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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Pender County Board of Commissioners met Wednesday to talk about the proposed Pender County EMS fire department mergers.

Wednesday nights meeting was at times heated, but by the end of the night the Pender County Board of Commissioners voted and the merger passed.

Pender County EMS Director Woody Sullivan has been working for several months on a plan to unite the multiple fire departments within the county.

“I think tonight was a good meeting. There was some good exchange between us and the county to come up with what I feel like is a really good conclusion to move forward with this merger and consolidation,” said Sullivan.

Sloop Point Fire Department, Long Creek Fire Department, Hampstead Volunteer Fire Department and Scotts Hill Fire District are now under the umbrella of Pender EMS.

The Chairman of the Pender County Commissioners says this a move that should have happened a long time ago.

“You get a lot of complaints from the community about the fire departments and because the fire departments are their own entity they have their own board,” said George Brown.

Several of the residents who were at Wednesday’s meeting said the county and the commissioners did not do enough to get the word out about the meeting and the merger.

“I wish the commissioners did not have a deadline,” said Al Freimark who lives in Hampstead. “It would have been nice for them to postpone the vote until their homework was done and presented to the people.”

The new organization will be called Pender EMS and Fire Incorporated.

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3 Comments on "Pender County Board approves fire department mergers"

2015 years 10 months ago

Ok…this has got to be the biggest, self-serving, narcissistic, poorly conceived idea I’ve ever heard of…BUT IT’S PENDER COUNTY!!! Go Figure.
Let’s look at what we have here…there are many reasons and opinions…here are but a few (and the best part is; IT’S ABOUT 99.9% Factual (that means its correct for those of you don’t know what factual means) Here are the facts!

(1) a number of volunteer fire departments who can’t grasp the concept of financial management (ie. Hampstead, Surf City Volunteer, etc.) Really?!! You really do want to be a real fire department like New Hanover County and Wilmington. They’re real departments; not wannabees…well like y’all.

(2) Preferential hiring practices -That’s right…you will only hire those persons who already are vollies in your departments because they’re already YES PEOPLE. Because you’re not a public-managed department, you don’t have to comply with fair hiring practices and yet, you’re gonna be receiving TAXPAYER DOLLARS to fund this endeavor.

(3) This is an opinion, but an accurate one; a good source tells me that several people hired by this merry band of idiots come from other real fire departments in the area; namely New Hanover County, Sunny Point Military Ocean Terminal Fire, and rumors say Wilmington Fire. Its been confirmed that New Hanover Fire Rescue is losing (3). My source tells me that it’s no great loss for at least 2 of the three. The third however does have some great skills within New Hanover Fire that can be replaced, but it will take a little time. Other than that, 1 of the remaining 2 from NHCFR is pretty worthless as a member of their rescue company, always complaining, “stirring the pot”, stabbing people in the back, talking about how bad everything is at New Hanover (btw…it’s not) and just has a really bad attitude all around. This constant complainer is gonna be one of the new “company officers” ie. a LIEutenant at Pender County Fire Rescue, INCORPORATED. Wow Woody; sounds like you got yourself a real winner in this guy. My source tells me; no worries, its no great loss to NHC FIRE. The other was just recently hired as an apparatus operator knowing full well he was leaving to take this job. You gotta love loyalty and yes, he’s worthless too. Supposedly it’s a good thing he’s leaving; worthless too. As for the one from Sunny Point (he’s a former New Hanover County guy too), he’s going for the title; YEP…he was a “deadend guy” at NHC Fire and apparently, he didn’t like making the big-coin at Sunny Point Fire so he’s taking a pay cut to be a “Battalion Chief”. How was he selected as the most qualified? OH….he wasn’t! He was a deputy chief at Hampstead FD…lets just give him the position. What a joke? My source tells me he couldn’t cut it NHC Fire and decided to apply for Sunny Point BEFORE they terminated him. He got lucky, but is still screwing everything up and screwing everybody. No one in New Hanover respects him, so they won’t be calling him Chief. He doesn’t deserve it.

I really feel sorry for the residents and taxpayers of Pender County. You’re footing the bill for building a fire department that doesn’t protect but a small portion of your county. The Pender County Commissioners should be ashamed. Don’t boast that you’ve created a “professional-paid career department” YOU DIDN’T! You just handed the vollies and your PENDER EMS, INC. the keys to the castle. Good Luck with that. We’ll all be watching from down the road while you all have a great time. Enjoy! Cha-Ching!!!!

pender co resident
2015 years 10 months ago

Now then, just to start off by showing you where you are wrong, Surf CIty has not merged with Pender EMS and fire, theres strike 1. Number 2 is they start out hiring inside the company, and after all CERTIFIED AND QUALIFIED people are gone from that pool, they will be hired from the outside, so it will not be a “hey bud”, hiring process, Strike 2. And as for your accreditation of our personell, the “chief” in question decided that he wanted to move into the county and protect where lives, i can respect that, also if you hadent heard, they are getting a pay cut thanks to Mr. gloriaus prez. And how about the binder ful of certifications he holds. The other personell from New Hanover County, they are all very good at what they do, and would have not been hired if they were not qualified to do what they were hired to do, thet is strike 3, you are out sir.

Beach Bum
2015 years 10 months ago

Once again, civilian populous looses out. Just like in Oak Island, NC, paramedics playing firemen.

Glad I no longer live in PDA or BWC.


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