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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Six pit bulls Wilmington Police found at an empty house a week ago may soon be reunited with their owner.

A spokesman for New Hanover County Animal Services says the owner has been in contact with Animal Services. He says the woman is currently making arrangements to try and get the dogs back.

Because they are pit bulls, the animals cannot be adopted out and would have to be put down if not returned to their owner.

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12 Comments on "Rescued pit bulls may return to owner"

2015 years 8 months ago

The breed is not the problem, ignorance is. New Hanover Animal Services needs to change their policies. There are many responsible pit bull owners out there who would be happy to give these dogs a loving home.

2015 years 8 months ago

” New Hanover Animal Services needs to change their policies.”
Nope – NH County needs to change their laws.
Animal services can only follow the law or policy set by someone else.

I agree, most Pitts are loving animals, depending upon how they were raised.
The evaluation into their character is the key to offering Pitts up for adoption.


Debbie Bell
2015 years 8 months ago

While many who meet the affectionate, beautiful, outgoing pit bulls do fall in love, this doesn’t change the fact that pits have been and ARE the choice of essentially ALL USA dog fighters because they are the best. Normal dogs simply do not attack and kill well. So normal dogs traits changed to have the mutant fighting dog ability and instincts.

While not all pits will act on their heritage/instincts, you won’t know until its too late as “good” pits
attack without warning first
attack without reason
attack without being angry
attack without trying to avoid a confrontation
Good pits do not stop even when the other totally submits (with normal dogs the fight ends when one “says uncle” often without severe injury)
Good pits do not stop attacking even if suffering severe personal injury. Kick a border collie mix who bites your ankle and he retreats. Stab a pit bull several times and he doesn’t let go of the child’s arm until the pit bleeds out.

While these traits are required to enable pits to win dog fights, these also make pits disproportionately dangerous dogs. It is impossible to accurately temperament tests dogs who do not show intent. It means that the friendly dog who wags up to you smiling may suddenly continue to bite, tug, crush and not stop.

Add the fact that pits were bred for tenacity, “gameness” the drive to continue no matter what. This means that a fence or door that would stop a normal dog might not stop the pit bull intent on gaining entry to kill the victim dog.

Normal dogs give warning before attacking, because strong self preservation instincts make they want to avoid a fight. Good pits want to fight, so when instinct bubbles up in their pit bull brain, they can go from happy kissy-faced to tugging, crushing, shaking something to death. Incidentally, the 8 year old pit, who was KNOWN as a good family member, suddenly felt the urge to tug his 2 year old child to death, was named “Kissy Face”. For 8 years he was a family member, until suddenly he went “pit bull”. (Google Beau Rutledge)

Spend some time on a pit bull forum/chat room. Ask those pit fanciers/breeders if they are trying to breed away from dog aggression. They respond with a resounding “NO”, as dog aggression is what makes a pit a pit. If an otherwise social creature (dogs) can be so mutated to instinctively attack and kill their own FOR NO REASON AT ALL, as pits have been, no other species is safe.

2015 years 8 months ago

Here! Here! I wholeheartedly agree!

2015 years 8 months ago

You are an absolute idiot.

Animals, like people, are a product of their environment. Obviously if a person is kept under a rock, such as yourself, they become narrow-minded and make ridiculous statements like you did.

Just because a dog is a pit bull does NOT mean it is a dangerous animal that deserves only death. It’s merely your delusional opinion. Had you seen the conditions those poor creatures were living, I’d like to think you would have make a more intelligent and compassionate statement. The fact that they may be returned to the “owner” who LITERALLY left them for dead is absolutely unconscionable (yes, I know it’s a big word…look it up). A society is judged by how it treats the traditionally weaker elements of itself…elderly, children, animals, etc.

Additionally, Animal Services is legally bound to not return dangerous animals into society. They obviously do not believe dogs are dangerous if they consider putting them back into society.

Everything about you, “renoGuest”, is what’s wrong with society today. You make ridiculous statements based on a warped version of truth, and you accept what you read in a soundbyte as gospel.

Please…either climb out from under your mushroom and attempt to contribute something worthwhile to society, or go back to I’m guessing Reno. Your ignorance is neither wanted nor needed here.

2015 years 8 months ago

So, because they are alone in a house they are a danger? I think your logic is flawed.

