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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Are you tired of car after car speeding through your neighborhood? It may become a thing of the past in Wilmington thanks to a new big brother type of technology.

The City of Wilmington has spent close to $40,000 on nine pieces of radar it hopes will make the streets a little safer.

“From time to time the folks in the neighborhood get a little excessive and take out mailboxes and trees,” said Jordan Barrett. “It’s pretty bad.”

After numerous complaints from residents the City of Wilmington decided to hit the brakes on this troubling trend by purchasing 7 digital radar signs and 2 stealth radar systems to measure traffic in certain areas of town.

“It’s less expensive to put a stealth unit in place and gather the data from different neighborhoods and then position the officer where the problem is at the time of day that the problem is,” said city spokesman Dylan Lee. “It’s really targeted at addressing the problem and to be as efficient as possible.”

Despite the $40,000 price tag residents say that it’s worth it because you can’t put a price on piece of mind.

“There’s a little girl that lives right across the street and she rides her little razor scooter all the time, and I worry about her,” said Evan Edwards. “There are a bunch of dogs in the area, I’m personally a dog owner, and I worry about them getting hit by the cars too. It’s crazy; something needs to happen for sure.”

The new radar systems purchased by the city are mobile and can easily be moved from neighborhood to neighborhood.

City spokesman Dylan Lee says you can expect to see them hit the streets in about six weeks.

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  • GuestUSMC

    Animal control should track down every owner of every stray dog found and unless the dog got free on its own, be fined a hefty amount. As for parents that would allow a little girl to ride a scooter in traffic, Social Services should re-home said child. Nobody wants to take any responsibility anymore. When something bad happens, it is always somebody elses fault.

  • IReckon

    So dogs are running loose, kids are on streets on powered scooters and that is not a contributing factor? Speeding is of course a problem and the reckless irresponsibility of parents allowing their children to play in such dangerous conditions. Mercy!

  • Mrs.B

    I would like some information as to how these devices work. What is the process? I think I can guess, but I would like to be more aware of the system and what I need to know as far as not being a part of the problem. I realize that simply not speeding is the obvious solution, but others may need to hear more, in order to decide how to respond to the driving conditions.and observations. Thanks.

  • Guest 1949

    You’re right Mr. Edwards; it’s crazy and something should be done. Why not start with making sure your dog is on a leash, and under your control when it is outside. That will go a LONG way to ensure he/she doesn’t get hit. That would be a GREAT way to do something!!!

  • Guest2231

    This would be fair IF the city didnt put blanket speed limits of 25 mph in a neighborhood. Maybe if they determined speed limits on roads like the state does, by measuring the speed and determinin the appropriate speed based off the 85th percentile. Or maybe if they would adopt policies for determining speeds in neighborhoods much like the cities of Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, or Winston Salem. Come one, 25 for every street? Sure hooker road wasn’t engineered for such a low limit, or park avenue. This is just ridiculous. A revenue generator in disguise

  • jj

    To start the Police needs to be fired and one hired that will put his officers out to enforce the laws. The can start on Carolina Beach Rd and write enough tickets that the BD of ED work never have to ask for money again.


  • Tracie C

    1. When the entire city realizes that police are HUMAN just like the rest of us, the unreal expectation that they can magically rid the city of any and all legal activity will disappear.
    2. WHY is it the police or the city’s fault that people speed?
    3. Each and every citizen could avoid worrying about said radar if they could simply stop whining about how unfair their life is and simply: OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT!
    4. If your dog is “in danger” of getting hit by a car, ask yourself why that dog’s safety isn’t more important to you.
    Be the solution, not part of the problem.

  • Guest2234

    the police are not the problem, the speed limit and the city is. they just go around and lower every speed limit on a road, regardless of how it is engineered. narrow, curvy street through a neighborhood and no sidewalks. 25 mph. wide street with large shoulder and sidewalk with occasional houses dotted along one side of the street? 25 mph.

    get real, many streets are designed to carry traffic at 40-45, but are now in the city. instead of lowering the speed limit to 35, it’s lowered to 25. how about make reasonable speed limits and strictly enforce them. i doubt these devices will make a dent in the problem, see as how almost every street that has been lowered to 25 is now a problem (created by the city traffic engineer)

  • Guest3333

    It is TAXATION BY CITATIONS. Learn to drive around the city to avoid doing business in the areas where red light camera and these speed traps are set. If they dont make money, they will go.

  • Government Mule

    Stay the hell out of the road. Duh. Yeah, and i’m taking them down and selling them on ebay… I could use 40 grand. I think we’ve all had about enough of this crap. And by all I mean all reasonable normal people. Many of you dullards should not be allowed to drive. You’re the problem.


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