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ONLY ON 3: Woman says Enterprise worker greeted her with racist comment


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Navassa woman is outraged after she says an Enterprise Rent-a-Car employee called her and her family a bunch of monkeys.

"I just could not believe she said what she said," Deborah Greene said.

Greene and her family wanted to rent a car for an impromptu vacation to Florida. But when they arrived at the Enterprise office on Castle Hayne Road, they were shocked by the service they received.

"We were greeted by the supervisor, Casey, as 'look at all the monkeys," Greene said.

Greene says it took her a moment to process what the worker said, but then she snapped into action.

"I looked at casey, and I said, 'Do you know what you just called us? You called us monkeys.' I said, 'Do you know back in slavery time that's what they used to call colored people?' I said, 'In other words, you're calling us n******,'" she said.

We spoke with Casey, who says this whole thing is a big misunderstanding, and she didn't mean to offend anyone. The family sees things differently.

"She was like, 'Well, I didn't say it in a.. Well I didn't mean it to say it in a way you think I'm saying it.' I said, 'What other kind of way is it to call African Americans monkeys?'" Greene's niece Shaquanna Gause said.

Casey had no response and said she couldn't go on camera.

In a statement an Enterprise spokeswoman said, "Enterprise has a long-standing commitment to treating all people with respect, and we are sorry about this unfortunate misunderstanding. Our employee's comment was intended simply as a light-hearted term of endearment toward the children with this customer. We understand, however, how our employee's words could be misinterpreted. She is sorry and so are we. We have called the customer and apologized, but she has demanded to be financially compensated."

Greene told us she has yet to hear back from Enterprise corporate about what happened. She says she and her family are hoping for some resolve and for Casey to be fired.

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My opinion

I have no idea what happened at the rental office. I do find it interesting how these stories bring out the same old tired statements with just a bit of prejudice behind it. Every story involving any minority always brings out the stuff. It is like the person who starts off saying "I am not racist...." and then launches into a racism diatribe.

back in slavery time

( 'Do you know back in slavery time that's what they used to call colored people?')
No I did not, and it is not back in slavery time now so what is your point?


The point is its offensive regardless of the year, it's we're the comment is derived from...... Like we can't forget that the English language is derived from Latin or Greek terminology..... Even though we are not living in thes days and age. Just a reminder to where the term or comment was originated from..... See how white ppl interpret things from their point of view. Oh remember your scientist said that every race has the black gene scripted in their DNA

How shocking

We have called the customer and apologized, but she has demanded to be financially compensated.

She just wants a payday. Children of all races have been called monkeys. Get over yourself.

Before your broadcast

Before your broadcast tonight I was a daily viewer of your show. After this broadcast tonight I will never watch your news program again! This story on a so called "racist" comment made by an Enterprise manager is completely false and a strong defamation of character. If your so called "reporter" got her facts straight before she reported this on television this would not be an issue. For your knowledge, this case, although, a complete fabrication by an angry person trying to get over on a corporation, was settled a month ago. So this greedy person was not satisfied by their compensation from this "made up story" so they went to your program. This girl deserves an apology from your entire broadcast and if I was her, I would make this a national case against a television broadcast station falsely accusing a well standing citizen of being a racist. This is absolutely disgusting and a gross negligence on your part that needs to be resolved right away.


The only racists involved were on the front side of the counter at Enterprise. I can say from personal experience that there is not a racist bone in Casey. I've known her for over two years.

Seems Odd

Not saying that it didn't happen, however it does seems weird anyone would walk in to any company location and being greeted by the manager with a racist comment. Call me crazy but it seems part of the story may be missing here.

