what you typed…before hitting the “post comment” button at the bottom?


    Let’s see…it’s DAK, not DAC. What’s an “IDOITS”?…oh…you must have meant…”IDIOTS”. Look in the mirror Michael…me thinks you’ll see an “IDOIT”

  • tpm62 says:

    You really are a stupid libtard, that’s all response you deserve.

  • Vog46 says:

    Actually the employment picture is going to rapidly flip on employers very soon.
    Once the baby boomers retire completely an 80,000 number for job creation per month will suffice to keep employment full.
    The U.S. department of Labor saw this a decade ago. Pretty soon old folks will be actively recruited to drive trucks. Nurse will be asked (bribed) to stay on the job longer along with many other occupations.
    All because of a population shift.
    Look at Japan. They stopped having babies !! After years of trying the government succeeded in getting folks to understand the problems associated with population growth in such a small country.
    This year, for the first time ever, adult diapers outsold baby diapers in Japan.
    Think of the implications of that for a moment.
    Then think about our economy and what happened to birth rates AFTER the baby boom stopped…….we will be in the same boat relatively speaking.
    It will be fun to watch….

  • Vog46 says:

    “not allowing raises from his czars, etc. Actually he should be DEPORTED!!!”

    So since this is how you feel about President Obama
    One can only assume that since McCrory gave his appointees a huge pay increase in week 1 of his administration AND his budget is higher than Smiley’s LAST budget then you must be vehemently opposed to the Governor and his administration as well?

    (I won’t hold my breath for an answer)


  • Guest1966 says:

    It is time Obama made some fundamental changes and we HOPE it will work, like deporting illegals, putting criminals in prison, spending less money on his vacations, not allowing raises from his czars, etc. Actually he should be DEPORTED!!!

  • Guest7969 says:

    would have to be an absolute MORON to go work for Corning the way they hire and lay off…

  • Guest45 says:

    so are you comparing us to Japan???? They saw a problem with population explosion and dealt with it, we are still being flooded with illegal immigrants to the point it is pitiful, so how are we going to solve this and find employment for our legal citizens?

  • Vog46 says:

    “so are you comparing us to Japan”???
    From a numbers standpoint, yes I am. It’s no secret that if the economy creates over 80,000 jobs per month that within a couple of years labor shortages will become severe. There are already shortages in specific industries like truck driving etc…..The D.O.L. pointed this out years ago by the way.
    This will put upward pressure on wages and drive inflation higher.
    It will also make restrictions on immigration seem like a stupid idea as they could fill lower paying jobs along with agricultural jobs.
    Read the proposed immigration bill and you will see exceptions for farm workers etc etc etc. Why is that? Because Agri businesses have lobbied extensively to make sure they can get cheap labor from Mexico.


  • Guest6858 says:

    Problem is, Vog46, the baby boomers cannot afford to retire!

  • taxpayer says:

    “Navassa Mayor Eulis Willis said he had not heard about the news conference when we contacted him.

    “I hope it’s good news,” Willis said.”

    The Mayor must not be very in-tune with local news.

  • Leland Gal says:

    The plant is in Phoniex not Navassa. That may be why he did hear the news.. I’m not a fan of the Mayor of Navassa either.

  • Guest1111111 says:

    The mayor shouldnt be in office… He had a DWI last year and the reason why Navassa doenst have a Police dept anymore….. I honestly do not think he has a clue DAK Americas even existed in Navassa.

    My heart and prayers go out to the families of those employed at DAK.

  • Vog46 says:

    I think hey keep it open for 1 year.
    Don’t have a reason……its just a guess


  • jj says:

    Look you can’t talk bad about the Obama. He is on vacation at 100 million plus to the tax payer.

  • pinks says:

    Guess all the rumors heard was to find yourselves another job. Hope most of these employees like moving. As for others hope their retirement is longer than 2 days after they sign their paperwork cause some won’t live long enough to enjoy it after working for 38 to 42 years for one company.

  • Guest1971 says:

    Another huge layoff with no comparable jobs in the area for those now without jobs. This area does not want industry, our trade schools have turned into Junior College – no wonder we keep losing out on the big companies bringing good jobs to our area.

    GE knows they are the only game in town now- they will continue to hold us hostage for more tax breaks and will offer lower & lower starting pay ranges that people will jump on because that is all they can find. GE will continue to transfer in talent for the better paying jobs & not consider the locals who are qualified.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …and undesireable for manufacturing due to the lack of a transportation nework. No “spider” of highways for product distribution, never will be.

    We have GE, Verizon, Corning and PPD along with other smaller companies that reside in our local area. These companies will recruit the required talent where it can be found, not just because the person is local. We have UNCW and CFCC students to pull from, very limited selection, especially the UNCW portion.

    I’m not aware of any local companies holding anyone hostage. Most of them happen to pay very well IF you have the education, experience and skill-set required to meet their demands. If not, keep practicing, “Would you like paper or plastic, sir?” or “Would you like to supersize you meal, ma’am?”.

    Your obvious bitterness toward local employers can also be easily resolved by relocating to another area where you may be happier with your potential choices.

  • Vog46 says:

    That $350 maximum benefit, for 22 to 26 weeks, is going to go a long way to help these folks out……


  • Jason Davidson says:

    Not everyone at DAK will get a lucrative severance package. Some who have only been working as DAK employees will only get a few weeks pay. Others who are contractors working for the cut-rate Mundy Companies will get a box to put their things in. Most of them will have to bring their own box from home.

  • Guest2020 says:

    As much as I feel for these people, at least they have a job until September and they will get a severance package. My husband has no job come July 1 and no severance package due to Thom Goolsby and his cronies wanting to strip the court system and refusing to fund drug courts. And those drug addicts in the program be damned.

  • Guest2013 says:

    Guest2020 you are wrong!! ONLY the 300 DAK employees will receive a severance package! There are 300 employees also out there who are contracted thru Mundy who will NOT receive a severance of any type, no retirement or anything.

  • Guestvog48 says:

    Them people and all the movie people can just move to another state! Who cares? I got me mine and all my rich friends got theres! NO MORE TAX MONEY TO FAT CATS!

  • The Soothsayer says:

    Obama promised hope and change. This is the hope and change he promised!

  • Guest45 says:

    Have to agree 100%, we were promised HOPE and CHANGE, it’s just not kicked in full bore yet, when it does everyone will understand what was meant by I will “fundamentally” change this country.

  • Guestbrianhouck says:

    They should shutdown the film industry in wilmington. The film industry in wilmington only provides jobs for outsiders thatbare brougut in from other locations. Good riddens.

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