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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Two people are recovering after a boating accident yesterday on the Northeast Cape Fear River.

The NC Wildlife Resources Commission says the couple, who’s names have not been released, were heading back toward the Castle Hayne boat access at about 35 mph when they hit a log. Ofc. Kristine Koch says the impact forced the engine into the boat, where it hit the man. Koch says he suffered severe lacerations to his arm. She says the woman suffered some bumps and scrapes. Koch says the boat was totaled.

Ofc. Koch said the accident serves as a reminder to boaters about the dangers present in the water. She says recent heavy rain has helped churn things up, which means more stuff floating in the river than usual.

Photo courtesy: Michael Milan

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3 Comments on "2 injured in boat accident on NE Cape Fear River"

2015 years 10 months ago

I surely hate to hear of your misfortune. I only hope your story will help with convincing people to slow down. The river is full of debris to include submerged logs, stumps, pilings and such. They are there every single day, not just high water days. Make no nevermind here though, the cause of your accident was your excessive speed in these known conditions, not excessive objects. Submerged objects have been flowing in the Cape Fear river for millions of years and will continue to.

The thing that most people forget is that speeding along at 35+ mph actually takes away from some of the greatest joys of boating, the peace, the serenity and the views. I’ve never understood what the big hurry was all about. Get your hull on plane and cruise.

I routinely encounter people with way to much money, too much horsepower and not an ounce of basic, common sense to operate a vessel on public waterways. They, for some odd reason think they have to run at full throttle all of the time, clueless of conditions AND at the rude neglect of other boaters. This is the very reason I never use my boat on holidays, it’s just too dangerous.

I hope for a prompt recovery for the both of you. Should you decide to try boating again in the future, please take the time to enjoy all of the associated wonders. There’s really no need to be in a hurry out there.

Kevin Bost
2015 years 10 months ago

I was the owner/operator of this boat.The report is pretty accurate. My left arm was severely injured when the engine came in the boat after striking the submered log that I never saw,& my fiance’ only saw it for a split second before impact.
I was air lifted to NHMRH then onto UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill.The surgeons tried saving the arm,but the damage and a persistent infection resulted in amputation of the arm.I was in UNCH for 1 month.My fiance’ never left my side,and was the reason I am recovering quicker than expected.She suffered a dislocated right shoulder as the engine struck her first in the back.Fortunately the prop did not make contact with her,for if it did,she would have been seriously injured or killed.
I have been boating on the river for several years,and have been boating since I was a child.I know the cause of this incident was due to the high river level,caused by the excessive rain we have received,causing excessive debris to be in the river.
We feel very fortunate that I only lost my arm.We both could have easily been killed.It will probably be a long time before I go boating again.I ask all boaters to exercise caution in the river.

2015 years 10 months ago

Star news posted this link on their website…. Maybe I should just click wwaytv3.com first next time :)


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