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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County’s sheriff is taking on a national leadership role.

Sheriff John Ingram was elected to the National Sheriffs’ Association Board of Directors last week during its annual conference in Charlotte.

Sheriff Ingram said he was honored and humbled to be voted to this position by his peers.

There were four spots open on the board, and eight sheriffs from around the country ran to fill them. Twenty-four members make up the board, which represents more than 3,000 sheriff’s offices nationwide.

Ingram says his new position will let him bring more resources and knowledge to our area.

“We are always looking for ways to improve and its nice to be able to reach out to such a vast area and capitalize on that,” he said.

The sheriff will work alongside sheriffs from around the country on issues he says directly affect his job.

Ingram is not the only sheriff from North Carolina to on the Board of Directors. Sheriff Brad Riley of Cabarrus County also serves.

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  • lived it and learned

    Don’t allow the media to make people into a saint when corruption and mistreatment runs rampid. a county sheriff has too much power without accountability.

  • Guest1313

    Geez. Now his head will swell even more. His poor deputies have to endure it as he evolves from a law enforcement officer to a pure politician.

  • Guest99

    Sheriff John Ingram deserves this recognition. He works hard to keep Brunswick County a safe and desirable place to work and live. His employee’s stand behind him 100%.

  • BCCitizen

    I don’t understand all of the negativity directed towards Sheriff Ingram. If those who complain about everything that goes on up there were to actually stop and consider the magnitude of responsibility that comes with his position, perhaps they wouldn’t be so quick to criticize. Think about it; he has a job that requires 24/7 attention. There are many late nights and holidays with interruptions and decisions to be made about critical things that go on in Brunswick County. He, along with his staff, carries a heavy burden on a daily basis. I am proud do call him my sheriff. He has proven himself to be a worthy, fair, and capable leader.


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