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Wilmington man arrested for overnight murder near Leland


LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington man is in jail charged with a murder overnight near Leland.

The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office arrested Randy Lee Anderson, 24, of Thomas C. Jervay Loop in Wilmington, for the murder of Michael James Link, 23, of Sherwood Drive, in Leland.

Officers say they responded around 1:15 a.m. to a shooting in the Deerwood Meadows mobile home park off of Mt. Misery Road. When deputies arrived, they found Link dead just outside of the mobile home park.

Investigators say Leland Police caught Anderson later after spotting his car. Detectives say Anderson, along with two others, was meeting with Link for an illegal drug deal.

In addition to the murder charge, Anderson is also charged with possession of a stolen firearm, possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver marijuana and conspiracy to sell/deliver marijuana. He is in the Brunswick County Detention Facility with no bond.

Courtney Renee Bryant, 19, of Kuhlken Trail in Leland, has been charged with PWIMSD marijuana and conspiracy to sell/deliver marijuana. She is in jail under a $10,000 secured bond.

David Rashad Duncan, 22, of Kilarny Rd. in Wilmington, is charged with PWIMSD marijuana and conspiracy to sell/deliver marijuana. He is in jail under a $10,000 secured bond.

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You don't know how it happened, you don't know what happened, you don't know a lot about people even when you think you know everything. Randy was a loyal dude, he always did good by me this ain't have to happen this way I'm sure but it did and saying he a godless scum bag and hoping he burns in hell isn't very Godly in it of itself. Randy was a good dude not a cold blooded murderer. Only god can judge him not you people. I'm sorry for the family of Michael.

family should of helped

Man yall talk all that good bout Michael. . Yall dummies won't even consider what led to this. He owed a lot of money. And were we from you taking money is like slapping our mother in the face. I no my man was a dealer but we dont get silver spoons put in our mouths from day 1. If u want it we go get it. We dont think about no fam of his they shoulda paid his debt.. dummies yall coulda stopped it. Now i wonder the ppl that comment on this how many times did Michael ask yall for some money lol yall coulda stopped yo friend from gettin pushed back

"we dont get silver spoons put in our mouths "

No you don't. Most people don't.

You do get a pretty good chance of getting a decent free education though. You, like so many of you who make excuses for bad behavior, always seem to have one thing in common: None of you could even get close to passing a fourth grade English test. Because so many of you can barely read or write, you all spend your lives working in crappy jobs or worse. Then you blame the poor choices you've made on everybody else, just like you did here.

What's your excuse for that?

If you know so much, why are

If you know so much, why are you not giving your account of what took place?? Is it because your a coward? Maybe involved in illegal activities yourself? Maybe a CI for the police? You don't want to,"roll" on your buddy? What is it that makes you think in any way shape or form is it acceptable to take someone's life?? Are you a murderer as well who just hasn't been caught? What is ut? Who are you, and how do you have any connection to this?? Or are you a coward alsi who wont speak up for what's right? Probably some young punk that thinks their untouchable, but let me tell you something you ought to take serious, you are touchable and you as well breathe the same air and one day someone may take that from you as well so you might want to change your life around or your family may be burrying you one day! And

If you know so much, why

If you know so much, why wouldn't you say something more than money was owed. Who owed the money specifically? How much was owed?

Don't make a vague comment if you have no idea what you are talking about.

which way to turn

We found out yesterday that two of the individuals who at first were charged with knowingly and aiding to commit murder has been able to set bond and are among the general population in NC now. They have been seen out together as well. They were up to evil together the night Michael James Link was shot down in cold blood. I ask you NC, do you feel safe with the judgment call your local law enforcement has made?


It's not local law enforcement's call on this.
Try blaming the right party(s).
Laws are set by the legislature
Then blame the Judiciary for allowing them to post bond in accordance with the laws the Legislators passed.


So very sorry for your loss

I know exactly what your family is going through, My brother was murdered the exact same way. It is something that you will never understand why, it will never go away. It is so hard, so sad, my heart goes out to everyone that loved Michael. My family was reading all the post from people that would put ignorant things on line about my brother and they never knew him at all same as with Michael. Don't let people like that bother you, you know Michael and they didn't, people get on here and just be so stupid and can care less about the family. It got to where you just got to quit reading things because if not you couldn't go on. They caught these idiots that did this and they will get what is coming to them of course it isn't going to be what they deserve but it is out of our hands now, My heart has ached since I heard of this because I know the pain you are going through. I will keep your family in my prayer.

Michael James Link


Michael James Line

Today, I buried my only son, Michael James Link. I want to personally thank the people who where there by my son's side before he passed away. This gave me comfort to know he was not alone. Our family is grief stricken and sick to heart that he was murdered by a evil thoughtless no man of god. Michael never knew people like nor did he want to and rest assured he didn't know this no man of god has a evil murderous mind. Our lives will never be the same without Michael here among us. We hope and pray that Michael has the justice he deserves because each and everyone one of us who know Michael know he was shot in cold blood.

