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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Losing a pet is painful. Now one woman is going to extreme lengths and getting help finding her missing dog from a Good Samaritan who donated $3,000 for a reward.

Michele Rohrer says she was devastated to find that her 4.5-pound chihuahua Squirt had escaped from a small opening in their fenced in backyard May 22.

Days after posting missing fliers with a reward for $1,000, a Good Samaritan, who wishes to stay anonymous, came forward and quadrupled Rohrer’s reward money, for a grand total of $4,000.

Unfortunately, all tips have led to dead ends, and no dog.

Now Rohrer says she is resorting to extreme measures to get her beloved squirt back in her arms.

“I’m not giving up my search efforts,” Rohrer said. “I have hired dog trackers, a pet psychic and a calling service that calls houses in the area, put up posters, created a Facebook page for her, done anything I can think of.”

Rohrer rescued Squirt after he was diagnosed with a liver condition that his previous owners could not care for. Since then she has formed a special bond with the tiny dog, and says she misses him dearly.

Rohrer asks anyone with information on Squirt to contact her at 910-232-6577 or Atlantic Animal Hospital at 910-256-2624.

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