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ONLY ON 3: Woman says Enterprise worker greeted her with racist comment


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Navassa woman is outraged after she says an Enterprise Rent-a-Car employee called her and her family a bunch of monkeys.

"I just could not believe she said what she said," Deborah Greene said.

Greene and her family wanted to rent a car for an impromptu vacation to Florida. But when they arrived at the Enterprise office on Castle Hayne Road, they were shocked by the service they received.

"We were greeted by the supervisor, Casey, as 'look at all the monkeys," Greene said.

Greene says it took her a moment to process what the worker said, but then she snapped into action.

"I looked at casey, and I said, 'Do you know what you just called us? You called us monkeys.' I said, 'Do you know back in slavery time that's what they used to call colored people?' I said, 'In other words, you're calling us n******,'" she said.

We spoke with Casey, who says this whole thing is a big misunderstanding, and she didn't mean to offend anyone. The family sees things differently.

"She was like, 'Well, I didn't say it in a.. Well I didn't mean it to say it in a way you think I'm saying it.' I said, 'What other kind of way is it to call African Americans monkeys?'" Greene's niece Shaquanna Gause said.

Casey had no response and said she couldn't go on camera.

In a statement an Enterprise spokeswoman said, "Enterprise has a long-standing commitment to treating all people with respect, and we are sorry about this unfortunate misunderstanding. Our employee's comment was intended simply as a light-hearted term of endearment toward the children with this customer. We understand, however, how our employee's words could be misinterpreted. She is sorry and so are we. We have called the customer and apologized, but she has demanded to be financially compensated."

Greene told us she has yet to hear back from Enterprise corporate about what happened. She says she and her family are hoping for some resolve and for Casey to be fired.

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That's what some people do

That's what some people do best. Probably got the money for the trip from a similar incident.

Enterprise Worker Support

Hooray for Enterprise for supporting their employee from this onslaught! This was obviously a young girl working the counter who likely called the kids something akin to 'little monkeys' - a term used for any group of little kids running around in an excited manner. I've used the term for kids in my own family.

This is crazed pressure that we must watch every word coming from our mouths! Stop the insanity now.

Financial compensation, indeed!

give me a break

I refer to children (including my own) as little monkeys all the time. If this woman was offended, thats on her. Obviously the employee wasnt tryin to make a racial slur. Pit on your big girl panties and get over it.


First thing first, compensation has been met, public apology, without attitude, second of all lighten up. Does anyone think that “Casey” would go to work and think, hey how can I insult someone tonight? The lady was quick to ask for money, how about sitting down and meeting the manager and seeing what kind of person she is? I can’t vouch for this Casey person because I don’t know her, but I can say that the race card was pulled too quick on this one, you have to look at the situation, I believe it most likely was just an over sensitive customer, and an over playful employee. Switch this around would it be an issue if the black lady called Casey’s kids monkeys at the store because they were rough housing and playful? I don’t think so. I still have yet to see the racism that is supposed to be alive and well in Wilmington, and yes I have gone to the P.J.’s and the nicer areas as well as the tourist sites, have not had a bad experience yet. I am white and not racist; in my past job I worked with criminals all day long, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, etc. I had no problems because I have learned you treat people the way you would like to be treated, until they don’t accept it, and then you treat them accordingly. The lady doesn’t just want an apology she wants money, treat her accordingly.

Why is everything about Race..

This is so pathetic and miniscule. Why does everything turn into a race issue with people. It doesnt matter if you are black or white. I am not siding with Enterprise but I am definately not siding with the Greenes. Why are you going to turn this into a media frenzy because you feel that some small comment is racial. Yeh in the past that term may have been negative, but who is to say that she meant it in that form. You automatically run to the news so you can get your face out there and then demand "monetary compensation". Sounds to me like a ploy for attention, and why do you think that you deserve monetary compensation you didnt do anything and you sure dont deserve it for "sense of grief and torment". I dont think this should have made the news at all and definately should not have been a top story, sounds to me like it is a slow news day. Get a life people. there is always going to be things that we dont like, but if you keep throwing issues like these out and people keep throwing a race card out nothing is going to change. It doesnt matter if you are black, white or whatever; get a life, get along and live your life and dont worry about other people.

Monkey do

"We have called the customer and apologized, but she has demanded to be financially compensated."

I guess this is legit. I guess the creator of Curious George must be a racist too.

"financially compensated"????!!

Any nut who drives from Navassa to Castle Hayne to rent a car has something up their sleeve to begin with. Perhaps the word "monkey" was used to describe her ill-behaved children which were likely bouncing off the walls like a bunch of wild primates, who knows. At any rate, I hope the car dealership does not succumb ridiculous demands.

May I....

May I suggest a countersuit? Let's start confronting this issue and stop letting big mouths try to extort money or attention from the poor girl who was just trying to do her job!! Let's bring this ALL out into the open.


What is the world coming to? Just buy them a big pod of ripe nanners and sent them to DisneyWorld......They just wanting to cause someone trouble and get $$$$$, like all monkeys.....