Wilmington mayor running for re-election to serve fourth term

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Submitted: Wed, 06/26/2013 - 4:26am
Updated: Wed, 06/26/2013 - 12:48pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said Tuesday he plans to run for re-election this year.

Saffo said he is running again because there are several projects he wants to see completed.

He was appointed Mayor in July 2006 after former mayor Spence Broadhurst resigned. Since then Saffo has been re-elected in 2007, 2009 and 2011.

Saffo has spent the last 10 years in public service, serving the citizens of the city he says welcomed his family generations ago.

“It’s the quintessential immigrants dream,” Saffo said. “People came to this country for a better way of life and were able to find that life here in Wilmington and this community was very generous and very supportive.”

He wants to see several projects be completed including the hotel next to the Wilmington Convention Center.

“We feel that we are very close. Obviously I have my fingers crossed, and I know city council seems very optimistic about this,” Saffo said.

Saffo says being mayor means listening to the people even if they do not agree with you vision, as was the case last year over raising taxes to build a baseball stadium.

“The city council evaluated it and thought it was a pretty decent proposal. I personally liked it, but at the end of the day, the citizens were going to have to make that decision,” Saffo said.

“My vision for Wilmington is to continue to improve the quality of life here and continue to protect it, and to continue to look for ways that we can grow our economy and put people back to work,” Saffo said.

The candidate filing period begins on July 5. Election Day is Nov. 5.


  • Vog46 says:

    Mr. Mayor –
    This is what happens to cities that decide to build stadiums all starry eyed to attract sports teams :


    The one sided-ness of our deal was similar to this one that is proposed to keep the NHL there.
    For those who said it doesn’t happen? Well, it’s happening right now.

    This is why YOU should NOT be re-elected Mayor Saffo. You become star struck by every darned proposal that comes your way. You are all glitter and glamour but no substance.
    Fortunately the voters said emphatically “NO”. Sure some were just opposed to any spending but many of us researched this or had personal experiences with it – and we saw through the charade.
    You, council man O’Grady, and others did not.
    You also made the mistake known as the Convention Center.
    There is no way it can make a profit in time to off set the CC fund being empty.
    You Mayor Saffo, and other council members can no longer be trusted to do whats best financially for this city.
    The stadium and convention centers prove it

  • ChefnSurf says:

    At the time of my post there were twenty four posts in total and only ONE poster was in favor of $affo being re-elected.

    If $affo wasn’t so narcissistic, even he would be able to realize that someone’s trying to tell him something. He must be huffing his own hairspray.

  • Burgerboy says:

    Brian Burger should run for mayor!

  • Straight Shooter says:

    Most of the people that blindly voted this idiot now know it was a mistake and will not do it again!

  • Josh Fulton says:

    Good lord. If people care about their city, this man will not be re-elected.

    Every year there’s a bigger hole in their budget that they have to draw on bond money to fill it, or do whatever trick they do.

    Look guys, the convention center is losing $5M a year, roughly; there are under-funded liabilities in the “other post-employment benefits” program, totaling over $50M!! That’s right, over $50M!! That’s up from the mid-30’s just 2 years ago. This unfunded liability is going to keep escalating, logrithimically more than linearly, because they consistently under-fund their obligations.

    I’ve mentioned this on several occasions, but it’s never mentioned in the mainstream news, and the city council can simply get away with it as a consequence. However, anyone with any common sense who looks at the numbers for themselves can see that this city has only maybe another 8 years until excessive spending and the convention center and other post-employment benefits time bombs throw this city into bankruptcy!

  • truthseeker says:

    Remember who tried to ram the baseball park down our throats. Remember who intentionally disregarded the will of the people and was soundly defeated at the polls. The only quality Saffo improves is his personal pocketbook!

  • Guest111 says:

    I hope everyone remembers what Saffo has tried to pull. More importantly please talk this up to everyone. Remind them of what he pulled. Lets keep this in the media and open public discussion. If someone runs against him lets work hard to support that candidate. This is how Berger got elected, everyone wanted to see Bill Caster go and Berger took the election. I do advise that any candidate running be checked out, of course. Say NO to SAFFO.

