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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The Wrightsville Beach Aldermen held a public hearing Thursday night on the de-annexation proposal.

The owner of the Galleria shopping center wants Wrightsville Beach to de-annex the property so it can be turned into a possible mixed-use development. The Galleria on Wrightsville Ave. is one of the few properties west of the Intracoastal Waterway annexed by Wrightsville Beach.

“The board decided not to support de-annexation,” said Wrightsville Beach Mayor David Cignotti.

State Street Company out of Charlotte wants to purchase the property and build apartments and retail stores.

“I think most of the citizens and the board feel like that property is a part of Wrightsville Beach. We are willing to work with the owner,” said Cignotti.

Wilmington City Council will hold a special meeting Friday to vote on a resolution supporting the annexation of a Wrightsville Beach shopping center into the Port City.

Friday’s Wilmington City Council special meeting is at City Hall 11 a.m.

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  • ChefnSurf

    One would have to assume that there was some sort of revenue incentive that motivated WB to annex the Galleria in the first place. If there wasn’t a revenue incentive, Wilmington wouldn’t even be remotely interested in trying to annex it now. So far, I have yet to read of any quid pro quo proffer by Wilmington to accommodate WB for the potential loss of a revenue stream. Based on that, it would make zero sense for WB to OK this.

    On another note: The Galleria is the only part of WB I actually still feel comfortable going to. Unlike the rest of WB, it doesn’t have a Storm-Trooper-License-Plate-Scanning-Background-Checking-System in place at the present time. Perhaps they just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  • ChefnSurf

    … said Wilmington City Manager Sterling Cheatham.

    Translation: Oh boy! Now we can get our hands on some spending money and all we have to do is let some developer increase the density of another neighborhood for his own personal profit!

    If the city does get some dough out of this deal, I hope $affo and cronies have enough common sense to at least set some of it aside for that now deteriorating bulkhead they apparently thought would last for about a thousand years.

  • guesty

    $affo & cronies having common sense. I just spewed beverage on my screen.

  • Guest1492

    Swap: to make an exchange.

    So what was exchanged?

  • Guestwho

    What do you want, details? C’mon this is WWAY.

  • Guest2234

    Most of the citizens and the board feel like its part of wrightsville beach? I highly doubt most of them even knew it was in wrightsville beach town limits. Nice one cignotti.

  • Guest of the Week

    He only “thinks” that the citizens feel that way. Rather than seeking input from the public, his gut instinct apparently is good enough.

  • Vog46

    Wilmington annexes the property and State ST builds stores with apartments above as stated. We move the entire Hillcrest community out there.
    Crime decreases at the intersections of 16th Wooster and Dawson and the fine folks that would live in the relocated Hillcrest wouldn’t have to worry about the city hearing those gunshots on their audio recorders they have covering down town.
    AND with stores right below them the gangs would have immediate access to “stolen funds” for “investments” in the illegal pharmaceutical trades. They would not have to waste gas eluding the local gendarmes either. talk about walking to work…….

    Honestly I’m glad Wrightsville Beach stuck it to the city….


  • Guesttoo

    Zoning rules for the town Wrightsville Beach won’t allow the developer to do what he wants to with his land. The property has already proven itself a failure as a stand-alone commercial venture and WB isn’t inclined to adjust the zoning.

    So, the property sits empty and no one, especially the property owner, gets benefit from the land. The tax value won’t come even close to it’s potential if re-developed.

    Annexed by Wilmington, the zoning rules for the city would allow the property to be redeveloped as the property owner wanted. The increased revenue stream from taxes would go to the city and county. The county taxes would benefit ALL of New Hanover…including WB. Guess it’s far better to leave the property a vacant eyesore that says; “Welcome to Wrightsville Beach”!


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