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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Sheriff’s says an increased law enforcement presence helped deal with the often rowdy crows at Masonboro Island yesterday.

The Sheriff’s Office estimates there were about 2,300 people on Masonboro Island with more than 200 boats in the water. Deputies say with efficient manpower on the island they were able to observe and deter several incidents that involved alcohol before the situation deteriorated.

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says officers from the several agencies involved focused on educating the revelers with warnings when possible instead of always issuing citations.

In all, NHSO says the law enforcement response included:

Medical assistance: 32 total with four serious lacerations but deemed non-critical
Alcohol: 93 verbal warnings
Boating careless and reckless: 5 verbal warnings
Illegal boating taxi service: 2 verbal warnings
Unleashed pets: 5 civil warnings
Disorderly conduct (domestic arguments boyfriend/girlfriend): 10 verbal warnings
22 general assists: too intoxicated to remain on the island

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  • Guest910

    I’m all about people having fun, getting a little crazy & enjoying our Independence Day, but all these verbal warnings for the more serious stuff just tells people that ‘hey, we can do whatever we want & the worst they will do is tell us to behave.’ Those that do put others in harm’s way, such as the ‘boating careless & reckless’ people probably needed tickets. Maybe giving a few tickets for the serious stuff would get others to think before doing something stupid?
    It’s all fun & games till an innocent person gets their eye poked out.
    I’m curious to see how the investigation of the boats colliding on the Cape Fear River turns out. 1-person died in that mess. Chances are that either careless & reckless operation or alcohol were probably involved. …or both.

  • lbr

    This is my first time visiting Masonboro…who can answer my questions:

    How long does it take to get to Masonboro island from the boat ramp in Wrightsville?

    Is it considered “taxing” if we take people to island then go back and get more and then stay on the island after. Just making 2 trips to prevent overloading boat. Will we be fined for that?

  • Vog46

    If these violations were caught at the myriad of Booze it and lose” stops or the click it or ticket stops they’d be issued citations.
    So why are these fine folks let go?
    Because it’s the 4th? How patriotic.
    Because anyone with a boat appears to have “money”?
    Because they complained vociferously in the past?

    Gee if they were just issuing warning perhaps that shooting at the traffic stop in Brunswick county would have never happened????

    I don’t get this at all……


  • dean bailey

    to the local volunteers who go out the clean up after the pigs on masonboro island . all i can say is you all have some very sad lifes, i see why the pigs dont clean. up. why should they. they got maids to do it for them. get a life ,

  • Joe Guest

    They were out there yesterday not doing anything but sitting under a tent drinking water. Maybe they did some good on the fourth but why was there 10 of them on the island on Friday doing nothing. Wasted money!


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