NC liberal group says paying taxes is patriotic

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Submitted: Wed, 07/03/2013 - 12:26pm
Updated: Wed, 07/03/2013 - 12:36pm

RALEIGH, NC (AP) — A coalition of North Carolina liberal groups wants to spread the message heading into Independence Day that paying taxes is patriotic.

The group Together NC plans to gather on the State Capitol grounds on Wednesday to emphasize the benefits to all when public education, infrastructure, and health-care are provided from taxes everyone pays.

The gathering is a protest against plans in the state Senate on Wednesday to cut personal income tax rates and phase out the corporate income tax. The House isn’t taking up legislation until next week.

The Senate’s Republican majority believes the plan would improve the economy and help create jobs. Opponents say the tax cuts will primarily benefit wealthy people and profitable corporations while more of the burden is shifted to middle- and low-income taxpayers.

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1 Comment on "NC liberal group says paying taxes is patriotic"

2015 years 8 months ago

Let me paint all these “tax loving” liberals a scenario. Keep in mind, ‘personal accountability, and responsibilty’ are conveniently absent from their ‘dialog’…. Below is a recent ‘open letter’ to these like minded liberals on the county and city board. (side note: taxes are killing the middle class…PERIOD!)

“I never watch the local Govt channel, but I did stop to watch the budget talks. Sir, I don’t have the space available to express how wrong you are about the social services budget cuts. You make the claim that people on welfare need help with child care subsidies, light bills, water bills, etc… and governments purpose is to ‘take care of people’ based on a book you are reading. Let me ask this very directly. Where do the words self reliance, and personal responsibility fit in any of your remarks?! You say without more ‘free’ money (subsidies as you call them), welfare becomes a ‘revolving door’. Let me give you the typical welfare scenario: A person on welfare is deemed ‘poor’ so they are given ‘free money.’ Then they have children with Medicaid (taxpayer funded) paying for it and then the government gives them school subsidies and free childcare… all in an effort to get them off welfare??!! If you make a life decision to have a child, be prepared to have to pay for that child! Having children while on the welfare rolls is a BAD LIFE DECISION! I’m tired of having my tax money go to pay for other people’s kids and economic woes! I need my money back to pay for my family, and my life!! The government is not the Red Cross or The Church. Those are the entities, along with other private groups that are meant to help people, NOT the government taking from one segment of society, and just GIVE it to another. From now on, if people have a child, they should get a BILL not a check, just like I did! I DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S LIFE DECISIONS… PERIOD! That doesn’t make me a bad person. I do plenty for other people. Instead of “free lunches” all summer, how about some tax cuts!?”