2015 years 8 months ago

Lets see pit bulls found in empty house….danger to public….put them down. The end.

Guest (pitbull owner)
2015 years 8 months ago

That is not right, those dogs deserve a fair chance with a responsible and caring owner.

2015 years 8 months ago

Pit bulls are judged by their looks and by their owner’s bad training, but people shouldn’t judge them so harshly. The molossi tribe a group of people who lived in ancient Greece and liked the use of muscular dogs in battle. They were used cause of their fearless and for their ability to intimidate the enemies of the other tribe. When the Normans invaded England in 1066, they created a new sport called bull baiting. The sport of bull bating came from butchers who kept dogs to control the unruly bulls as they are herded to be marketed as slaughter (“Truth About Pit Bulls”).
Pit Bulls stand from 18 to 24 inches and weighs anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds. They are muscular and solidly built and are very powerful for their medium size. The wedge shaped head is large, but not massive, and in proportion with the rest of the body. There are slight wrinkles present on the forehead. The single coat is short and lays close to the body. They may come in any color of the canine rainbow and they may be solid colored or have patches of color. Their eyes may also be any color, except blue, as long as it complements the coat coloring. The ears are either cropped or left natural and can be rose shaped or semi-prick. The short tail is tapered.

Pit bulls are very active and hyper dogs. They love children don’t mean for breakfast. Sturdy, energetic, and tolerant dogs. They do very well with kids because of it. Pit bulls are very friendly with strangers. They will meet with a wagging tail and a nuzzle. Pit bulls always like to please their owners because they want to be praised. They love our attention and approval and they like to be interactive with people. (“10 Reasons”).
People say that Pit bulls are fun and loving dogs. They were used to be known as American heroes during world war one. The pit bull was known as good nanny dogs until the media made them look like killing machines ( “Nanny Dogs”). Many pit bulls live in peaceful with cats and dogs. Drala the pit bull lives in a house with kittens and is scared of them, and often runs from them (“Myth vs. Fact”). Make sure the pit bull is raised to be clam and submissive and friendly.
They should be socialized in a positive way at an early age. Use positive enforcement to correct the pit bull if he does something wrong (“Training Your Pit Bull”).

Elizabeth Wilson
2015 years 8 months ago


2015 years 8 months ago

Forget the fact that these dogs are pit bulls. Leaving them in an abandoned house should revoke any ownership claims forever unless, as usual, the press has omitted certain “unimportant facts” such as whether they were being fed and watered as well as being kept out of the sun and heat.

Guest 2
2015 years 8 months ago

1. Pitt Bulls were tested to be in the top 4 most stable breeds.
2. There are more Pitt Bull attacks b/c of the sheer number of pitt bulls out there. The percentage of attacks is a lot lower than most breeds.
3. My cousin was viciously attacked by a “friendly” breed and needed several surgeries over 10 years to his face.
4. Most reports of attacks don’t tell the situation and what led the attack.
5. Pitt bulls that were trained for fighting were put down if they attacked the human. Human aggression IS NOT a typical trait.
6. You reap what you sow.
7. The majority of people working in the dog industry are unable to correctly identify pitts as several breeds have similar characteristics.
8. Research what a pitt goes through to be trained to fight. Think about how long they resist – even through torture, beatings, starving, etc. before they actually fight.
9. It is the media creating opinions out there. If a person is killed by a non-pitt it is hardly ever covered. If they think the dog looks close enough to a pitt/mix, the story goes crazy b/c IT SELLS!
10. In the 1800s, pitts were nicknamed the nanny dogs b/c of their stable nature.
11. The most decorated dogs in WWII was a pitt.
12. We can find good and bad in all dogs. Some of humans are born with horrible and unstable temperaments – dogs are the same.
13. My first foster was a pitt. I was afraid to have her for a few weeks even at 8 pounds. I went online and did research. I cried that night looking at images and learning how much these dogs need to go through to get them to fight back. We fostered that baby girl and it has been two years. She is the loving dog, calm and patient around tons of kids and to everyone she meets. She is the socialite of doggie daycare (goes a few times a month).
14. Ask professional invisible fence-like companies. The dogs that need additional assistance after getting the shock correction are pitts. This is because they are so sensitive that they won’t go back out in the yard.


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