  • Guest111 says:

    You must be his Dad. Sorry, vote no to Saffo.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Mayor Saffo has done a great job. It seems like ages ago, when Katherine Moore, and Harper Peterson, had control, and ruined a lot of things, and bullied people.

    The improvement started with Spence Broadhurst, and was passed on to Bill Saffo, who has done a great job, improving roads, bringing jobs,(controlled growth) and cutting waste. He has my vote.

  • taxpayer says:

    How do you call spending a couple of hundred thousand dollars on a ballpark studies “cutting waste”?

    It was nothing more than his and Council’s ego that precipitated this white elephant of an idea. Lord knows how much the Convention Center (an actual white elephant) costs of taxpayers each and every year.

  • Guest111 says:

    Mr. Saffo, I don’t think so. I am a bit surprised you are running again. Rick Meaks or Brian Berger could beat you in an election. People haven’t forgotten how underhanded you were in the ball park issue and you are one to play favorites. I do hope someone steps up to the plate and runs against you.

  • guesty says:

    If this fool is re-elected, that will prove we are a city of idiots led by idiots.

  • Guest111 says:

    Execellent sumation, Vog!

  • Guest333 says:

    Very good statement.

  • Guest452 says:

    Can we fire sterling, and rehire Mary gornto??

  • Vog46 says:

    I applaud your civic minded spirit.
    However, you must realize that the decisions you make (along with council) are not always going to be liked, nor are they going to be successful.
    The CC is a great example. In this endeavor the city took county tax monies (room occupancy taxes) and used them to pay for it. It has had little success in drawing national conventions to it. With few exceptions the events at the CC more akin to local meetings – meaning no increase in ROTs. This is a loser for the county for sure. What they gave up was monies that COULD pay for beach sand pumping. This was a short sighted decision by council.
    You personally “liked” the ballpark? Thought the presentation was a good one? This tells me that a snake oil salesman could have a field day absconding with city funds because you were unable to put aside personal feelings or were too blinded by ” a ball park” to realistically assess the situation. The ONLY part of that decision that you got right was letting the voters decide. Left to you the city would have entered into an agreement with Mandalay which would now be moot with them being up for sale. You should be THANKFUL the voters rejected the deal in retrospect.
    Then there’s River Walk. A great idea put forward by people with vision about what is aesthetically pleasing to city dwellers. Nothing beats a stroll along the waterfront on a strong level surface. The problem is that this type of structure requires huge maintenance investments each and every year. When you began to realize the numbers were big you made a laughable attempt at stealing even more county money by asking them to change the beach renourishment fund to the waterfront renewal fund so the city could tap into it. This again is robbing the county to pay for your malfeasance.
    I’m sorry Mr Mayor but given you propensity for spending other peoples money and your inability to see through a sales pitch I have no recourse but to not vote for you. I would hope your opponent at the very least is a straight shooter and questions everything.
    The city deserves nothing less.


  • taxpayer says:

    I concur.

  • Guest Taxpayer II says:

    Not another term. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    Maybe Brian Berger will run against him.

    Wilmington Observer

  • taxpayer says:

    Maybe this time around, IF you’re re-elected…you’ll bring the Summer Olympics to town…or some other “economic powerhouse”.

    Hopefully, another candidate will step up and run for Mayor. One certainty though…the real estate community still “owns” you.

  • GuestMan. says:

    Please, please, someone run against this man. If you are tired of our city being run by realtors and bankers find someone to run against this man other than Justin LaNassa. Don’t forget the convention center, no hotel to go with it, the ballpark to help bail the council’s buddy, raising taxes and cutting services.
    It is time for him to go before he does more harm.

  • beach guy says:

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…. something for the voters in Wilmington to think about

  • GuestToday says:

    Who died and made you God of all things Wilmington? Your posts are getting just a bit tiresome . . .

  • guesty says:

    Or just fire Cheatham and replace him with a rock. Same intelligence level.

  • Vog46 says:

    Is not as bad as I thought he would be. He seems to have a good grasp on city operations.
    Do I think Mary Gornto would be better? Its a tough choice and each has their strong points so either suits me just fine.
    Sterling seemed to support the ball park which is cause for concern but not a deal breaker in and of itself…..


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