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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With the budget process behind them, New Hanover County Commissioners are moving forward on some big issues. They’re also changing the way they’ll let constituents know about the state of the county.

WWAY Political Editor Kevin Wuzzardo talked about that and Brian Berger’s amotion appeal with Commission Chair Woody White.

You can watch the State of the County presentations at 7 p.m. each night this week on NHC-TV. That’s on Time Warner Cable channel 13 and Charter channel 5.

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11 Comments on "Commission chair discusses county priorities, Berger appeal"

Rick Wilson
2015 years 10 months ago

To find out the truth about Woody White’s motives in circumventing the voters………follow the money. He spent over $130,000.00 to get elected to the County Commission. A NEW RECORD! The previous record was around $80,000.00. If Woody White had been successful in his illegal and ill conceived plot to remove Berger, he would get to hand pick another commissioner. As it stands now, we only have 4 commissioners, one which was not elected by the public. Why hasn’t anyone inquired of Mr. White whom he has in mind to replace Mr. Berger?

In the future, to eliminate the behavior Mr. White and his fellow violators of the electoral process have tried to pull off……. any opening on the commission should be filled by the person receiving the most votes in the previous election among the non winners. This should be regardless of party affiliation and would assure the majority of the people decide who represents them.

The biggest problems with Woody White……..he appears to be a puppet on a string controlled by others (follow the massive campaign contributions) and I think he believes he was elected to be a King, God, or Dictator instead of just a County Commissioner.

A few questions to ponder…….. if the Governor thought he was in peril from Brian Berger, why didn’t his security detail arrest him? Why didn’t any of the “terrified county employees” testify against Berger @ the Amotion Hearing? The liberties Woody White takes with other peoples rights are far more dangerous than anything Brian Berger has been accused of……….

Everyone in this State needs to lobby the legislature to pass a law allowing recall elections. This would keep the power in the hands of the people. It would eliminate power hungry trolls from trying to circumvent the electoral process…….a win for the people.

2015 years 10 months ago

perhaps Berger can file for an amotion proceeding against White. He certainly acted outside the authority he was granted when elected.

2015 years 10 months ago

It was politically expedient to address Brian Berger wasn’t it?
You had anti Berger people supposedly asking you guys to do something but he majority of the people sat quietly in the county going about their business, waiting for the opportunity to VOTE BERGER OUT OF OFFICE.
Yes of the people that may have called I’m not surprised that the majority wanted him out – he’s a controversial figure acting like a spoiled brat.
But Commissioner White? You did NOT listen to the majority because the majority of the voters were silent. They were waiting to wield the power of the vote that only THEY possess since there are no recall elections allowed here.
Kevin let you off the hook on that question and your “sleight of hand” using words meant to obfuscate the situation was not followed up on.
Yes some people got their dander up enough to call write or email good for them.

But the majority of us sat at home and watched, knowing we’d have our chance in the voting booth. You are attempting to usurp that chance.
I don’t know what is worse – Brians actions or your attempt to circumvent my right to vote. If this was an attempt to take my constitutional right to gun ownership perhaps there’d be armed insurrection in the county?
Yet usurping our right to vote Berger out was deemed allowable?
This makes YOU an over reaching government zealot who has no business trying to represent the majority of voters here.
You should be removed from office as well…….


slim shadey
2015 years 10 months ago

Berger, we can excuse the voters for electing him, because no one knew him.Woodie White, on the other hand had been trying to get a seat on the commission for over 20 years. You had 20 years to see what he was all about. You got what you deserve.This is the result of a backlash vote. Now live with it.Next cry will be for Thom, oh by the way is he Catholic or Messianic Jew.

2015 years 10 months ago

Given the time frame it is fiscally irresponsible for Brian to pursue this.
The voters can speak in the mean time.


2015 years 10 months ago

“We will obey the court’s ruling”. Anyone see a court date or appearance before the Superior Court Judge set? This will not end quickly.

Meanwhile, the County is obligated to continue paying him his monthly stipend as well as his other allowances such as car; and I believe they must maintain his health insurance.

Does anyone really think a Superior Court Judge will rule in the County’s favor and set a precedent for future commissions?

When he is back on the Commission dias, perhaps Mr. Berger will file for an amotion against White.

He may well have issues; he may not be acting in the County’s best interests.

White and Company laid out their case; and it does not appear they had any grounds for his removal. So go with the Big Bully approach.

It will be a laugh when he is sitting back up on the dias; and perhaps close votes are thrown out as they denied him his right to vote as he was elected to do.

2015 years 10 months ago

Tom, nothing you have said in this post may be logically challenged. Your reasoning is near to perfect. I’m curious to the extent that the same interests who bought Woody White’s position on the county commission wouldn’t already own a judge or two.

2015 years 10 months ago

BB has issues- but White’s comments and the actions of him Saint Dawson and nasty Wolfe are an affront to all of us. They were being challenged and went on attack. BB gave them ammo- but these folks are amomng the worst weasels we have ever had in office. No question BB should sue their butts off and those in county who appear to have lied and stone walled all of us on some of these made up issues.
Lets Convict White the Weasel before a trial- he did it to Berger lets do it to him. What else did White do during this whole process that he may not have made public–anything we should know about as concerned citizens. So right, Tom– Woody is a weasel!

2015 years 10 months ago

Who is White to lecture the rest of us on the rule of law or ethics. I am no fan of either Boseman or Berger but wasnt it Woody the Weasel(we all agree) who slimed her right before an election? Was it Woody the sleaze who convicted him after one jury acquited him and the other case hasn’t been tried. At long last does White have no decency left–based on White’s recent conduct and past history maybe not.
He may have pleased some of the old crowd here in town- but in the process shamed us all. Maybe the Gov really should loook into what goes on here

2015 years 10 months ago

Nice thing about life, you learn constantly along the way.

2015 years 10 months ago

Listening to Town Idiot Woody White prattle on about how “just because you are elected to an office doesn’t mean you own it” is the ultimate in ironical speech. Brian Berger, though a functional disaster, never acted as though he owned is office, nor abused it in that respect. White, on the other hand, made the decision to usurp current state law to remove a political adversary. Mr. White, YOU acted as dictator. It does not matter that you got some phone calls and emails of complaint about your fellow commissioner. It was not your role, your right or your place to remove an elected official, That is the job of we, the voters. I assure you if Mr. Berger were to run again, for any elected office, he would lose. Your claimed “expediency” is at the expense of responsibility and, frankly, your own integrity. I move that if the amotion process is upheld, we petition to remove Mr. Woody White by the same amotion process. Followed by Beth Dawson. Followed by Tom Wolfe.


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