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Police identify man killed in Carolina Beach Rd. crash


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police say a man is dead after his car and tractor-trailer crashed on Carolina Beach Road this morning.

Police have identified the driver as Frankie Eugene Williams, 37, of Raleigh. They say he died after he ran a stop sign from Wellington Ave. onto Carolina Beach Road around 8 a.m.

Witnesses say Williams's Mercedes went under the truck, and dragged the car about a block down the road, until the tractor-trailer stopped near Hardee's.

Investigators say Williams was involved in a hit and run in the area, and was trying to get away from the driver he hit when he crashed into the tractor-trailer.

Both southbound lanes of Carolina Beach Road were closed for a few hours as crews cleared the scene.

The investigation continues, but no charges have been filed.

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I don't know Mr. Williams

I don't know Mr. Williams personally but from all indications, yeah it's going to be the same one. Appears that hitting other peoples property and leaving is the thing he "use" to do!

The hit and run file

As the old adage says, Drive like hell and you will get there.

Just another thing to worry

Just another thing to worry about. My daughter is going for her driver's test tomorrow morning at the Carolina Beach Rd office. Sure hope there are no high speed chases at that time.


While my thoughts and prayers are with the criminal that died, I hope that the one chasing him is also brought to justice. Whether or not that driver was the prior hit and run he or she should not have been trying to take matters in their own hands and chase down this vehicle. We can only be thankful that only the criminal was the one that passed away and not innocent bystanders, such as the truck driver that was involved through no fault of his own.

How come nobody can rest in

How come nobody can rest in peace.nobody was there on this blog to clearly know what happened.the first thing people do is bring up a person past....are we god????so how can we judge.....because somebody got arrested before does not make them a career criminal....this man probably was a father and a husband and a brother or uncle......but i guess its fxxk his family because of his past...i guess everybody walking this earth is God with all the judgemen.....


If a person isn't running it would be a simple person following.

How fast the person in front is going is THEIR problem.

The person following is not the criminal here.


If he was involved in a hit and run and someone was chasing him he deserved everything he got.

R u serious

U do not know anything about my brother! He was
A minister of the gospel and he has left to grieve
A beautiful wife & kids, family and a host of friends.
I'm going to charge this comment to ur ignorance.
He was loved dearly and will be missed terribly.
We forgive you but you all must be mindful to the
Families when posting comments! So please allow
Us this time to grieve without your opinions and inconsiderate
Comments! I mean...Really!

Cherita Denning

This is very sad

I am sitting here reading all of the comments that you all are typing. Yes, it wasn't the best thing to do as far as a hit and run, BUT this man whom I know personally leaves behind a family, a church family, friends, co-workers etc. NO ONE has the right to pass judgement on anyway. We all have participated in less than safe behavior while driving (having music too loud, texting, talking on the phone, eating, drinking) this is very unfortunate. To the Sure Promise Christian Church Family, and to the Williams family we are praying for you! Minister Williams was a great example of what God is able to do when you put your trust in Him, he served his Pastor faithfully, and he loved his family. Cherita Denning, hang in there. To the rest of you people who have something negative to say, please remember that IT COULD HAVE BEEN YOU, OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBER.

maybe not

Well, the story says he was trying to get away from the other driver but that doesn't mean the other driver was chasing him. Could just mean that he was running from the scene of the accident.


whether he was a repo man or a victim of a hit and run,he endangered lives by going high speeds on wellington ave. i watched first hand how fast they were going. the hit and run victim HAD NO BUISNESS GOING THAT FAST!!


"Investigators say the victim was involved in a hit and run in the area, and was trying to get away from the driver he hit, when he crashed into the tractor-trailer."

Sounds like the purported "victim" brought this accident on himself, by engaging in a hit and run moments prior ... which hardly makes him a "victim," now does it? At least he didn't kill an innocent bystander. Now there is one less criminal on the street.

needs to be updated

From the story: "Investigators say the victim was involved in a hit and run in the area, and was trying to get away from the driver he hit, when he crashed into the tractor-trailer."

The word victim should be replaced with criminal since he was running from a hit and run.

not truckers fault

the car that crashed was being chased down wellington ave by a bmw. i heard from other observers that it was a repo man. they were both doing atleast 90mph but the mercedes didnt stop at the stop sign.

How can you repo a car in a

How can you repo a car in a BMW? According to this report, the driver that died was running from an accident that he caused. The BMW was either the other car involved in the hit-and-run, or a good samaritan trying to get the license plate and call it into the police. Chances are the BMW was the other vehicle, which explains the high speed chase. Either way, the world is a better place for being rid of someone who didn't think they need to be responsible for their actions or obligations. I feel sorry for that guys loved ones, but not at all for him.

I know for a fact that this

I know for a fact that this Mercedes was bought and paid for...if the repo man was chasing my was not to repossess his Mercedes...Let him who is without sin cast the first stone...God is a forgiving God...Thanks to those who are praying for his wife and his 4 children...siblinngs,father and other family members...The blood of Jesus will cover a multitude of sins...

God Bless

I would like to say to all of frankies family that I am truly sorry for your lost. It doesn't matter what other people say. It could have happened to anyone. Even the ones who are talking bad about him. But god will deal with them. I didn't know him but he was at my step mother in laws funeral. and he seemed like the good man that my father in law describe him as. God bless yall in this difficult time. Much Love

best comment yet

This one wraps it up. I've been here forever and have seen more hit-n-runs go unsolved.....
This one got solved. Own up to your actions people

It very rarely is the

It very rarely is the trucker's fault, statistically speaking. Which makes sense - they are professional drivers. That said, is it wrong for me to hope it was the repo-man? Maybe. What's a guy doing with both a Mercedes and a Beemer if he can't make payments?

YES it's wrong to hope it

YES it's wrong to hope it was the repo man! IF it was a repo man, he was literally just doing his job.

Not Worth It

If this is the case, this is really just so sad. It's just a car. It's not worth losing your life and endangering everyone around you. It is amazing to me how people don't treat driving with the respect to it's dangers it deserves. Be safe today everyone.

The report says the victim

The report says the victim had been involved in a hit and run. Maybe it was just fast-acting Karma.


Great thought. Sometimes the karma bus is replaced by an 18 wheeler.

I think we need to keep in

I think we need to keep in mind that unless we show mercy to others you surely cannot expect mercy to be shown to you. I dare say if this was your brother, husband, or son you would be looking for mercy to be shown to them and that these insensitive comments would most definitely add to your suffering. Please give grace to others that God shows to you every day you breathe.

I agree

Sometimes people think it can not happen in their own kitchen. No one deserves death. A family and host of friends are in mourning!

The Bible says that you

The Bible says that you shall reap what you sow. He "sowed" a hit and run and reaped an 18 wheeler.

Please know the bible before

Please know the bible before you try to quote's sad when you use the word for your own personal use

my friend

By reading these comments saddened me, because this was a dear friend of mine, who changed his life after he time for those crimes that some one posted, he was a church going guy, and those of you that's doing all the talking, u never know when a so called criminal might come to your rescue.

quick to judge

people are quick to judge in the matter everyone needs to shetup and show this family some respect that's greeving watch how u talk about folk and don't no the whole story because it will come back on u that goes for everybody that made a negative comment about this brother

You know there was a

You know there was a criminal on the cross next to Jesus, he went to heaven. I wonder would Jesus take the the people to heaven that are so doing all the bad talking just to hurt someone. People talk real big when they are safe in their homes. I think it makes them feel important in a sick kind of way. Did not know the man, but my prayers go out to his family.