God Bless Michael

For those who want to judge or make harsh comments about someone dying, your definitely the type of people who need to be out of our society!! Michael was not a drug dealer, did not carry a gun, and did not hang out with "gang" members!! My family has been through more pain than you could even begin to imagine, and you really want to make clueless ignorant comments about his death? Or even better defend a cold blooded killer, Randy Anderson? I don't think so. I, my family, and Michael's friends knew the person he was. He was a wonderful kind hearted person who meant so much to many people! Like the one who posted about Karma, yes karma will come back to you for commenting horrible things about Michael! Also karma, no wait, GOD will deliver Justice for Michael and his family! Randy Anderson, will receive everything he deserves and more. I hope he is anguished with guilt every single day of his pathetic life for his horrific senseless actions.** Those who have been supportive thank you for your support during this very hard time. **Thank you to the couple who were by Michael's side in his last moments. May God Bless you for being there with him!** If you have nothing supportive or nice to say then keep it yourself!! Do not bad mouth someone you do not know, especially someone who never bad mouthed other's!! Please let my family grieve without the rude absurd comments. Michael will be forever in our hearts and prayers!! Rest in Peace Angel!!

How dare you people?

How can you people talk about this man in such a way?! This man lost his life in such a senseless, cruel way. My husband and I saw this tragedy unfold. This man was a stranger, but we did everything in our power to try to help him. As soon as we heard the shots, we ran out side, saw the animals who shot this soul down like a dog in our back yard drive off like cowards. It is such a tragedy Michael died, especially in this way. He did not die alone. He died in my arms, as I tried to keep him breathing and my husband was on the phone with dispatch. These people deserve to be in jail, they took a life, an innocent life that was full of so much potential. My whole heart hurts for Michaels loved ones; I didn't know him in life, but I spent his last moments with him, trying to save him. I still can't believe that this happened. These animals could have killed any person, any on of your sons or daughters or loved ones. They very easily could have killed my children. He did not deserve to die.

I know I am a little late,

I know I am a little late, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for Michael. I loved that boy like he was my own son since I met him 13 years ago. He had a heart of gold and it was taken away from him out of one act of evil! He nor anyone else deserves this fate. I thank you for being there for him in these last moments of his life. I wish more than anything that moment did not happen, however since it did it I am thankful that he saw some kindness from a neighbor right before he left us! Thank you!!

Thank you!

I was so relieved to know Michael didn't die alone. I met Michael through work, and spent a great deal of time with him. He was like a little brother to me, and we talked about a great many things. No, he didn't like guns, and yes, he had issues with his eyes. We use to joke with him about it...that's just how michael was. His service was this morning and the amount of family and friends that were there was just overwhelming. I hope the man that senselessly killed michael gets the maximum amount of time allowed. Thank you for doing all you could to help him, and for being there so he wasn't alone when he left this life.

Thank you

I get on here daily and read these comments and as I read yours and your husbands I cried. I immediately called his mom and told her she too needed to read it. No one told her that he wasn't alone. All we knew was someone identified the car. Mikey's mom is such a determined woman and its SO hard to see her defeated. We have a large family to wrap around her but that doesn't make it easier. Knowing things like this are the only way she could get through. Our whole family is in a state of shock even those of us who weren't as close to him as others. We are so glad that he gets to come home and be remembered for who is was rather than by what a murderer tells. Most of the people on here know nothing about him, maybe if they knew that he was blind in one eye and could barely see out of the other they would realize that he Probably NEVER even knew there was a gun pointed at him until the bullet hit him. Maybe if they knew that Mikey had such a loving heart and that he NEVER carried a firearm himself they would stop saying that eventually he would have killed someone himself. Maybe if they knew he had a very young brother they wouldn't post their hatred where others could see. I can't speak for his mother but I personally would love to hear every detail of what you know. Why didn't they tell us of you????? I don't know your names I don't know your ages I don't know wether you are black, white,Asian, etc. but I have great love in my heart for you both. Not only for being by his side but for having the courage to get on her and say the things you did. I hope God blesses you in bounds and bounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And by the way when I called his mom and told her she said..... "He sends me a sign everyday" :) thank you for bringing her a moments worth of peace.

Thank you for staying with

Thank you for staying with my brother as he moved from one life to another. You have provided me with some comfort in letting me know that my baby brother did not die alone. I hope that god blesses you immensely.

I am so sorry for your loss.

I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even express it. I only wish I could have done more; I wish the world wasn't so cruel. I've been contemplating trying to reach Michaels father to try and support your family as much as I can, but I don't want to intrude or come across disrespectful, I realize that everyone is still trying to come to terms and is still grieving.. I only wish to personally show my respect and help in any way I can, and to comfort as much as possible in such an awful situation. Would it be appropriate to contact him?

