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RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — Critics are crying foul after they say Republicans pushed a bill through the state Senate last night and this morning that opponents say restricts abortions in North Carolina.

A gallery full of protestors watched as Republicans led the vote to give final approval to legislation requiring additional rules surrounding abortions. The bill would prohibit gender-selective abortions, restrict abortion insurance coverage and require a physician be physically present during an entire surgical abortion.

"The laws that were enacted put safeguards in to protect patients," Sen. Thom Goolsby (R-9th District) said. "Physicians are required to perform surgical procedures. The Department of Health and Human Services is developing guidelines for safe clinics. We've got numerous violations in our state. The bill overall is not only about protecting patients' rights, but Constitutional rights."

Outside the Legislative Building and in the Senate gallery, protestors made their opinions clear. Planned Parenthood says the bill could shut down abortion providers. Critics say Republicans late Tuesday quietly added the abortion provisions to a bill to prohibit the use of foreign law, such as Sharia law, in North Carolina courts.

Among those critics is Republican Gov. Pat Mccrory, who said in a statement, "When the Democrats were in power, this is the way they did business. It was not right then and it is not right now. Regardless of what party is in charge or what important issue is being discussed, the process must be appropriate and thorough."

McCrory did not say if he would sign the bill, which now goes back to the House, if it reaches his desk. Goolsby says he does not understand why so many people are upset.

"I just know that I was present for all of the debate, that no debate was cut off, that we had two full days debate; much more debate than we even had on the tax bill," Goolsby said.

Attorney General Roy Cooper also spoke out about the vote. In a statement he said, "Restricting the health care rights of women is not only bad public policy, but it will ignite even more Constitutional challenges in court."

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  • Guest2020

    This is not a new process in the political process. I learned in civics class over twenty years ago that this was a common tactic used to get less popular things enacted.

  • Challengetheworld

    What makes no sense at all is in one breath the state is re-instating the death penalty and in another making it hard for someone who wants to terminate something inside their own body?

    Take the bible out of this discussion forever or we will continue to be governed by the preacher’s pulpit. The last place our goverment should be influenced is by the largest group of non-tax payers, churches.

    Step in the wrong direction NC….but not surprising for a state that ranks lowest in public education. The same state that wanted to find a correlation between a public Lottery and prostitution.

    This is disgusting.

  • Guestmarvin

    70,000 people just lost their unemployment benefits. 600 lost their jobs in Brunswick Co. due to no fault of their own. This state is in horrible shape. And our General Assembly wastes time and money on this type of legislation.

    WHERE ARE THE JOB-CREATING BILLS? Not one piece of legislation passed in this session to help the unemployed find work.

    We need to get North Carolinians back to work and build our economy.

    Limiting access to abortion will not save babies. It will simply make poor women take desperate measures and seek illegal abortions–killing their babies and possibly them as well.

  • Erlkoenig

    Way to go Senate GOP!!!!!

  • 1SG America

    Abortion is MURDER!!! how can anyone support the MURDER of a child. If you don’t want to have a child and raise them, then don’t have sex. Anyone who aborts a child will answer to GOD!

  • Monkey Junction

    There are many things wrong with this bill. First it was tacked onto a Sharia ban bill. Why in the world would we need an anti-Sharia law passed in NC? If the abortion bill was so important, why does it need to be tacked on to a totally unrelated bill. It was bad when the Democrats did in and it is equally bad now. If you’re scared of the democratic process and want to tack important law onto other legislation to avoid debate, you don’t belong as a representative in our democracy.

    The merits of the bill are questionable. On the surface, more medical care sounds great. The bill is not about “women’s health.” There are dozens of medical procedures far more dangerous that are not regulated like this. The legislatures could not even find an incident in NC in which an abortion clinic that was following the current rules had any safety or women’s health issues.

    There have been zero incidents of sex selective abortions in NC. We are not in China.

    This is an anti-abortion bill under the guise of protecting women while cloaked behind another bill. I thought the elected Republicans were concentrating on jobs. Any job bills out there?

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