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KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Caught on camera ONLY ON 3, while WWAY’s Holden Kurwicki was out at Fort Fisher today shooting video, lifeguards sprang into action and helped A woman get ashore after she had got caught in a rip current.

There are only five rotating lifeguards at Fort Fisher, who work in 8 hour shifts. They say they have rescued between 40 and 50 swimmers from the rip current this year alone.

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1 Comment on "ONLY ON 3: Rip current rescue caught on camera"

2015 years 9 months ago

Two weeks ago my 14 year old nephew and I were swimming near the cove when we attempted to assist two boys, appx. 12 and 16, who were getting pulled out.

The 12 year old was freaking out and managed to get his arm around my neck and down we both went like rocks. I wrestled free, and when I surfaced, I was exhausted and about to drown, too. I remember looking to shore and thinking there was no way the lifeguards could get to us in time, and that death was imminent.

That was when they got to us. Everyone survived and I came away with a new respect for what lifeguards do. I live here & grew up in these waters, which gave me a false sense of safety. Rips are nothing to mess with, but if you find yourself in one, tread water, backfloat, and above all else DON’T PANIC.

I owe my life to the FF Lifeguards… Thanks again fellas and keep up the good work.


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