FIRST ON 3: Leland Police officer also under investigation for checkpoint shooting

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Submitted: Thu, 06/20/2013 - 7:39pm
Updated: Fri, 06/21/2013 - 12:34pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A Leland Police officer is also part of the investigation into a shooting at a DWI checkpoint Friday night.

The town put Ofc. Anthony Bernard on administrative leave with pay Monday.

Seven deputies from Brunswick and New Hanover counties are also part of the SBI probe.

Town manager David Hollis says he did not send out a news release about Bernard because the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office already had. He says he’s not sure why Bernard’s name has not been mentioned until now. The Sheriff’s Office says it never said anything about Bernard’s involvement until after he told his supervisors at LPD about it Monday.

Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram says the officers opened fire at a car that tried to drive away from the checkpoint on US 74/76 in Leland.

Two men in the car were injured. They face several charges, including assault with a deadly weapon.

Bernard has been with LPD for two years.


  • blackness says:

    ok I kno they say the two men didn’t stop at this check point but the po po could have found another way to stop them besides shooting them up. was it that serious. an the po po put others lives in danger so they should be charged as well. two people came forth saying they were in the middle an they saw how the po po shot up the car. so many, not all but a lot of po po feel they the police an they can do wat they want…… I hope those two guys get them a lawyer from out of town. they all work together in n.c..

  • PublicAvenger says:

    I know it’s impossible to even imagine. But wouldn’t it have been nice if these two thugs would’ve decided to obey the law, and not try to run over the cops, with their car.

  • Guest4396 says:

    I think everyone agrees that a motor vehicle is a deadly weapon when used as such. In certain situations, returning gunfire could be justified. In this case, based on the sketchy reports, I don’t think the police used sound judgement. Shooting at a fleeing vehicle, possibly injuring the driver so that he loses control of the vehicle and kills someone else is not a good idea. Firing a weapon where others might be hit by stray bullets is a worse idea. Unfortunately, too many of those who are paid to serve and protect seem to have the “oh boy, I get to shoot somebody” attitude. Common sense has taken a back seat to the macho needs and tendancies some of these officers possess. It is time to put professionals back in charge of enforcing laws, as they tend to think more with their brains than their gun. I am former LEO, so don’t tell me to join up and see what it is like out there. If you can’t think quickly, and rationally, find another line of work.

  • Guest123456 says:

    Ok former LEO…. You above all people should know that no Officer ever wants to have to pull the trigger. However, in order to protect themselves as well as the public, they did what they had to do. You should also know exactly how they felt. If the suspect showed such violence and disregaurd for a Law Enforcement Officer, then what do you think this suspect would do to a citizen? And since you think we have the “oh boy, I get to shoot somebody” attitude Officers, then how do we not have more Officer invovled shootings then we do? Its sad to see the public turning on our LEO like they do. I guess you will never appriciate an Officer until you need them.

  • Experienced says:

    Much of the information about this incident is sketchy at best,
    time will tell if all of the shooting during this encounter
    is/was justified.

    As an experienced (over 30 years) Law Enforcement Officer, one of the first things I was taught was:
    “If you have time to think, you don’t need to shoot”

    I have also learned over the years wait for all of the facts before
    passing judgement, so lets wait for the results of the investigation.

  • 123123Guest says:

    How is it that an officer who is involved in a shooting did not inform his supervisor until 2 days later. Oh it is Leland! !

  • Guest4396 says:

    Who needs trigger-happy officers in the first place? Please re-read my post, as well as the one above it.

  • Cop says:

    Leland need to wake up very unprofessional Dept.might be time for another FBI visit.

  • GuestBaloney says:

    How many more of these turkeys are going on paid vacations while the higher authorities figure this out????

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