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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — If you suffer from ornithoscelidaphobia, you might want to avoid the Wilmington Convention Center this weekend. That’s the fear of dinosaurs.

Those who are not afraid may enjoy Discover the Dinosaurs. The traveling, interactive exhibit runs tomorrow through sunday.

Children and parents alike can see museum quality, moving dinosaurs in life-like scenes.

“It’s definitely not your normal exhibit,” assistant manager Taylor Hughes said. “Were you just to sit there and watch, it’s not a theatrical thing. It’s an interactive exhibit. We have buttons you can move or press to control different parts of the dinosaurs, buttons you can press to activate them. They move, they roar, they look like they’re alive.”

Beyond the exhibit, additional fun activities are available for kids of all ages such as scavenger hunts and dino digs.

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3 Comments on "Dinosaurs live again this weekend at Convention Center"

2015 years 10 months ago

3 days of fake dinosaurs?
This is the BEST you can do?
Discover the Dinosaurs has a facebook page with 11,000 like nationwide.
Or 220 per state
220/3 equals 70 per day for our show here.
Tregemo zoo gets more attention than that.
I hope there’s more parking available.
the picture with this story however did remind me of the City council.


2015 years 10 months ago

Is this the best you can do? That is a good question. It probably is the best that Saffo’s Convention Center can do. On the weekends when most convention centers are busy, Saffo’s Convention Center sets empty week after week. Wilmington watch out Saffo is running for mayor again and says he still wants to build a hotel for his convention center. Will the City build a hotel under him for a convention center that has no one going to it. Get this guy out.

2015 years 10 months ago

Yep … jus don’t get better’n that! Specially if’n I can drink up a couple a them Old Milwaukee beers when I’m doing it.

By “scavenger” you referring to them Convention Center sales folks right? We spotted one or two a them just as they was running out a the building!

Too bad about that Dino Dig getting cancelled an all. Turns out ya go down more than a couple inches when digging an all a that ground under that floor’s polluted real bad! Gotta be grateful to them folks for stopping us from digging for them dinos cause it might a poisoned our Old Milwaukees!

Coming back to the big city real soon for another one a them conventions. Afraid it was gonna be real crowded in a big city convention an all, but it weren’t crowded hardly at all!


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