Constant rain leaves hole in Pender Co. neighborhood

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Submitted: Mon, 07/01/2013 - 8:56pm
Updated: Mon, 07/01/2013 - 10:20pm

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Nineteen days of measurable rain in June has left a hole in one Pender County community.

After one of the wettest Junes on record, Mother Nature has made the trip home a little more difficult for residents of the Sycamore Farms subdivision near Burgaw.

“Old River Road was completely flooded, and they were trying to get home, and I was trying to flag people down telling them, ‘no!'” resident Regina Sutton said. “People coming out were telling them, ‘No,’ because the road conditions were so bad. My front yard was completely covered.”

Neighbors say all the rain saturated the ground in their neighborhood and eventually left a mark on their community.

“It started off at about 12 foot across and about 10 foot down, and it has steadily increased and went to its approximately 40 to 50 feet across and 30 foot down,” Sutton said. “It’s amazing that it went down this quick, but yesterday when it started raining again it’s not saturated through the ground all the way so it immediately raised back up.”

To help ease this sinking situation, Four County Electric dumped tons of rock, raised the electric lines which were exposed and even installed a tarp to help stop erosion and keep the hole from growing any larger.

“They responded immediately,” Sutton said. “They sent out four light poles and five trucks. They really came packed and ready to do it. We don’t know when the road will be repaired, but hopefully it will take awhile so I don’t have dust in the house.”

A silver lining in an otherwise dark rain cloud.

Because Sycamore Farms is a private community, the homeowners association is responsible for fixing the road, which residents say also washed out in 1998.


  • SF resident says:

    County has not paid anyone anything, ever.

  • Guest1 says:

    There isnt a HOA in Sycamore Farms. County came in and ran water lines. The county should maintain the road but instead they are paying a man yearly to grate the road and he clearly doesnt have the equipment necessary to maintain the road

  • beach guy says:

    The county does not own any roads only the state federal government or private corporations can own roads if the the county is paying someone to Grade the roads they are doing the owners in the community a favor at the rest of the taxpayers expense. Just because no one runs the HOA does not mean that it is dissolved if fact all of the residents are equally financially responsible for the repair of the road ,What will happen if pender county does this the right way they will order the community to fix the road if the community does not the county will and then lien every property in the place. I believe all the residents will soon receive a letter of abatement

  • Dispassionate Observer says:

    There was an HOA, of sorts, set up for Sycamore Farms. That’s who fixed the road in 1998. If you look at it you’ll see why it washed out. A section of conduit @2feet in diameter was placed under the road “connecting” conduit in the drainage ditch on either side of the road. Unfortunately it was just laid there and didn’t connect, or seal, because the conduit on either side of the road is @ 3 feet in diameter.

    This caused water to run outside the conduit and probably has been eating at the roadbed about 15 feet down for years. When the current constant rainfall saturated the road above it finally collapsed on the existing erosion due to the faulty repair and the sheer volume of water just washed it all away. My question would be who signed off on that shoddy work and permit?

    Regardless, the lack of any real rules with regards to developments in Pender Co. is the real issue. In many cases there aren’t even any HOA’s set up, and all the developers do is file something that says, I’ll maintain the road till I sell it all and then it’s the residents problem. No HOA, no board, no Articles of Inc., no mandated financial reports, no mandated reserves. It’s all pretty slap dash.

    Sycamore Farms has the official documents, but management, such as it was unresponsive and inexperienced/incompetent, spotty with enforcement of the few rules there actually are and utterly clueless with regard to even invoicing and lien procedures. Thankless job so residents were lucky anyone even bothered. Since that individual just gave it up, there has been one unsigned communication to residents displaying a better attitude but no follow through and of dubious actual authority since no elections were held. No one even seems to know where the money goes that is sent in. Just some hole in a P.O. Box.

    And that, dear friends is why “planned community” is an oxymoron. Community is not some set of rules enforced by some petty trash who gets their jollies harassing neighbors about nonsense rules. Community comes from mutual need and the outgrowth of the shared need is cooperation. HOA’s are a joke. Even when they work, they have nothing to do with “community”.

  • SFHOA resident says:

    I dont know where all you folks get your info, maybe you should attend meetings sometime, there is a HOA in Sycamore Farms. As for the county grading roads here, the county has never done anything to help this community,although we pay county taxes. I reckon our tax money goes to
    to the northern part of the county. We here in the community can not even get the county to send a patrol car here to patrol our area. As HOA for the washout it will be paid for by the HOA. that is the people that pay dues. Thanks to you know it all’s.

  • Guestomfg says:

    Thats was nice of Four County to help. They aren’t required to fill the hole in but they tried to help.

  • beach guy says:

    Apparently the joke is on you! Because now you do not have a road and the statement that were made about the construction and permitting and inspection of the storm water system in the community are the usual baseless drivel of someone whom does not know of what they speak.
    #1 HOA’S are required by the state and county prior to the development permit and storm water permits are issued for any development outside the incorporated town limit.
    #2 in the HOA documents you will find that the hoa is responsible for the maintenance of not only the roads but the storm water drainage system as well
    #3 you cannot set up the type of corporation which is an HOA without articles of incorporation,by-laws and deed restrictions the state will not allow the incorporation with out these three items.
    #4 You Cannot buy a house in the said subdivision with out signing or initialing a hoa disclosure statement.
    #5 It is not Pender Counties fault that you and the rest of the association members did not follow up with YOUR responsibility as a property owner

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