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Bert and Ernie cuddle over Supreme Court ruling


NEW YORK (ABC NEWS) -- The New Yorker magazine is celebrating the Supreme Court’s landmark marriage equality decisions by unveiling a cover featuring "Sesame Street's" Bert and Ernie.

On the cover of next week's issue of the magazine, the "Sesame Street" characters are drawn cozily sitting together in front of a TV with Bert’s arm around Ernie, and Ernie leaning on his shoulder. The TV shows an image of the Supreme Court justices in their black robes.

The artist behind the cover, called "Moment of Joy," is Jack Hunter. He originally submitted the unsolicited image to a Tumblr page, according to the New Yorker’s website.

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Bert & Ernie May Be Cuddling...

...but it's Barney who's got the gleam in his eye. Time to come out of the closet Barney!

republicans are like snakes

republicans are like snakes only good ones are the dead ones too bad they not like good snakes , it made this a better world . i pray to god they send them to hell.


You sound like a really good Christian and that must be some God you worship.

Ok, we get it already !

All republicans must die! Bla, bla, bla. If that's all you have to say why not give it a rest already. You're starting to sound like a mentally challenged one-trick-pony.

The liberals next move to

The liberals next move to get society to accept more perversion.

Just looking at that cover gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Oh course that just may be attributable to the fact that they're constructed of soft fuzzy fabric and there's a hand stuck up inside of each of them just like in a mitten.

Love it!

Hooray! It's a beautiful world!

At last gays are being fully integrated into our society. They have been hated outcasts for too long. I celebrate the Supreme Court's decision, and I am sorry that some people still harbor such intense hatred.

I look forward to the day where sexuality is more fluid, and labels such as gay and straight are less important, less restrictive.

Don't "Hooray" too much!

Gays may be being "integrated" into society as you put it, but that doesn't have anything to do with acceptance, agreement or approval. The 5 person supreme court simply overrode the feelings and opinions of millions of American citizens that had already and overwhelmingly cast "official and counted votes" to decry their opinion (Yep...even in CA., the land of Fruits and Nuts!).

Why is it that gays always call out "intense hatred" and "homophobia" on the behalf of heterosexuals simply because they happen to disagree with your sexual lifestyle? They just don't agree. There is no middle ground for you people and you do your cause an injustice by citing such exxagerated emotion by heterosexuals. Personally, I don't give a damn what you do, but you attempt to force it on me and you're going to have a serious problem. I don't agree with you and never will. That's my ideals, that my choice and that's my dicision. If you have to call me names over it, you have much more than being gay to overcome.

You state, "I look forward to the day where sexuality is more fluid..." For many of us, we wonder where this "fluid sexuality" crap stops. How long before the pedophiles, molesters and rapists begin demanding their "rights"?

Now now G-o-m

First, many "polls" indicate that the gay lifestyle is more acceptable to the majority of Americans but this ruling didn't do anything to make it more lawful.
It just meant that married gay couples enjoy the same rights as married heterosexual couples do.
Pedophiles are criminals
Rapists are criminals
Molesters are criminals and as such, all have no rights upon conviction.
Is it intense hatred? Or homophobia?
The same could have been said for blacks and civil rights? How many scare stories were told that started with "If your white kids were in the same class as blacks....?"
Seems like those stories never came true did they?
The same holds true I believe, for homosexuals. It's way past the time to end discrimination against them.
Is it for me? No. Is it for you? Apparently not.
But Americans, by a large margin, are an accepting, and forgiving people. We are "tolerant" of many people for many reasons - mainly because being tolerant was what this country was founded on.
The Statue of Liberty's sign does NOT say "give me your sick and your tired (but keep your gays and blacks to yourself)."
I learned in the early 60s in Vietnam that the guy with the gun who had your back - really had your back - was trusted regardless of whether he was black, Jewish, gay, Polish, or from Poughkeepsie !!(later I learned women were included in this group too after seeing some female VC fighting).
Those lawbreakers you mentioned are just that, lawbreakers.
But the Supremes "ruled it rightly" even though I may personally disagree with the lifestyle.


The Supreme Court got it wrong

Their ruling was based upon the assumption than any laws passed that banned gay marriage were based exclusively upon the assumption that the general populace simply wanted to discriminate against gays. The real truth was that the overwhelming majority of those who voted just thought is was wrong.

The Court also got it very, very wrong by ruling that the judicial branch of our government trumps the authority of the other two branches. If virtually any piece of legislature can be overturned by the judicial branch or our government our entire system of checks and balances has been freakishly mutated.

Wrong and wrong!


The supremes don't rule on assumptions and polls.
Thy compare laws against our Constitution and interpret accordingly.
This is EXACTLY how our government is supposed to work.



Can't quite figure out why you posted your reply to my specific post. If you're inferring I'm anti-gay, you couldn't be more wrong. My post was just simple humor. If that ticks you off, too phreakin bad. Nothing is so special that it can't be poked fun at. That includes Bert and Ernie. Helloooooo ..... They're hand puppets!

Keep posting stupid stuff like this and I personally guarantee you that I'll soon be poking fun of your pathetic little persona as well.

So What

Who cares what that liberal rag of a magazine does. Bert and Ernie are now a great example of the moral decline of this country. Now the gayest dolls going to puppet hell!

Statler and Waldorf

You always see those two together,That conservative act is just a front for their secret gay agenda. They probably dance with their hands above their head and shop at Pier One. A very suspicious pair if you ask me...