Your right, there is a major

Your right, there is a major part missing from the story... the car was filthy to name
Few things thats was wrong: hotdogs, buns, pretzels, chips and dog hair, mustard was all in the
car.. it was given to us like that, the tire was defective we had a blow out in Florida. We have 2 jobs and our children are well behaved, they didn't walk into the place that i thought was business and let our children jump around...she had a nasty attitude when we first walked in the building but most importantly she called us out our name joking or not, but i seriously doubt she was joking so, to all of you that have something to say we own our own house, built from the ground up.. its not about money, but we need to be heard as people, we are
not racist and neither should anyone else be,believe it or not slavery is still around now you have a blessedd night


Congradulations on being employeed and owning your home, I think that is great! You stated they gave you a dirty car with defective tires and called you names for no reason. Then you end your comment by saying slavery is still happening. First I hope if the woman was truely being mean to you she should loose her job, however I still can't understand why anyone would purposely make a racial slur knowing they WILL loose thier job. It seems if the woman were going to insult you, knowing she will loose her job, why would she say "monkey"? This doesn't seems like a term you would use if you intended to hurt someones feelings or insult them. I really hope if the clerk made a mean spirited comment she gets fired, but if this is an attempt to get a free rental, I hope the clerk gets compensated for the slanderous remarks! I'm not sure why you spoke of slavery, it doesn't seems to have any impact on this story. It seems like if this were a legitimate complaint the companies customer service line would be addressing the issue not the local news website. It still feels like a money grab to me.

As I stated in a prior

As I stated in a prior comment, we have rented from this specific Enterprise office numerous times, whenever we travel to our home state for a visit. Each and every time, the car provided to us was clean, deodorized and spotless and the service was fantastic. The cars are ready for drive away when you get there, so Ms. Greene can't try to claim that they gave her a dirty car due to racial reasons (just heading that off at the pass because I can see it coming). To the poster that responded as one of the family, your story has enough holes to drive a rental car through. It's obvious to everyone that you didn't get the money you wanted, so you decided to go to the media. Bad move. All you have done is damaged your own reputation. Perhaps you'll learn the lesson that falsely crying racism where there is none, only damages your reputation and credibility, and is an insult to those who have suffered true racism. Especially in a day and time when folks are tired of people such as Ms. Greene trying to play the race card for financial gain.


If only these people would put the same hard work and dedication they are using to get this free money towards something that can better our community and society. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. You look like idiots in the news, and you are setting a poor example for your children. Get a grip. I'm sure you are God fearing people, do you think your God would want this young girl fired over something you misunderstood to be racist? Reevaluate yourselves, if that's even possible for you.


Your complaint should be about the manner of service, defective car etc, not turning an innocent comment into a racial incident. I call little children monkeys all the time, regardless of color, as a means of affection. I hope to god this poor woman does not lose her job because of this, it is bad enough out there without the title of "racist" on your shoulders.


YOU ARE A DAMN IDIOT. always looking for a FREE ride!!!


They had the car for 29 days and got into it because ms Greene was in an accident. She would not tell the rental office she was in Florida when they called o extend the rental. They gave her 6 free days of rental because of the dirty car which they offered to clean. Mrs Greene is a liar! This was not a trip to Florida unplanned. They sat in that office while they called the insurance company to approve for a larger vehicle. Casey was playing with the children! Karma is a sweet friend

The Truth Will Set You Free

It always comes out in the wash...Sounds more like the story here.

Desperate measures ....

Sounds like this woman is just trying to get a free ride to Florida (literally) by playing the race card.


Here we go again. The card is played as always. I've called children little monkeys regardless of color. I'm sure they walked in and children being children were in to everything running around acting silly. As children do. I believe its the train of thinking of the mother to believe this was a racist comment some people look for things to bring to publics attention. Get over it I'm sure it was innocent. And the mother is gonna get the attention she wanted. of course. We shouldn't have to walk on egg shells scared were gonna make a racist comment, people like that are always gonna find something us non African American people say wrong to hurt there feelings.


