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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A child has been hit by a vehicle in the 400 block of Chattooga Place, near Sumac Drive.

The child is reportedly alert and the mother is at the scene.

EMS Fire and officers are on their way to the scene of the accident.

WWAY will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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  • Tom Greer

    To whom it may:

    The Child referenced is my son.

    He was riding on his electric scooter and was struck by a under the influence driver. She was arrested at the scene and blew .08 and then later blew .05 at the station hours later

    The driver was under the age of 21 and attempted to leave the scene and stopped only because neighbors threated to call the police for hit and run.

    This is just a cliff note of the event and something very disturbing… My son was admitted and is in stable condition


    As mentioned in a response less than a week ago regarding Hooker Road, what is a child doing in the street on a electric scooter, bike, whatever? An accident waiting to happen and it did! Driver is responsible-parent is responsible. When will we learn? Never!

  • Karen B

    I hope your son will be okay. Thank you for sharing the details with us.

  • neighbor

    The woman was not trying to leave the scene, she was trying to park her car at her mothers house to focus on the well being of the child. You do not need to make the woman look like a monster because in fact I saw her trying to see if he was okay immediately and was pushed by the mother.

  • Guest611

    What are you talking about? God forbid a parent let their play outside. Lets just keep them all indoors all the time. Excercise is over rated anyways.

  • Visitor

    To the comment above…

    So what you are saying is that unless you are in a vehicle, you should NOT be on the street? No scooters, bikes, walkers. That may have been one of the most uneducated statements I have read. I grew up in a residential neighborhood where our yards and streets were my playgroud. More children should be outside playing and not inside glued to a computer or video game. The problem here is not the boy, rather the irresponsible, drunk, underage driver. Maybe she should not be allowed in the road on her “scooter.”

  • Ireckon

    So the important issue here is playing outside and exercise! Wow did I ever miss it! Hey, here is an idea- let’em play dodge car! Whats wrong with that? What could possibly go wrong? What happened to playing in driveways and yards! Mercy, mercy!

  • fences

    Ever hear of a fenced backyard? Sheesh!! Parents in my neighbourhood let their kids play in the street all the time. Their toys are left out in the street unattended all the time too! However, all of the homes have fenced in back yards! This is not rocket science people- let your kids play in their fenced in back yards! There wouldn’t be any more kids being hit in the street by motorists! Just plain ignorance and stupidity on the parents part!

  • Vog46

    Yeah I grew up playing in the streets but I’ll tell you what – the number of cars on the road have quadrupled since I did that.
    This kid went into the street with a scooter that was not allowed on roads.
    The parents ARE at fault as is the driver of the vehicle.

    We can yearn all we want for yesteryear but sorry that won’t fly.

    The ONLY question I have is by the supposed father.
    If this woman blew a 0.08 she’s as guilty as Brian Berger is for driving under the influence.
    The question is – what will they do about THAT?
    The kid should NOT have been there, nor should she have been drinking and driving – if that is indeed the case.


  • Guest611

    Right, because every kid wants to ride their bike in circles on the grass of a fenced in yard.

  • Sheezz. Please.

    Ok. So let’s fence all the kids in and let the impaired drivers have it all. It’s obvious some people haven’t seen a neighborhood child lying on a coulda sack street in pain or worse waiting on help while an impaired driver tries to hold it together. Sheezzz.

  • Guest321

    For bicycles-ever hear of parks?? Try taking your kids there. Nice to see people aren’t trying to use places their tax money is going towards.

  • No Name

    Being I know the mother she is lucky the girl was only pushed.

  • GuestO’Day

    My dumb question of the day: How old was the child?

  • Citizen456

    Nothing can be determined from the evidence provided so far besides……

    Driver was under the influence blowing a .08 on PBT. Officially a .05 possibly higher on Chem test. Only lowest number is used.

    No information has come forth in regards to the child’s whereabouts in the street or negligence. Same for the driver.

    Blaming this child’s mother should not be done until you know the complete story and factors contributing to the accident.

    Everyone makes mistakes be thankful that this child is alive.

    As for who should have the right to use the road……no matter what restrictions you place on people they will always disregard them and endanger others.

  • Resident

    I understand this is a big deal, but I feel like you all are trying to blame the women and that she is so wrong. She is just as wrong as the kid wearing no helmet and playing in the street with no supervision. I just truely wonder what some of yalls remarks would be if the kid got hit by someone who was 21 or over. You would also think people could be adults about this. Its a lesson learned for both of them. As well as the mother.

  • Neighbor

    Child is 8yr old
    Child was riding a scooter in front of his house on a residential culdasac street.
    Child was not wearing a helment.
    Mother was home.
    Sister was outside with him.
    He is alive Thank God

    Driver was 20 at the time of the accident.
    Driver was comming from the area of the parents house.
    Parents were home and at the scene area after the incendent.
    Driver Alc level was .08 at the scene hours after the incendent occured.
    Driver Alc level was .05 at he station after even more time had past.
    By Law there is a 0 tollerence for underage drinking and driving.
    Driver was charged and arrested for two counts, underage drinking & DWIand placed under a 5000.00 dollar bond
    Driver after stricking the child removed the scooter wedged under car.
    Driver got back in the car, turned it around, and drove away from the scene going back to the parents home area. Why?

    SUPERVISION: One will have to assume the child and Drivers parents were aware of the actions and condition of each before leaving the home.


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