I was the first person to

I was the first person to his side right before he died and I while heartedly regret that I couldn't stop it before it happened, I looked into Michaels eyes right before he died and I know he was shoot down in cold blood. It was absolutely the single most selfish and stupid act. I hope randy gets the chair. Michael died in mine and my wife's arms as we tried to help him. Before all of you hood rats try and defend randy, let me ask you this, if he were such a good person why would he shoot someone in cold blood and leave the body for the worms? Anyone can pull a trigger, he had no respect for anyone and is getting no respect from society. To the family of Michael James Link, you have my condolences. I was there and seen everything happen but I couldn't do anything and I'm sorry hour that. He did have a peaceful death it was not agonizing and slow. He did not die alone. I did not know Michael personally, but I could tell he was just sometime trying to have a good time. Just with the wrong crowd. Now these people have to live with this on their conscience for the rest of their lives and I hope it eats their very soul. It was a senseless act and should've been avoided. Nobody deserves to be shoot down like a dog in the street.

Really?!? My cousin Michael

Really?!? My cousin Michael was a VERY good person he would take the shirt off of his back for ANYONE who needed it. This senseless act has caused my whole family such great pain! He was a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, an uncle, a brother in law, a loved one, and a GREAT friend. I don't think anyone realizes what randy has taken from us. Michael was such a loving, caring, compassionate person and for anyone to speak of him in any other manner is wrong. You guys might get to see your "friend" one day but we will never get Michael back. And to disrespect someone who has lost their life is rude, uncalled for, and just plain wrong. We lost a great person and please stop putting negative comments on here! None of you know him!!! He touched all of our hearts in so many ways. We will always remember and love him so very much. So have respect for our family if u have any manners at all that is.

This young boy is a person,

This young boy is a person, part of a family. No one deserves to be killed. I do hope the murderer receives no less than what is appropriate for his actions. RIP Michael. May God bless his family and help them find comfort.

Innocent until proven guilty

I wish everyone would take into consideration that Mike's family reads these comments. He has a mother and a father and brothers and sisters who are grieve stricken. Most of you on the other hand never even knew him, for if you had you would know he was not what he is presieved to be in these posts. Did you all not learn at an early age that you cannot believe everything you hear or read? If you would like to make comments how about doing some research? Innocent people are killed everyday and once your gone it's easy for others to make up "who" you were considering you are no longer around to defend yourself. Just stop and think, what if you ARE wrong? Would you have remorse for your words? The only people who know the truth are Mike, the people involved and God, so unless you are one of the three maybe you should just keep your opinions to yourselves!!

my son

my son was not involved with these people who killed him. he was with a so called friend who knew these people. he didn't know anyone there but neighbors. he was blind in one and and could barely see out of the other one and never drove anywhere to meet or get people. where is the person who left my son to die alone. look into it.

Love you, Mom. These people

Love you, Mom. These people didn't know Michael, and I am not letting their heartless comments hurt me. We know who he was, and we know his heart - it was absolutely golden. Our opinions matter; theirs don't. I'll be there Friday so we can lay our boy to rest and surround him with people who KNOW AND LOVE him one last time.

I have been lied to

What?!? I cannot believe it. A drug dealer with a "stolen gun". We have been told repeatedly by the anti-second amendment crowd that criminals just go down to the gun store and pick up a firearm. No background check, no permit, no nothing. Could they be mistaken or are they just self serving liberals who think everyone is foolish enough not to see through their tall tales? All the reforms outlined in all the proposed "gun violence" legislation would not have prevented this killing. Enforcing existing gun laws and mandatory active sentences for the possession and/or use of a firearm while committing a crime would send the message to crooks to get rid of the guns while you are doing your dastardly deeds.
You want proof? Look at the DWI stats as the punishments get more rigid and mandatory jail sentences are handed out.
You are not going to stop all shootings/killings. The best you can do is slow them down with sure, swift, severe punishments.

idc what any1 say... FREE MY

idc what any1 say... FREE MY DUDE RANDY!!!... he really is a good dude

my dude

That's what I'm saying if u know him u would love him he would give what he could loving father son brother especially a friend

Free Randy

Randy is a good good dude just a bad choice was made at the moment I know Michael had to do something to get wat he got not saying he deserved it

Wow?!? Good father son and

Wow?!? Good father son and friend huh? Was he thinking about his kid or family or friends when he killed Michael?!? Nope!!! This isn't just a mistake this is cold blooded murder!! Michael was the best person I know. He shot him twice and left him! What a good person huh?!? I truely hope he lives the rest of his pathetic life in guilt and hell. I have tried my hardest not to hate this man for what he has done but I can't do it. I had to say goodbye to someone who I thought of as a BROTHER who would literally help anyone anyway he possibly could. We, michaels family, will NEVER be able to see him again. I had to hear his sister say on 4th of July that it was too soon to hear loud noises tht sounded like gunshots! His mother sisters dad brothers or the rest of his HUGE family will never be the same. Randy may have took michaels voice from him but his family is his voice now and bet we will shout it LOUD and CLEAR got me???

You mean FRY.

You mean FRY.


They eat their own