She couldn't have been toooo offended. She never asked for an apology. . . . it was purely and simply SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

For years when my kids were

For years when my kids were small, I called them little monkeys.
To this day I call my young nieces and nephews, "Little Monkeys."
This young woman who is probably half my age, was probably brought
up hearing that from a grandparent or other family member and thought
of it as a playfull term. Its time this programmed insensitivity
among a part of our society comes to an end. Every little thing that
can be brought up as possible racism is pathetic.


Financial compensation.........this is what they always want and will not hesitate to play the race card to try and get it. It's all about the money. How were they possibly injured in any way to deserve money? These people have more tricks than a magician.


My goodness how would this tranlate into money. Always looking for a payout. Just give them a suv with chrome rims for the holiday weekend and they will go away.

Don't forget to also throw in ....

.... a supa-bass subwoofer and neon underbody light kit.

Honest Mistake

The comment was definitely in bad taste but I don't at all believe that it was intended to be a racist comment. An apology and a free rental(maybe), but compensation and her losing a job is a bit much for a honest mistake, and this us coming form a woman of color.

We have used the Enterprise

We have used the Enterprise on Castle Hayne road several times, and have had nothing but great service. I think it's obvious that the young lady was making a playful comment about the kids that were with them. Why on God's green earth would a supervisor make a deliberately racist comment right to their face?

Ms. Greene needs to get that chip off her shoulder and understand that black people do not have a trademark on the word "monkey", and do not get to decide what other people's intent is when they use it. She is a racist for making such an awful accusation when its obvious nothing racial was intended. I've heard children - especially excited/active children - called "little monkeys" all my matter their color. How hateful of her to try to use this young ladies cheerful greeting as a basis for such a hateful claim. I'm willing to be she is already lawyered up for her lawsuit and planning on how she will spend her settlement.

Honest Mistake

It was in bad taste, however I do not believe that she intended it to be a racist comment. An apology, a free rental (MAYBE)but compensation and her losing a job is a bit much for something taking out of context, and this statement is coming from a woman of color.

sick of this

When my grandchildren are running, screaming and playing hard I have been known to call them silly monkeys and they love it. Again we are reading about some sort of play on words. I am so sick of it. And now the woman has " demanded to be financially compensated." Does anyone else see the stupidity in this? Am I the only person out of step in my thoughts about this? I am sick of those people yelling about w o r d s. Again, they call each other the N word all the time and refer to each other as nigga as a term of endearment. H***, lets just quit talking to them and point. Maybe that won't be offensive.

Looking for a handout.

"She says she and her family are hoping for some resolve and for Casey to be fired."

All she's looking for is a check with a few 0's to the left of the decimal point. I wonder if she's every used the "W" word?

Gotta do that "money grab" when ther chance comes along.

I get sick and tired of thin-skinned people getting their back up over every little comment that rubs them the wrong way. "African-Americans" as they call themselves today, consistently call each other horrible names and think it to be funny. I don't. I also don't like being referred to as "crackah", "whitey" or "boss", but when that does happen, you'll never find me crying to the entire public over it. I just consider the source, think of it as ignorance and shake my head.

I don't harbor a single ill will against any black person and am proud to see the equality that exists today. However, there are far too many walking around with a huge chip on their shoulder, with a trigger-happy mouth and believe they are owed something. Get off it, get a job, earn your respect and start giving some!

Ms. Greene, this is a tough world to be demanding someone lose their job. That piece of Karma will come back on you 20 times! Hope you enjoyed that free rental car. Grow up, have a little laughter in your life and stop walking around with a big fat chip on your shoulder!!! Life is too short and precious for you to be spitting fire and showing your hind-quarters in front of your family in such a manner!

here we go again, the big

here we go again, the big RACE card another time, if you want to rent a car why don't you just go rent the thing from a person more suitable to you, I doubt very seriously the rental agent called you a monkey, and if she did, why do you care, were you acting like one, and by the way, this reference to slavery time is getting old, you didn't live thru that and neither did I, grow up, get a life, and go out and be productive.


Sounds like they are looking to create an incident for a payoff. Pathetic