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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The case is closed involving the arrest of WWAY News Director Scott Pickey.

Today Pickey pleaded guilty to failure to obey an officer. The charge stems from his arrest in January during Wilmington’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade when Pickey drove a WWAY news vehicle from the station’s parking lot despite orders by police not to leave the lot during the parade.

In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to drop a reckless driving charge against Pickey, who also had to complete driving school as part of the agreement and pay a $50 fine plus $190 court costs.

“I would like to thank Ben David and his DA’s office for working with me to solve this issue. I think we all learned valuable lessons,” Pickey said.

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  • Vog46

    It was also announced today that WWAY has given Scott Pickey a bonus of $25,000 for his actions on the day of the parade. “He filled in a slow news day for us” said Kevin Wuzzardo.
    After paying the fine Scott will donate the remaining $24,760 of his bonus to the “Home for Wayward News Director’s” in Chinquapin – where a room has been reserved for him after he retires from WWAY……
    In related news WWAY also announced that their new theme song in honor of Scotts award is the Allman Brothers “One way out there” to indicate there is only one way out of their parking lot and if blocked by a parade DO NOT PROCEED.

    Will anyone at the station get a Pulitzer for this story?


  • Guest111

    Umm. . . . Vog. . . Really? Is this necessary?

  • Guest1851658

    There was a lesson learned, alright………the cops can continue to harass citizens and profit by it.

  • tke1

    Your statement, “cops can continue to harass citizens and profit by it.”, shows your complete ignorance of the law. The officers involved would make the same salary if they wrote that ticket or not. There are no “quotas” and they are not paid by the number of tickets they write. The court costs are split several ways and all fines go to the school board. The only thing in the court costs that remotely goes to law enforcement is a small amount that goes to the retirement system and the agency may get a couple dollars for a service fee, depending on the type of process served. Of course facts are not going to change your mind.
    A tip of the hat to WWAY for providing this follow up for the story.

  • Guest910

    Cops don’t profit from any of this. In fact, I’m sure most cops don’t want the stress of being ridiculed by the media for having to take these types of actions. It’s probably hard to always have to make decisions that will be monday morning quarterbacked by everyone that wasn’t there.
    The only ones that profit are the lawyers. …and I don’t know too many cops that care for lawyers.

  • Guest1118

    now maybe Scott can hold a grammar class for all his new young reporters who don’t know the difference between “lie” and “lay” or the proper use of an apostrophe (not in a plural)….hint: reporters CA and AR.

  • Guest111

    If you are going to have a parade, especially during a work day, you should keep it organized and keep it MOVING! There were many breaks in the parade because people weren’t in line. It was very poorly organized. This type of event held during a busy day should be done in an area that is not overwhelmed with business traffic. Poor decision for a parade route, also.

  • RSimmons

    with the Harbor Freight battery powered metal cutoff saw concealed inside after all!

  • Mr . America

    Why do we even waste all the taxpayers money across the nation for a parade on an individual that shouldn’t even be honored as a hero…
    Gay Pride Parade
    MLK Parade
    Both equally ridiculous…..

  • beach guy

    Mr. America the comment you made about Dr. King was totally unnecessary and a viscous attack on a man that was truly a hero. This black conservative republican minister whom had his life taken for standing up for his beliefs and taking charge in doing something that had needed to be done.
    All Dr. King wanted was for all of Gods children to be treated equally under the law. That Sir is what America is all about.
    your comment serves no purpose other than to demean Dr. King and give the left another stereotypical example of ignorance and prejudice. You should be ashamed because you are an embarrassment to any sentient being let alone your own community.

  • trutheeker

    That parade was another attempt at government to accommodate the black community. The same community who rears all the gang banging hoodlums terrorizing their own community. It is a waste of tax payer money, time and resources and a complete financial blow to the business community. But, it is a plus to the City to receive funds for ticketing their own residents for something they caused!

  • PublicAvenger

    For years we had that small parade, in a 7 block area of Castle / Queen St. It worked perfectly. Just a few hundred people would show up.

    Then we put it in the Downtown Area………
    It has almost nobody. Much of the traditional crowd, who live in the Castle St area, don’t want to go Downtown, and skip it. With such small numbers, it’s a safety factor. Shutting off the street, for a parade along blocks that are completely empty. Many people had no clue the thing was even happening. It didn’t even resemble a parade. It also costs a fortune, in police OT, barricades, permits, and business shutdowns.

    Good try, but it was a horrible idea. Hopefully we will put it back on Castle St, where it thrived.

  • Vog46

    I have been busting on Scott since day one of this story.

    Now that the fines been paid the story will be laid to rest. Its kinda like losing an old friend……

    Sometimes the local news can be fertile grounds for a lot of humor and needling of the local press corps……


  • Fakowitribe

    Give the News Director a break. This is around the 138th market, he may have to wash windows on weekends.

  • Mr.America

    Anyone who represents peace in the eyes of the nation but has numerous extramarital affairs that have been documented and proven is NO hero of mine nor does it warrant a parade for such a documented communist… This nation was founded on Christian values why not have a Christian Parade??? It would have more value and meaning than having a Gay Pride or MLK parade????
    You should be ashamed to befend such a character… beach guy!!!

  • Mr Murka

    …Mr America your lies just blind the idea that some people are better than you are. He never had extra marital affairs. He stood for individual civil libertys that ALL men are equal. Which scare you. Well listen mister man person, you just could not keep your opinions to yourself, you did didn’t ya, your a lier and you stole from our family.
    Don’t denie it. You sitting in your underdraws fantically typing away in the dark, with no job living of the goverment. Why don’t you get a job, and quit commenting on issues you don’t even understand. Ya godless heaten.
    Shame on you and your ugly chirren. They so ugly, they looked out the window and were arrested for mooning.

  • Mr. America

    I can see by what you have written in your statement that lacks proper grammer and how your words demonstrate how really uneducated you are. Im sorry sir/mam or whatever you choose to be. Our government hold on at least my American government have proven and have provided document after document of MLK extramarital affairs and his affiliation with the communist party Mr. Murka im sorry your not informed with the facts of history. Sir/Mam as far as being unemploymed as you say I am. Now that does entertain me since I have been employed by the same company since I was 17. Im certain you were just describing yourself as you sit in your urine soaked long johns suckin on hog feet while your hillbilly youngins go shop lift at the dollar store.

  • Me, Myself, and I

    Martin Luther King, was a womanizing, hypocrite. Why we have to name main streets after him, and shut the entire country down, once a year, to honor him, is beyond me.

  • jim24

    I like young white chicks too…so no big deal! He’s isn’t applying for Sainthood.

  • Guest2020

    He beat his whores. He was a plagiarist. He was a communist. He was not a hero. We have to spend all of January hearing about him as well as February because so many people buy into the propaganda.


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