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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Despite a call by area clergy for a cease fire, police responded to yet another shooting in Wilmington yesterday. Police say bullets hit three apartments in Creekwood and one car.

Folks in another neighborhood that’s been plagued by gun violence say kids need more to do so they will stay out of trouble.

Residents of Wilmington’s Hillcrest community say after a rash of recent shootings, something has to change.

“Give the kids something to do,” Hillcrest resident Bernadette White says. “More recreation. Maybe jobs? Maybe a job will help.”

White thinks kids need more activities to get them off the streets.

“We do have a lot of little kids coming up and a lot of kids getting killed for nothing,” she said. “Give the young kids something to do, off the streets, something to do, but for some people that’s how they live.”

Paul Drakeford said he grew up with constant fighting. But he hopes someone somehow can put an end to it soon.

“I wish they would find some way that they could live together instead of having to fight all the time,” he said.

Wilmington Police urge people living in these troubled communities to speak up and help them find who is responsible for the gunfire. That’s something easier said than done for many residents, who fear for their lives.

“Calling the police? I don’t think I can get involved like that, because you’ve got so many gangs,” White said. “You never know who will come to your house and hurt you.”

Police say concerned citizens can text a tip anonymously and stress that they cannot trace it back to the tipster.

“We are really pleading with the community,” WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley said. “This is your opportunity to stop the violence.”

Police emphasize the importance of the community coming together to solve this problem. If you see something, police ask you to say something.

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  • SurfCityTom

    what a laugh. How about hold the parents accountable? How about cut out entitlements for the family if the parents can not control their children.

    How about curfews for those under 18 with parental jail time if they can not keep their children in the house?

    Give them jobs — how about 20 hours per week, if they are not in school, doing maintenance and yard work in the public housing community? No pay — it’s called paying back for the free housing. How about having the parents do the same? Lead by example.

    Give them recreation — how about monthly field trips to Central Prison so they can view what awaits them if they continue on the thug path.

    Now those would be some positive steps.

  • Guest711

    Monthly field trip? Wouldn’t that be considered by most as a family reunion?

  • Sherri Waddell

    You are super-imposing your beliefs, and while you may have a right to, I felt compelled to reply. First of all it is common sense that parents need to be accountable, but you go to0 far when you suggest jail time, and other restrictive measures in order to ensure change, when you are completely aware that society, as a whole is not held to the same standard.

    Also, do not be fooled, in order to live in public housing it is a requirement to perform community service in the amount of 8 hours a month. That alone equates to 96 hours cumulatively in one annum. Thus, time away from our families has been stipulated upon signing our lease!

    While I may agree with you, “give them jobs”; however, I remain ambivalent about performing a service without pay. In my opinion, you wouldn’t work for absolutely nothing;thereby, the notion in and of itself is absolutely ridiculous. If your way of thinking is permited, these young people will never experience the fundamental work ethic and social responsibility of sound money making practices, if they are not given an opportunity to reap the benefits of their labor.

    In summation, public housing is a stepping stone, nothing further! It is Never Free!!! You have to possess an income of some sort, be it: contributions from agencies, child support, alimony, or even disability in order to live here.

    Lastly, unfortunately, you appear to perpetuate the continued exploitation of the welfare system and acceptance of untruths when you, yourself do not know what you are talking about. I suggest that you become informed before you speak ill of a subject matter that you are obviously not well versed to speak about, as you are speaking from a place of misnomers and not the truth! Attend a WHA or City Council meeting, or better yet, look up the ACOP.

  • tke1

    Maybe the thugs weren’t in church when the preachers called for the cease fire.
    Not enough to do, huh?? If “kids” are involved, how about a little more parental supervision. It may be too late for the ones involved but not too late for the oncoming generation. This old cop out, “not enough to do” is as old as dirt and is only another way to say, “It is someone else’s fault”.
    It is a whole lot easier to follow the thugs (until you get shot or caught) especially if the parents don’t take responsibility for their children. Many solid and highly respectable people have overcome the ghetto culture but it didn’t come easy.
    Thugs encourage others to become thugs so they can bring them down to the thug level (or lower) and the older thugs can feel empowered. If you don’t steer your children away from the thugs, YOU have empowered the thugs and let your children sink into the bottomless pit.

  • truthseeker

    All that preaching did was give credence and validity that this community is still in the old wild west. The only difference is they are chasing each other in cars instead of horseback. Lets build them a OK Corral and they can just have it out! The residents could charge admission and produce some kind of income rather then withdrawing from the taxpayer.

  • windy

    Um, there is this thing called SCHOOL. Maybe these little thuglets should try it sometime. It is free and certainly will “give them something to do.” Oh wait, that’s probably not exactly what they have in mind, now is it ….

  • windy

    You mean to tell me that the gun-toting thugs did not heed the nice old pastor’s request? Almost as shocking as (yet another) shooting in Creekwood….

  • windy

    I call for a community-wide spay and neuter requirement for these HUD-owned and -operated housing complexes … Perhaps the only way to control the spread of violence is to prevent the continued regeneration of these little thuglets. Not a bad idea, since there’s allegedly “nothing for them to do” anyway. 20 years from now we may have the remaining aged thugs that have not killed each other off yet, chasing each other with guns in their wheelchairs, but at least the future generations can live in peace.

  • S Waddell

    What you propose is nothing short of genocide, similar in truth to what Hitler’s aspiration was: To annihilate not only a generation but to systematically destroy an entire people based solely upon lacking conviction and pure ignorance!

    To be substandard and lackluster in thinking is customary with individuals like you, and I for one am immune. It no longer irks me in the slightest to listen to your desensitized rants and uncontrollable outbursts, because you are simply devoid of compassion! It’s not at all confounding. You simply have not evolved! Your animalistic approach suggests that you may have some latent, low self- esteem issues, and thereby project those challenges with your own existence onto a generation that does not merit your condemnation, but literally is in need of proper guidance and more important nurturing of the very gifts that every human being possesses.

    To be blunt, it would behoove you to think first… how would you feel if society would dare to part their lips and call what you single handedly raise on a daily basis and have birthed a “thuglet.”

    I live here, so I can tell you that your perception though obtuse and not keen is your perception and you are entitled to revel in ignorance, but best believe your contribution of spewing more hatred guised under the facade of normalcy is what is attributing to this poor mindset.

    In closing, either seek to make a change in our community by setting a better example, an innovative way of thinking, or do us all a favor and work on yourself, because growth literally starts within!!!!

  • MG

    People would be more apt to turn to the police if the police did anything to help the situation. Aside from traffic stops, the city police are pretty lousy in Wilmington. All the ones I have met are rude, and when people in those communities I have spoken with who have called the police are usually questioned by the cops and treated like they are the ones who are guilty. So why don’t cops get called? We don’t need more police or more community activities, we need police to actually drop a pair and get into the heart of the Creekwoods and places like that and quit patrolling Wrightsville Ave. handing out speeding tickets.


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