FRIDAY: Downtown Sundown presents ‘The Breakfast Club’

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Submitted: Fri, 06/28/2013 - 11:59am
Updated: Wed, 08/28/2013 - 1:23pm

DOWNTOWN WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Join us Friday for the FREE Downtown Sundown Concert Series.

“The Breakfast Club,” America’s Favorite ’80s Tribute Band, will headline from 8 to 10 p.m.

Opening act, Gypsy Fire, will play from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. Half of the proceeds from wristband sales will benefit the Cape Fear Community College Alumni Association.

No pets or outside beverages permitted. Wristbands will be sold for $1 per person to those who wish to drink alcohol at the event. Beer/wine tickets available for $5 each.


  • Ted in Wilmie says:

    “America’s favorite 80s tribute band?” Heheh. The WayWay rides again to their unique perspective on things!

    By the way(way?) geniuses, 80s does not have an apostrophe. Call your college and apologize.

  • GrammarPolice69 says:

    Hey, Ted! Thanks for the comment! But for the record, the more egregious error, grammatically, is your mixing of metaphors. I quote your comment: “The WayWay rides again to their unique perspective on things!” It is quite literally – and, ya know, pretty much metaphorically – impossible to “ride” on a “perspective.” Maybe “give” or “share” their unique perspective. But “ride”? WTF? Rookie mistake, though: don’t feel bad.

    PS: Heard about yer baby lap-hog. Sorry, dood.

  • America's Favorite Guest says:

    This band is an incredible bore, and has been so for several years. The opening act is a snoozer, too. Covers and more covers…Year after year.

    Come on WDI, The bands you choose are unoriginal…Are you capable of an original thought/choice amongst yourselves?

  • Gypsy Fire says:

    Hey, thanks AFG! Glad you recognized/loved the Snoozers covers! They are definitely one of our biggest influences! Thanks for supporting local music/hangin’ in there!

    PS: Heard about your snoozin’ lap-hog: sorryboutcha.

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